Three dogs maul 4-year-old girl to death

A four year old girl was on Tuesday mauled to death by three dogs.

Three dogs maul 4-year-old girl to death lailasnews

The girl identified as Thanyaluk Salitakun was out playing innocently on her bicycle when attacked by three dogs that got out of a neighbor’s yard in Thailand.

When Ban Khawao, Chaiyaphum, police arrived in the soi behind some houses they found a lot of blood on the walkway and in the grass.

Little Thanyaluk pink bicycle was on its side. The four year old died on the way to hospital from her injuries and massive blood loss.

Next door neighbor Noppapon Kunthanawat, 57, said he was watching TV in his house about 5pm on Tuesday when he heard the girl’s screams.

He rushed out and saw the dogs savaging the girls neck and head. He managed to beat the dogs off and they ran into nearby houses.

By this time Thanyaluk was bleeding profusely and lying still in the grass. She was rushed to hospital but it was too late.

Noppapon said that the dogs responsible for the attack were kept in pens in a neighbor’s house. They were a pregnant Thai dog breed, a male Thai dog breed and a poodle. They were aged about 2-3 years each.

The girl’s grandmother said that she was looking after her two grandchildren and was preparing food at the time. Their mum, a teacher, had not come back from work yet.

Thanyaluk had gone out to play on her bike in the soi as she always did.

She said that the owner of the dogs was a good neighbor but he is yet to take responsibility for what happened. She wanted the incident to be a warning to dog owners to always keep their pets inside the house.

The dog’s owner – 27 year old Piyanat Daengsoi – has initially been charged with an offence related to allowing fierce animals out in the street where they could do harm.

For this he would face a maximum of one month in jail or a 10,000 baht fine.

If negligence could be proven he could be in more serious trouble, said Pol Lt-Col Thongsuk Ratseewor.

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