This is Not the Time for Talks; it is Time to Build – BTF

This is Not the Time for Talks; it is Time to Build – BTF

Mary K. Ash once said, in life there are three kinds of people, those who make things happen, those that watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.

This is Not the Time for Talks; it is Time to Build – BTF lailasnews

Build The Future – BTF is an independent advocacy group that belongs to the first sect of the people described above with the will and passion to make things happen in our nation Nigeria, because the group believes in progress and development of the nation by the youth, supporting them through empowerment and making them catalysts of change in a participatory democracy.

The greatest asset of our nation is her young people and the power in their hands, Build the Future also knows that empowering the youth is one of the greatest tools in building the future of the nation.

The Vision of Build the Future is to be the voice that advocates for the progress, empowerment and development of Nigeria through her most priced asset which is her Young People, Build the Future also has the mission to contribute towards Nigeria’s sustainable and incremental growth through responsible citizenship and a participatory democracy

One by one we can make our efforts count for something good for our nation, join us and let’s build together. For more information about the BUILD THE FUTURE and how to be part of Build The Future, log on to

Build the Future…Build the Youths…Build NIGERIA!!!



  1. True time to build your life,time to build a better country enough of talking abd not accomplishing anything.

  2. It is high time the truth takes over the leadership mantle and not been relegated to the back and been deceived by “they re the leaders of tomorrow”

  3. It is high time the youth take active part in government. Our leaders should give the youths the chance

  4. Only God can help us get someone that can really get Nigeria working again. Honestly there’s no improvement from all facets of the Nigeria economy. Things are going from bad to worst.

  5. Indeed we need to rise up and build the nation together, we are tired of those who use their mouth to cut Iroko trees but they can’t put it in action, they have nothing to give out.We should be careful with them.

  6. It’s time for the old people to leave Nigeria alone. It’s time for the youth to takeover. We are fresh strong and visoonary

  7. It is indeed a time to rebuild Nigeria, let’s work with better, thinking and working head rather than work with old brains. If we give the young ones chances Nigeria will be great once again


  9. Hmmm this is a good move in the right direction. I hope our young people will make use of this opportunity.

  10. That’s a piece of advice to Nigerian youths. It’s time for us to stop wondering why “this” but Make things happen

  11. This Nation is going to be a great nation if we can empower our youth and also give them a chance to lead

  12. True time to build your life,time to build a better country enough of talking and nothing is accomplish
    They said action speak louder than voice

  13. Nice and good talk, is time to build and not to talk, let build ahead for better future and generation for the good development

  14. I hope our young people will make use of this good opportunity. we are tired of those who use their mouth to make fake promises but they can’t put it in action, they have nothing to give out.

  15. Exactly my dear. we have heard enough. We are not deaf fir crying out loud. Implementation time is now.BUILD THIS BROKEN NATION PLEASE.

  16. The future of each and everyone is in his/her hand. If the youth can know this, seriously it’s going to help them and help the country at large

  17. Which youths are we talking about here? Is it the youths that are now money driving. I bet it most of theses youths will be worse than these Older men if given a taste of power.

  18. Obviously it’s always been talks, and blabbing. I agree with the fact that it is time to build. Let’s build Nigeria, it’s long overdue. More hopes for BTF

  19. This is good development and a wonderful idea, let join our hand together to build what has been lot within our nation. Let support the motion.

  20. Nigerians with great innovation, i think this is the real change to crave for building the country in the right direction.

  21. I hope they don’t have godfather’s too. Because the youth that comes out to vie for a lofty position must have a backup.. So which ever way am scared for the brilliance and innovations we are craving for.

  22. This is really a time to build and I wish this will really take place because it’s quite difficult even when it is said that youths are the leaders of tomorrow.

  23. Action speaks louder than voice they said, too much talking does not help any thing out, so let it be the time to build and not to talk.

  24. This is a good movement ,especially since its focusing more on the youth and the growth of the country at large

  25. Nigerian youth should take active part in politics …though the not to young to run has been passed, youth aren’t ready to contest

  26. The future of Nigeria lies e in the hand of the youths BT they are not given Tue chance. Youths need to take the future into their own hands.

  27. The program will be a laudable one if those who are politically that youths are the future of the nation will stop and make it real by empowering the youths with the necessary tools

  28. Very true because the strength of a nation is its youth because the youth constitude about 60% of the population investing in the youth is building the nation

  29. BTF indeed. Things will only work in Nigeria if these old politicians decides to give the youth opportunity to rule. Look at France.

  30. Nice initiative, this is the time the youths should be given a chance to express themselves. They are the leaders of today.

  31. Its not all Nigerian youth that are lazy, our elderly political leaders should give the youth the chance to rebuild Nigeria because they have failed woefully. As the adage says “the youths are wise, the elders are wise, is what is used to deliver ile-ife.

  32. I have seen this kind of movement several times it hasn’t bring about any change so far… I pray God would help us so the youth can actually rule this nation if there would be change

  33. Good move. Our best asset as a nation is our human resources. If we can pull together, we will make here a better place to thrive.

  34. This is a wise talk,Nigeria needs to build the future and not for them to talk about a thing and they don’t do it.

  35. I strongly believe and hope this will work out well, it’s high time we youth come out and make our voices count, let it the old folks step down and give the youth the change to build the future and build the nation like we see other country doing the same. BTF

  36. Really true. Building the future start now and with our faithful submission. Nigeria will be good. I have that believe

  37. True talk, me am tired of the blame game politicians have been playing since the inception of this democracy in this country.. The matter don tire me, do the right thing which is why we gave you people our mandate, we didn’t vote you people into power to be giving us record of past governments misdeeds we voted you people in to correct the mistakes done by the past governments but this current government is nothing but cry babies.. I tire for this country

  38. yeah i think so too. But we also need to get rid of the current government and install something that will work for the country sake.

  39. I love the spirit. …..we can do it if we youth truly work together to build this country instead of complaining every time

  40. The only thing dat can build dis country is that, goverment should provide emploment opportunities for the youth

  41. thats is a big project for many, because many are not ready and even want to see the development in our country. i still wonder

  42. Yes o, the greatest asset of the nation is her young people. I just wished this will be put into consideration in this country, Nigeria

  43. Amazing program, Nigeria needs to rise up as a giant of Africa again through national development and youth empowerment

  44. Yes Nigeria is our country and we as youths must get involved in the building process. Well done BTF

  45. I agree with you that it is time to build the future but where will we stay and build that future, which office shall we use to build that future. I think the campaign we will be doing right now is give old men give chance to the youths to build the future.

  46. I guess these leaders, should give the youth an opportunity.. Let the youth rule a little while. Buhari should give Chance for the youth.

  47. True Talk!!…..Its time to take actions towards that desired Nation we want, Enough talk n enough complaints.

  48. Youth empowerment is really something every nation should be serious about.. They shouldn’t let the old people have everything.. Who’ll be there tomorrow?

  49. Time for action.. Not talk talk… This word is very motivating..lets build a better nation for our children..our nation is getting smaller

  50. I totally agree and support this movement, we need to build up our future now and make Nigeria great.may God help us

  51. When you act words then follow that is something! Let’s all work together. Talk is cheap! U got it,well-done

  52. Yeah you’re right it is time to wake up we Nigerians are already sleeping so for we to rise up up we must wake up back.

  53. Nigeria youths are not waiting for the government anymore, we are ready to make life better for ourselves

  54. It’s time to take action not only talk, talk, and also Nigeria leaders should also give the youth a chance to be active

  55. A right step in the right direction because the youth are the future leaders if only the older generation will step down.

  56. This is really a nice association, the future of the country lies in the hands of the youth, they need to be equipped so as to make things happen. May it be so!

  57. Nice one from build the future. Truly, it’s not a time to talk rather it’s a time to build. Youths need to wake up and take over the leadership of this country. Build the future should continue to advocate for the progress and development of the country.

  58. Glad you made a step to empower youth that is time to build , keep it up and may God continue to strengthen you and I hope soon , your aim will be achieved.

  59. Yeah! There’s time for everything, and I believe this is the time for work and not for talk. The youth most be given the chance to show what we got.

  60. The youths of Nigeria are never given the opportunity because of the presence of political godfather

  61. Politician will say what the electorate don’t even know that government can do but when they get there,all they will saying is try to understand we don’t have enough money to get things done and by the end of their term they will be commisioning project hoping people to see them as messiah

  62. this is a great article and Nigeria should wake up from their slumber and move forward. The artlcle is really a true talk.

  63. Building the youth is the only way to a better future. That’s why power should be given to the youth. Youths been the leaders of tomorrow has been a myth something we have been hearing since childhood yet it hasn’t manifested. Let us join hands to build our future through the youth. I love this movement

  64. The youths should not think that they will get want they want on a platter of gold. We need to fight for what is rightly ours. No to slay queen, no to internet fraud ,yes to legit venture.

  65. This a very good idea from the founder. At least by empowering the youths, it will give the idle minds busy and have positive things on their minds rather than indulging in negative social vices.

  66. This is the simplevtryth if life, I pray I will not be among those that watch things happen, so every one should wake up

  67. True talk. The truth is that these old men have nothing to this nation,their brain are no more active, all they care about is how to make money for themselves.

  68. Pure truth fact not fiction. You need to build not to talk. Lets join hands together to make Nigeria a better place to live.

  69. It’s good to see optimistic minds despite the frustrations that abound social wellbeing of the people.

  70. My wish is for the political leaders to tap into the vision and believe in their mission and our dear nation will never remain the same.

  71. Wow that’s a great thought and I think positive actions should be followed through to make it a reality

  72. Yes , is not time to talk, it’s time to build , time to work, all the talking those politocians have been doing is enough is now time to work on what they have said soo far

  73. Lets joined hands together to make Nigeria better cause the youth truly are the leaders of tomorrow enough of talk talk let’s make things happen

  74. if responsible youths are given the opportunity to rule, believe they will do better than the old leaders

  75. Every home has something too give out, Nigeria as a country is build with corrupt mind meaning power are been handle by group o people who do not want a change too this great nation, if we can only let go tribalism and bear in mind as one nation.

  76. Its time to build indeed! No time to check time. Let’s give the youth the opportunity too

  77. What a nice write ups,empowering the youth is the best because we the youth are the leaders of tomorrow in this our lovely country.

  78. Truth you said Mary, in life there are three kinds of people, those who make things happen, those that watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. Which one we belong mata

  79. Honestly that just the truth word, time to start building instead of abusing each other the two political party(the famous ones) it getting out of hands to see debates sef you will surely see them abusing and using their past and present to talk, we need to build here please

  80. It’s really the time to build. Nigeria has lost its glory.. We need to rebuild our nation.. BTF I will sure check out your site to know what you have got. Nice one

  81. Good idea
    Such that makes the voice of the youth hard will bring more attention to then and consequently lessen youth involvement in non beneficial things

  82. Its not just about joining and joining, How are the youths going to be empowered and furnished. they should create an interactive platform to discussing our strength and weakness

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