Thieves rob Ecuador student during zoom class (Video)

A student in Ecuador had her Zoom class disrupted by thieves who invaded her house while other students watched as the event unfolded.

The incident happened in the Ecuadorian city of Ambato. Four suspects were arrested after the girl’s alert classmates spotted the perpetrators and notified the teacher before calling the police.

Thieves rob Ecuador student during zoom class (Video)

The video footage that has gone viral on social media starts off with the girl showing her back to the camera, while the teacher speaks to the rest of the class. Moments later, a masked man can be seen forcing his way into the room, causing the student to leap out of her chair.

The intruder can then be seen signaling to the girl and another family member not to make noise before one of his accomplices enters the room. The girl’s classmates then interrupted the teacher and drew his attention to the robbery in progress as the intruders realize they’re being recorded and push down the screen of the laptop that houses the camera.

As soon as the students alert the teacher, he can be heard saying, “Quickly call the police, call the parents,” before one of the students reports the crime to law enforcement.

Police responded to the call and immediately arrived at the location to arrest the four men. News of the arrest was announced by Ecuador’s Interior Minister MarĂ­a Paula Romo on Twitter.

“The @PoliciaEcuador immediately captured those responsible for the theft of a home in Ambato,” Romo wrote in a translated tweet. “The event was recorded on video, while a student received classes online.”


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