Thierry Henry sad after Monaco sack

Thierry Henry has said he is sad as he parts company with Monaco, just three months after he was employed as the clubs manager.

The Arsenal legend revealed this while confirming his departure from AS Monaco as the club’s first team manager.

Thierry Henry sad after Monaco sack lailasnews

This come just 15 weeks after he signed a 3 year deal that was supposed to last until 2021 and has so far won just 4 of his 20 matches.

Read his parting message below;

‘It is with great sadness that I part company with AS Monaco. Despite the struggles and difficulties that we encountered along my short journey, I have still thoroughly enjoyed my time at this wonderful Club’.

‘my ambition and philosophy from the day I joined will always be that the CLUB comes first. I strongly believe in this squad of players and that the team with all the recent new signings is now in a better shape to tackle the second part of the season and to go on a winning run and fulfil its full potential’,

‘I would particularly like to thank Vadim Vasilyev and Michael Emenalo who afforded me this opportunity at my boyhood Club and of course the fans and staff who have given me such a warm reception during my tenure. I sincerely hope that my successor will now take AS Monaco onto greater strengths and I wish them all the success for the future starting with a win in Dijon and then lifting the Cup and getting us back into Europe!’.


  1. Now you feel the pains and pressure of his real things are, back then you always criticized Arsene Wenger on every opportunity you have as a pundit. Anyway sorry to you and come out strong.

  2. I must be frank with you, that you are a good player doesn’t mean you are a good manager.

    You need to learn further if you really want to end the struggle of sack. It is not good for your profile at all.

  3. My brother you have to learn the top and not jump into chaoching because you are Henry,just start from the lower teams

  4. That’s so sad, your ambition for the club can stil be accomplished despite you are not there anybody believing the Squad in the team, there are betters things ahead waiting for you

  5. There are two kinds of manager “those sacked and those waiting to be sacked’, its all in the making of an excellent manager

  6. Well, he was never ready for the job. Its a far cry from assistant National team manager. Legendary status doesn’t qualify you either.

  7. It is a sad thing that he had to be sacked but had it been he performed well at the club he wouldn’t be sacked

  8. It’s really a sad thing to loose something that was supposed to last for 3yrs in a couple of weeks, Henry has been fired but he still has a good heart for the club and so I wish him a good job elsewhere

  9. You have tried your best for the club and learn to let go as the manager…. Isn’t easy to bear but just move on.

  10. Very sad to hear. May God grant you a better and a sustainable one…that is not the Nd of the world buddy. in Jesus name.

  11. I believe that will teach him a very good lesson that been a pundit doesn’t give the right to fight and tackles coaches anyhow you like.

  12. Henry has been fired but he still has a good heart for the club and so I wish him a good job elsewhere and Its a far cry from assistant National team manager.

  13. It is good for him tp go and do maybe a refresher course and learn from all his numerous errors to correct them when he gets another opportunity maybe in a smaller club.

  14. Everybody has a challenge to face, i guest this is your though moment and sure you will overcome and smile again

  15. He has not be doing good since he resume duty so I see no reason why he should be sad though it will be painful but its good for him now he should take heart

  16. That’s really bad, he is still young, he will be employed by other clubs. He just need to put more effort in his managerial skills.

  17. These are few of the challenges that most coaches face as being the manager of a club.
    it’s normal to be sad. All is well

  18. The club has not been doing well even before you emerge as their coach, may God grant you another better offer Henry

  19. What do you expect since all the match you is loss, Monaco that is very hot before now small club win them

  20. Monaco need experience coach like mourinho or arsen wingers. Henry just finished his football career without have a proper knowledge of coaching. But I wish the best,he tried.

  21. We meet to part and part to meet again, u guys should just be fine and do exploits wherever u find ourselves.

  22. Too bad. Don’t know if you weren’t just ready or that the team couldn’t deliver under you. Well, wish you all the best sir.

  23. I feel really sorry for him but he really needs to leave the club and I hope he finds joy somewhere someday.

  24. The club had to do what they thought was best for them. 4 wins in 20 games was not a pass mark. Good luck elsewhere

  25. This so disappointing that Henry couldn’t make it through with Monaco. 4wins/20 games is not worth it.

  26. Best of wishes sir. It’s a pity that your stay was short and few and your achieved less. May God strengthen you.

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