Thierry Henry facing sack at Monaco

Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry is not having the best of days as a football manager, as he likely to get sacked by Monaco just 15 weeks after starting the job.

Thierry Henry facing sack at Monaco lailasnews

Thierry Henry landed his first manager’s job with the French club on October 13 when he signed a three-year contract until the summer of 2021. But he has only won just four of his first 20 matches in charge.

Jardim is in line for a shock return to the sideline for Monaco, who are 19th in Ligue 1, three points from safety.

The 44-year-old took charge of 232 matches and Monaco were victorious in 125 of them, giving him an overall win percentage of 53.88. In comparison, Henry was won just 20 percent of his games so far and the club is not impressed with him.

It is claimed that Henry will be told in the next 48 hours that he is no longer the man to lead the Ligue 1 strugglers.


  1. We all have out time to shine. It seems that Thiery is not getting any younger. But we’ve always enjoyed you play





  3. Am not really a fan of football, but I really enjoy you playing.
    My dear better days are ahead.
    This is really sad

  4. There are other clubs with better earnings. He will be employed to another club if get sacked by his own club.

  5. Henry happens to be a good player but for a good coach, that I don’t know. Meanwhile Monaco has not been doing good this time around

  6. I guess he’s having a bad time as a coach, the team hasn’t made much progress under him hence the sack he’s about facing.

  7. Sometimes its easier sad than done, in the pundit box you can say so many things but when its time to put those thing to action you discover it different in practical

  8. Am not that a foot ball fan but I think in every success there must b a time of challenge it makes us more stronger and wiser so if he is sack he shouldn’t take it to hrt hope he has learnt some certain lessons

  9. But he is performing well , he is managing the team well, why will they sack him. This is conspiracy.

  10. his future was to be one of the best players in football history and not a good manager either.

  11. Winning a match all depend on the players am sure he coash them to the best of his knowledge, I know it’s all business and winning is the business. Sorry Mr coash

  12. So sorry, is never a good thing to lose a job but you will surely get another one is not the end of the world

  13. That’s so sad that the football legend will be sacked. Thierry Henry, so sorry man if you are finally sacked.

  14. That’s a very poor performance 4/20 Hmmm maybe you should just leave you can be a great footballer but not a great coach

  15. Some players think that coaching is easy if they don’t sack him they are going to be relegated

  16. This is his first club assignment and it should not be used to measure his ability. Let the club give him more opportunities to showcase his stuff. Henry is a good player in his days.

  17. Why on earth will they replaced Jardim with an inexperienced Thiery Henry????
    Coaching is never an easy job, you could have started with a low profile club.
    Lampard Is not doing bad with Derby County, and Gerrard is enjoying life as a Rangers manager. Zinadin Zedine started with Real Madrid as their Castilla coach , promoted to the first team crew and the rest is history.

  18. That is too bad of him! Well. i think he should move ahead with his career. And hopefully there is always light at the end of the tunnel

  19. To bad sorry man that’s contract for when u fell to deliver next thing to follow it will be disqualified

  20. As in their performances are just too poor. I can’t believe former league 1 champions are at the brink of relegation

  21. Well, being a coach is not very easy and it needs a lot of devotion and corporation with the team members, he should be given time to make things fine with the team

  22. Its not easy for the head that wears the crown, he should try to work harder on the boys and keep his job

  23. Then it implies that Henry still has alot to learn about coaching a club,,, especially when the club have been struggling in recent years

  24. This is not good for Henry, maybe he should return to England and look for a small team to coach

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