Thief who was admitted in a hospital caught stealing from patient

A thief who was admitted in a hospital, has been paraded after he was caught stealing from a patient at the medical facility.

Thief who was admitted in a hospital caught stealing from patient lailasnews

The thief who was caught stealing at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi on Friday, was apprehended after the woman who was about to sleep – screamed after seeing a hand on her after opening a window of ward at the hospital.

The suspect who was burnt by his brother over his habitual behavior of theft and admitted at the hospital, was dragged to his room which was directly opposite the ward by the security operatives. Two mobile phones, some cash and other items which was stolen from another patient was recovered from the suspect who is in police custody.


  1. Some people is in their DNA… How can you be going through pains and yet not giving up. Please punish him

  2. This one get phd in stealing.It runs in his blood.You still went ahead to steal from your fellow patients. Jungle justice awaits you

  3. That was too bad for him, he we never change from such kind of things and he must be jail for doing such kind of things

  4. Even after receiving scar for theft, he is still in the act. Seems its not ordinary o. He needs deliverance.

  5. The person might be suffering from kleptomania. It’s not funny. God will forgive him his sins

  6. The boy is addicted to stealing. Is only God that can help him. Once the boy is freed from this problem, his family should educate him on the consequences of stealing and the bad name stealing brings to him and his family. Also I believe that with duplications to God, the boy will change

  7. A thief remains a thief , instead of praying to God and asking for good health his busy stealing

  8. It’s already in his blood. That’s the results of covectiousnss. I pray God will deliver him

  9. Haba it is in the blood already because if it is not you shouldn’t have think of such again with your situation

  10. Sometimes this behavior is in some people’s DNA , they just can’t do without stealing,, such disgracing act

  11. Stealing is surely in his DNA. They should check if his ancestors stole for a living. He’s unrepentant.

  12. If you like carry fowl when the sleep for Malawi come 9ja na the same hanger he go sleep. Look the injury he substained from stealing and he is still stealing will the injury

  13. As in he came to the hospital because of the pains in has from stealing and now in that painful condition he started stealing again, is he cursed or what

  14. This is serious,stealing has entered his blood,it only prayer that can deliver him from the spirit of stealing

  15. Wonders shall never end, surprises spring up everyday, hmmm, stealing in the hospital ward by a fellow patient is offensive to hearing

  16. Somehow I think he’s a cleptomaniac, meaning he can’t even control himself. He’s sick and needs serious help

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