They left Prison gate open: Nigerians react to Benin jail break (Video)

Nigerians have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms, to express shock at the jail break at the White House Prison in Benin, Edo State.

They left Prison gate open: Nigerians react to Benin jail break

This comes after prisoners were seen scaling the prison fence and coming out through the gate, in Sapele road area of the ancient city.

Reports making the rounds suggest that hoodlums or #ENDSARS protesters were responsible for their release. Nigerians think this is an inside connivance on the part of prison officials, as an effort for the government to release military men to restore order in the country and stop the protest forcefully.


See reactions:

*** As someone who lived eight days in prison as an inmate during an undercover investigation, I can tell you that it is NOT possible for unarmed protesters or hoodlums to break into a prison in Edo State or elsewhere and set inmates free.

*** No largescale jailbreak can succeed without: (i) the active connivance of prison insiders, (ii) the tacit support of prison security or (iii) the disguised involvement of prison authorities.

When you’re ready to tell us the truth — or if you ever will — we’ll be here, waiting.

*** The government is gonna bring out the military and apply curfew and take over. That’s been their plan and it’s working because i still don’t understand how normal civilians can break into secured prison and free convicted prisoners.

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