There’s a special evil in Nigeria – Actress Unachukwu on poor electricity

Nollywood actress Dolly Unachukwu who is based in the United Kingdom has stated that the issue of poor electricity supply in Nigeria might be attributed to some special evil in the land.

There’s a special evil in Nigeria – Actress Unachukwu on poor electricity

The actress who has lived in the UK for over 20 years disclosed that power supply over where she is is the norm and she finds it hard to fathom why it is rocket science to replicate same in Nigeria.

She then wonders if it is due to bad leadership in the country or just some agents of darkness preventing light to prevail across the country.

She wrote on Instagram:

You asked people to stay at home in darkness. Come on! let there be light.
I have lived in the UK for close to 2 decades. Here, stable power supply is like the air we breathe. It makes me wonder if the light issue in Nigeria is entirely a leadership thing or if there is more to it than we know.

How are we sure there isn’t a special kind of evil which our leaders themselves are finding so hard to contain? Can different cabinets keep failing Nigerians over and over again without a hidden reason?

To be in darkness helplessly for several years as a nation is a special kind of evil that warrants a special kind of investigation.

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