There’s so much fun in sex, makes you worry less – Actress Yetunde Bakare

Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare has surely established a niche for herself in the highly saturated movies industry. The versatile actress, who is able to interpret diverse roles, has opend up about sex and according to her, it is fun and makes an individual worry less.

There's so much fun in sex, you worry less - Actress Yetunde Bakare lailasnews 2

With unforgettable and great exploits in films like Ajobi, Alani Baba Labake, Omo Olodo, Awa Okunrin, Awolu goes to School, Amisu to name a few, Yetunde Bakare has quietly entrenched herself as one to watch in the Yoruba movie industry.

Yetunde Bakare in recent chat with Potpourri, bares her mind on sex, love and dating, albeit sexual harassment in the industry.

“Sex is a normal thing that happens between a lady and a guy, it is just a way of expressing your emotional self. When you have sex you have a lot of fun, exercise and stuff, and you will be relieved of some things. It is a very good moment because you worry less and you just want to have that fun when you’re doing it. You want to reach the climax,” she stated simply.

And sharing her experience concerning randy directors, Yetunde recounted one she would not forget in a hurry.

“I can’t tell you names but a lot of challenges and issues like that. There was one that was so serious that we had to fight. It got to a stage that he started sending me messages on my Facebook, abusing me and all and he is a star for that matter; he is a very popular actor,” she said.

With a knack for playing roles many of her colleagues wouldn’t dare touch, the actress says she would do sensual roles short of making love on set.

“I’ve not done anything like sex but I’ve kissed, I’ve done bed scenes. I’ve kissed for real even having my boobs fondled is no big deal because we know we are working and your mind is more on what you’re doing rather than thinking about something else, so, it’s just part of the job,” she said.


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