There is no crime in marrying an old man – Annjay

Nigerian singer Annjay has given her thought on marrying an old man and in her own opinion, there is nothing wrong with that.

While speaking in an interview with Adeniyi Adewoyin, Annjay, who had reprimanded Nigerians criticising Regina Daniels over her marriage to Ned Nwoko said most Nigerians criticise her but wish to be in her shoes.

There is no crime in marrying an old man – Annjay

Recently, you reprimanded those criticising Regina Daniels. What’s your take on marriage to older men?

Marriage is a choice and age is just a number. If she decided to marry an aged man, it’s her choice and she is not the first and not gonna be the last. What about those who married younger boys and ended up divorcing them?

What should we say about them? My own opinion is that if you find happiness in marrying an aged man, it’s cool, go ahead, as long as you are happy. Some of them criticizing her wish to be in her position and some dey go Dubai go use mouth collect shit for dollars. I have read that story several times on Asian blogs. If I like make I marry old man, na my palaver o.

Are you currently in a relationship?

Yes, I am and not going to talk about it because it’s part of my privacy. I don’t like talking about relationships on papers or flaunting it on social media. It’s part of my lifestyle and I like it that way and that doesn’t mean that I don’t love him or proud of him.

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