“The unpatriotic Nigerian media must learn from CNN” Lauretta Onochie says as she compares reactions to the killings of Nigerian policemen to the killing of a US police officer

Presidential aide Lauretta Onochie has accused the Nigerian media of being unpatriotic and fair.

Using CNN as an example, Onochie pointed out how CNN, reported the killing of a police officer during the attack on the Capitol building while comparing it to the lack of a report from the Nigerian media after police officers were killed during End SARS protest.

According to her, Nigerian media refused to report the violence and killing of security operatives after the protest was hijacked.

Sharing her thoughts on Twitter, she tweeted: “Its touching to see @CNN lamenting d killing of a US police officer & the crushing of one who thankfully survived. But I dont understand why nothing was said about Nigerian Police officers who were recently killed in similar circumstances, one of whom was roasted & eaten. #BeFair.”

She furthered urged Nigerian media to always stand by the nation and be patriotic.

“If you do not moisten your lips, the dry harmattan wind will tear them
-Anioma Proverb.

“The #UnpatrioticNigerianMedia must learn from @CNN. They always stand by their nation.

“They may hate their President but they love their nation & their national institutions. They stand by them.” She added.


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