The Tony Elumelu Foundation Opens Applications for 5th Cycle of $100m Entrepreneurship Programme

• Application exclusively available on – the largest digital networking platform for African entrepreneurs
• Invitation to join existing 4,470 programme Fellows
• 4th Cycle drew over 150,000 applications from across the African continent
The Tony Elumelu Foundation Opens Applications for 5th Cycle of $100m Entrepreneurship Programme lailasnews

The Tony Elumelu Foundation, the leading African-funded and founded philanthropy committed to empowering African entrepreneurs, is now accepting applications for the 2019 cohort of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme.
The Programme is a 10-year, $100 million commitment to identify, train, mentor and fund 10,000 African entrepreneurs. The Programme’s objective is to generate at least 1,000,000 new jobs and create at least $10 billion in new business revenue across Africa. Now in its 5th year, the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme has empowered 4,470 entrepreneurs, using a bespoke and robust selection, training and implementation process to create visible and sustainable impact across all 54 African countries.
Outstanding African entrepreneurs running existing start-ups with high growth potential and aspiring business owners with transformative ideas are invited to apply. We are particularly looking to grow representation from French, Arabic and Portuguese speakers, as well as female entrepreneurs.
Inspired by Tony Elumelu’s economic philosophy of Africapitalism and his vision to institutionalise luck and democratise opportunity for a new generation of African entrepreneurs, the Foundation has implemented one of the most ambitious entrepreneurship programmes globally. Selected entrepreneurs from previous years have transformed their businesses and their communities after gaining from the Programme’s 7 pillars: $5,000 in seed capital; business development training; one-on-one mentoring; access to TEFConnect; pan-African meetups; TEF network membership; and participation at the annual TEF Entrepreneurship Forum, the largest convening of the African entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Founder, Tony O. Elumelu, CON, stated: “The private sector must be the core driver of Africa’s economic transformation, but this sector cannot attain its full potential if entrepreneurs are left behind. We call on all stakeholders – policymakers, business leaders and development agencies – to actively commit to creating a better future for our young Africans who have demonstrated intellect, skill, and passion, to empower them to succeed because their success is Africa’s success. The TEF Entrepreneurship Programme is by far the most impactful project of my life and represents my commitment to transforming Africa through entrepreneurship”.
Parminder Vir, CEO, Tony Elumelu Foundation, said: “Our entrepreneurs illustrate the Foundation’s commitment to transform the African economy, by building on the intelligence, skills and resourcefulness of Africans. I encourage all ambitious young Africans to take advantage of this unique opportunity”.
The Foundation, which has recently hosted President Macron of France, President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana in dynamic interactive sessions with young African entrepreneurs, is committed to supporting the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem – from the entrepreneurs themselves, governments who must provide enabling environments, to capital, advice and most importantly access and networks.
The TEF Entrepreneurship Programme is open to citizens and legal residents of all African countries, who run for-profit businesses based in Africa that are no older than three years. The deadline for applications submission is March 1, 2019.
Applications will be judged based on criteria including: feasibility, scalability and potential for growth of the product/service; market opportunity for the idea/business; financial understanding, leadership potential and entrepreneurial skills.
Applicants can apply on TEFConnect – – the largest digital networking platform for African entrepreneurs.
Additional Information:
Link to the Impact Documentary showing the transformative and impactful stories of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs:


  1. God bless the foundation for the initiative. Youths in Africa will be trained to be entrepreneurs

  2. This is a good initiative. Supporting entrepreneurs with ideas, capital and other necessities of entrepreneurship will add to the growth of the African countries.


  4. Which other prominent Nigerians will set up foundations that will go a long way to build our youth. This will help curb negative vices amongst the youth. More grace to you Mr Elumelu

  5. Kudos to the Tony Elumemlu foundation it is indeed very rich with business life transforming nature

  6. God bless the Tony Elumelu foundation for this initiative. At least Africa has hope of breaking the chains of poverty.

  7. This is a good one which will foster development of entrepreneurship in the country and impact on the economic growth of the country

  8. Thank you for this development, you have being a great man of honour and your foundation has done greater things for the African youths.

  9. Thank you Tony elumelu for this great program and I know if we can have like 10 like you we will not have any problem in our society and school thank you for the development

  10. This youth empowerment since our government have neglect youth God is using you to empower our youth Weldon sir.

  11. If only majority of our polilooters can emulate this and replicate this and create employment for millions of our unemployed youths.

  12. This foundation is impacting Africa and with this pace, in the next five years, entrepreneurs on the continent will no longer be afraid to launch out.

  13. I think this is going to be a welcoming development across African, people will benefit alot from this, especially unemployed

  14. This is a welcome development from Mr Tony Elumelu may God bless you for empowering the youths.. I hope I can get it I will be very happy and grateful

  15. God bless Tony Elumelu on his efforts in the area of enterprenuer leadership skills and empowerment.

  16. Thanks to Tony Elumelu. He is really a good man. This is a welcome development in Africa. At least this will keep so many youths busy and crime rate will also be reduced. This is a good way of empowering the youths.

  17. Thanks Tony it’s a good development for our youth, may God grant you more fund to accomplish what you have started.

  18. It is interesting to know that over 4000 youth have been empowered in the African continent. May God bless Elemelu Foundation.

  19. That’s great, used his years of banking career to help the youths,kudos Tony Elumelu.

  20. Politics of the day! At the end the day he will give it to his own people. The grammer is too much. Make it available to the common man then we will know you have arrived.

  21. Tahts good one may god vless this foundation os the first foundation with this kind of developmental program that i have ever heard in africa

  22. I just want to say a very big thank you to the Elumelu foundation for empowering the African youth’s.

  23. I appreciate the foundation for their service and it’s a big opportunity for the youths,let the good work continue

  24. What a way to give back to the society. I am always happy when youths are taken off the streets.

  25. The foundation has gone a long way in reducing poverty and empowerment so is a welcomed development

  26. This is a wonderful development, I love the initiative, I will consider applying myself.

  27. That’s a good innovation, this could pave way for graduate and undergraduate as well ,carry on

  28. This is a welcome development, the App will further strength entrepreneurs in Africa. God bless you Tony Elumelu

  29. A very big thanks to Tony Elumelu Foundation for the empowerment and job creation initiatives. May God bless you more

  30. Its one thing to succeed in training people but do our environment favour entrepreneurs. They need to consider this things, issues such as power should be addressed too. Of possible they should find a way to work with governments on finding solutions to problems affecting entrepreneurs.

  31. Wow this is very good news to African youths. May God please the founder.
    We need more of this in Africa .

  32. This is a nice development from Tony Elumelu foundation. This will go a long way to affect lives of people.

  33. If youths in Africa can make good use of opportunities like this Africa will be a better place soonest

  34. This is a very good development and mostly to help the Africa to develop Entrepreneur. Nice one Tolu Elumelu foundation.

  35. Indeed Tony is a good man, it’s not easy to find such a huge program, may God bless him more and enlarge his purse

  36. wow that’s very good..
    nice development..this will really help we Africans
    God bless the founder of this foundation

  37. Platforms like this
    Is what our country needs at this time
    People creating wealth and investing in the most important resource for nation building
    The human resource

  38. God bless the foundation for the initiative, Youths in Africa will be trained to be entrepreneurs.this is a very good opportunity.

  39. may God bless the founder and initiative of this programme because it it will go a long way to reduce unemployment in the country and African at large.

  40. Great…if it was something bad,others would have emulated..other fondation can do the same in their various fields.

  41. God bless the initiative and the brain behind it for it has been a source of growth to some existing entrepreneur it has help them with start up capital I just hope I can be a beneficiary this year

  42. Mr Tony Elumelu is really doing a good thing, creating opportunity for enterpreneurs to do something worthwhile for themselves. I am sure this 5th edition will be massive. May God bless Mr Tony Elumelu for his tireless efforts towards enterpreneurs.

  43. Tony Elumelu has done well he has done so well for this nation. We need more prominent nigerias to open up such foundation.

  44. Good one, God bless him for this empowerment/entrepreneurship programme his doing in Africa at large.

  45. This is a very good initiative by this great philanthropist tony elumelu. A great business man and heart to make Africa great. This is an idea that in many years to come will help to create a lot of job opportunities and SME businesses all over Africa especially Nigeria. I think if more of this could be applied by more of African wealthy men and women, it will go a long way to reduce poverty and create job opportunities. Big thanks to this great foundation and keep up the good work.

  46. Tony elumelu foundation has really impacted well for African youth cudose to his foundation

  47. These are the kind of people we need in this country, those that have the interest of the masses at heart. Long live to the foundation.

  48. You rain of blessing shall never stop falling. More grace to you sir, you have been a blessing to Africa.

  49. That’s very good of him. Let him continue his good work. That’s to show that good things are still in existence

  50. Entrepreneurship training is a welcome development, the four walls of the school scjjol seem to do nothing more than just provide some certain exposure mostly of no enterpreurship benefits

  51. This is a good news, with this more opportunities will be created for the youth. Thanks to The Elumelu foundation

  52. Tony you are really trying with this program it will hell lots of citizens that are unemployed to have something of their own to stand on

  53. Good initiative, more grace to your elbow, need sure program from private sectors or individual

  54. I commend the TEF for its effort of empowering youths to be self sufficient. Kudos to the foundation for the outreach to the youths

  55. This is a great platform for all entrepreneurs looking for capital for startups
    Really great platform from him

  56. We will jus hope the process will be transparent and that beneficiaries would use this opportunity wisely

  57. It seems I am finally going to apply this year. Hopefully, I will set up my foundation when I have enough

  58. So this is what he is using all the money that they were slashing from all the security outfits and security personnel that work in the bank premises for.

  59. That is interesting and kudos to Elumelu foundation for setting up such a wonderful platform for African entrepreneurs to have access to fund for their businesses

  60. This is a very good project aimed at empowering youth especially in areas of job creation and poverty eradication.

  61. God will bless this man for considering the Nigerian youth. I hope more people will join him soon

  62. The Tony Elumelu foundation is truly doing well in empowering the youth and raising up entrepreneurs, a great and wonderful idea from the great founder, kudos to the foundation, keep up the good work

  63. Wow this is wonderful.. The youths are our future.. They should be empowered to prevent them causing nuisance to the society

  64. This is what we need in this part of the world where youth will be gainfully employed.
    Keep up the good work

  65. Wow this is really a welcoming initiative all well done to Tony Elumemlu for selfless work to the African young entrepreneur

  66. This is great, a welcome development in African, it will really help youths in African. May God strength it.

  67. Nice opening for the new year more grace to Tony Elumelu…God will favor us and get the wins at the end…if you are opportune to win one hold strong and utilize it well

  68. This a great one how I wish our government will join this crew and make things work, life will be fill of so much fun in Nigeria

  69. A wise decision and heartful of him,it will go a long way to help the youth and employment…Big up Sir

  70. He is doing a great job, I just hope other wealthy people in Nigeria can emulate him. God bless you sir

  71. Wow, that’s great, it gonna go a long way in curbing corruption and unemployment in our country

  72. To all the Entrepreneurs out there, lets take advantage of it and for some of us that has tried it before but not nominated lets not give up.

  73. GOD bless the foundation at least it will help the unemployment especially graduate that are seeking for job

  74. This foundation has been a great help to reducing unemployment. This is good news on the new development. May continue to bless the founders.

  75. Empowering youth across Africa continents is a well come development.all thanks to Tony Elumelu foundation.

  76. This is a graet opportunity for Africans entreprenuers to learn and develop their potentials and ability

  77. Sir, you’re indeed a philanthropist. I wish our government can have a positive mindset and gear their interest in helping and encouraging Nigerian youths for a greater heights in entrepreneurship

  78. If our leaders in Nigeria will emulate from this man then the rate of unemployment will reduce drastically

  79. A very good initiative Sir. Will done a lot for the youth’s and young entrepreneurs. Thank you Sir.

  80. This is a welcome development from Tony Elumelu and no doubt will reduce unemployment in the country.

  81. If we have at least 15 or more of this kind of foundation in Africa as a whole things will na a little better than acquiring private jet.

  82. Selected entrepreneurs from previous years have transformed their businesses and their communities after gaining from the Programme

  83. That is a nice idea and a well come development. It will help in raising the entrepreneurship in the country

  84. This type of noble idea initiated by Mr. Tony Elumelu is a great idea which will in turn generate employment for the the youth in the nation.

  85. If every wealthy person in Nigeria will borrow a leaf from Mr Elumelu, Nigeria will be a better place. Kudos!

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