The title “bastard” doesn’t fit you, you’re a “mad dog” – Dunamis G.O, Pastor Paul Enenche blasts Daddy Freeze (Video)

The General Overseer of Dunamis International Christian Centre, Pastor Paul Enenche has blasted OAP Daddy Freeze for constantly attacking Nigerian pastors.

The man of God publicized a video of him attacking Daddy Freeze on his social media page yesterday, September 11, 2020.

The Dunamis pastor reacting to a trending video of where Daddy Freeze described Bishop David Oyedepo as a bald headed fowl, says the OAP is a mad dog who is suffering from schizophrenia.

He said that Daddy Freeze risked the wrath of God if he continues attacking pastors in Nigeria, as he claimed Daddy Freeze doesn’t have good upbringing, moral and discipline.

He wrote;

“At this moment, it is imperative for us to address certain issues for the sake of upcoming generations. Otherwise, when evil is allowed to persist, it would be viewed as good.

“In Act 23:5, when Paul the Apostle spoke in a careless way, regarding the high Priest Ananias and his attention was drawn, he immediately withdrew his word and apologised.

“The culture of respect is also a deeply-rooted African culture. So strong that in parts of this country, in the west, children prostrate to greet fathers and elders.

Enenche noted that in the Bible, Jesus called Herod a wild dog and a fox, as he justifies why he called Daddy Freeze a “mad dog.”

“I said MAD DOG because that is spot diagnoses. Spot diagnoses is a situation whereby you know a sickness by just looking at the patient without even asking any questions. What he is exhibiting a is mad behavior.

“That is schizophrenia, schizophrenic behavior. That is mania. That is bipolar disorder. That is attention seeking psychopathic disorder. A man looking for attention by all means, trying to pull down people who have built values over the years.”

Enenche said Daddy Freeze is an attention seeker who is trying to pull down people’s values. He advised the OAP to start a church if he enjoys preaching so bad.

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