The Diary of a Hot Single Mom “1”

Hello Lailans, My name is Miracle. I am a beautiful and proud single mom.

This is my story

One of the things I fear most after hell fire is pregnancy…

It will take a lot of counseling before I consider getting pregnant again..

When I found out I was pregnant..
I was happy, amidst fear because of the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy .
But deep down I was happy,
Happy I was finally going to experience motherhood .
Happy because life was growing inside of me.
Happy that finally I was going to experience what it looks like to have life growing Inside my tommy,
The happiness I felt suppressed the fears…

Belle was going..
1 month I was bouncing..
Never in the course of the pregnancy both first trimester to the last trimester did I feel sick..

During the first trimester…
I was glittering with my skin producing fresh oil..
I was looking finer than I use to..

2nd month I was still waist,hips and bum getting full..
Chai!! Come see shape..
I was happy mehn.. Nobody knew I don become two they thought it was cream I changed and started eating well..

3rd to 6th months all was well…

Then 7th months..
I don taya to carry belle
All my freshness was disappearing..
I was getting darker
Belle was getting big..
Infact it started heaving me..

Haba oh chim…
Ogini kam ji isi kote…
I was still managing myself shaa..

I would stay and cry..
To carry the belle don taya me walahi..
Sometimes I would imagine,
What if I bring knife..
Cut this stomach, bring out this baby,
Then rest once and for all..
Habaaa!!! Woris all these naa.. nobody told this is how it use to be….
But when the baby kicks,
And I feel her, then see the map of her little toes and fingers, I lighten up and Wonder how great this our God is..
Then become consoled…

Chai!!! I was carrying belle upandan..
All my neck dark,
My face dark..
I come Wor Wor die!!
I didn’t even care about my looks cos something bigger than my looks was dealing with me..
I would go asking women who just gave birth if its possible to give birth at 8months And signs to know its labour..
They said it must enter 9months except for very few cases..

I stayed waiting for signs Maybe I would be among the few cases..
8months and 2weeks labour started..
I thought it was contraction because since belle enter I never experience contraction but I see other pregnant women visit hospital come back then say its just contraction..
And my delivery date never kuku reach.. I jejely strolled To the hospital..

The nurse who came to examine me came, checked and asked for my baby bag and delivery things I came with??
I said which baby ..
Is it not contraction ni..
She said baby don put head oo I should call someone..
That was when I called my sister and few hours later #Boobae jumped out..
I don’t even want to talk about the pains..
Cos all I remember was screaming I wanto die!
That I’m tired!!!
Kai!!!!! I will never carry belle again o …

Immediately I gave birth..
I was happy I will finally carry my own baby..
But my highest happiness was I can finally lay to sleep with any position I want,
Lay flat on my belly,
Lay flat on my back not only side ways with my back aching all the time I was Pregnant..

You see belle?? I’m scared of it oo.
3yrs gone the experience is still very fresh in my memory…

You see any woman that has given birth..
Respect her
Then I see the ones who have 3 to 7 kids..
I don’t consider them as mere humans again oo..they are extraordinary humans..
Its not easy ah swear….

Respect to all the mothers..



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  1. Your unhappiness must be bcos no HE was by your side cos you said you are single.Madam don’t discourage those that are real wives & not sidechicks like yourself….What’s so painful in it that your mum didn’t bear to bring you into this world….What’s even your sexy story about?

      • Soloh the mumu. Yeye talk!! Reading from the back of your torchlight phone. Mtchewwwww! To d beautiful mom n daughter, more blessings to u! U are d realest !

        • Yes i read it from the back of my Nokia 3310. No touch light sef. ..Mira no vex….Pls accept my unreserved apology on my wrong commenting….

  2. I admire your strenght girl, I have been down that road and believe me, it is reserved for the very strong. i am proud of you

  3. You are very brave. Keeping the child was the right thing to do. You shall reap the fruit of your labor soon. keep your head up

  4. Thumbs up sis nd your baby is so beautiful……
    From what I see around me,motherhood is not a small something……

  5. Hmmm I respect my wife more and humble join sef when I witnessed and stood by her gave birth to our child. Nigerian doctors should allow husbands stay with their wives during child birth then dey will cherish dem more. Sometimes sef common pupu dey hard person u go com dey push like say u want born den i will remeber wat my wife and mum went thru and thank God say i be man , Lol. Our mothers have done wonderfully and respect to all women too.

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