The day armed robbers almost killed popular actor – Segun Ogungbe

Actor Segun Ogungbe has opened up on how a popular Nigerian actor of the Yoruba movie genre was almost killed by armed robbers.

While speaking in an interview with The Tribune, the actor mentioned that the armed robbers attacked them while shooting a movie and one of them insisted he was going to kill the actor because he saw his face.

The day armed robbers almost killed popular actor – Segun Ogungbe

He said that day was his worst moment on earth

That was the day armed robbers came to rob us on set in Abeokuta. We were shooting a movie by the road side in the night; they parked beside us, brought out their guns and robbed us of everything we had. They took the camera we were shooting with, our phones, everything, even the electricity generator. I have even forgotten the title of that movie we were shooting then. It was the job of one lady and even till now, when I see her I still remember that it was her job I was doing when armed robbers came to rob us (laughs).

It was really a bitter experience; even one of them became angry and insisted that he was going to kill one of our actors, claiming that the actor saw his face. It was the intervention of God and their leader, who told him not to shoot. We just thank God it was not the guy that wanted to shoot that led the gang that day. He would have just killed the actor.

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