“That is disrespectful,” – Wedding MC tells guest, who blocked a Brabus with a Toyota 2005 model

An unidentified wedding MC is currently trending on Twitter, after he said it was “disrespectful “ for a Toyota car owner to block a Brabus car owner.

In a viral video shared online, the MC of a wedding held in Ile-Ife, was heard telling the guests that a Toyota 2005 model car blocked a 2019 Brabus car.

Apparently, the owner of the Brabus wanted to leave the event but was blocked by the Toyota car which led to the announcement, in order to enable the owner of the Toyota to re-park.

Social media users have described the action of the wedding MC as “rude”, “disrespectful “ and “unnecessary”. However, it seems like the MC was only joking to entertain the guests.

Also, the couple in the video looked embarrassed and did not find the MC’s comment funny. Meanwhile, some social media users are already slamming the MC for being disrespectful to the couple’s guest.

Watch the video below.


Check out some of the reactions from Twitter.






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