‘Tekno rejected me on set for being dark skinned’ -Nigerian model/actor

A Nigerian model/actor identified on Instagram as @Quinbee, took to the platform to disclose how Nigerian superstar singer, Tekno, rejected her on set for his music video ‘your love’, for being dark skinned.

'Tekno rejected me for being dark skinned' -Nigerian model/actor lailasnews

According to the aggrieved Nigerian model who also shared an advice to prospective video vixens, if a Tekno rejects you, look up to a Wizkid. Here’s what she wrote;

I had the worst experience today as a darkskin model, I woke up at 4am, got to Oregun on the mainland at 8am, and waited for the director @paul_gambitwhom i respect a lot. Anyways to cut the story short, after all my stress, Tekno arrived on set, it was time to shoot with him. Tekno refused to use me as the main model for his #yourlovethevideo shoot cause i’m dark skin.

Later he settled for me doing the full shots so a light skin model can do the closeup shots with him. But i walked out on him and his set. Dark skin women are beautiful and precious, we don’t settle for less and we don’t get to be an option, we are the option. Black girls please love your skin and never feel bad about rejection, If a Tekno rejects you, Look up to a Wizkid, Wizkid inspires me everyday to love my skin with his videos and how much he appreciates black women…

'Tekno rejected me for being dark skinned' -Nigerian model/actor lailasnews 1

We reported few days ago, that due to the general fact that most Ghanaian babies are born dark, women are now taking pills while in pregnancy to lighten the skin of their unborn babies.

Medical experts however said that these illegal drugs, can cause birth defects, including damage to limbs and internal organs.

Ghana‘s Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) says using Glutathione pills for this purpose is dangerous, adding that it wants “the general public to know that no product has been approved by the FDA in the form of a tablet to lighten the skin of the unborn child”.

“The use of these drugs has gone to an alarming stage; it is ignorance that is making people do so,” the FDA’s head of cosmetics and household chemicals, Emmanuel Nkrumah, said at a media-sensitisation workshop on unapproved bleaching pills and products.

“[The only things] that you take orally should be food, toothpaste and mouthwash, and not bleaching pills,” Nkrumah said.

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