Tekashi69 arrested, may get life in prison over armed robbery charges

Federal authorities have arrested rapper Tekashi69 on racketeering charges, which may see the 22-year-old rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, get life in prison sentence.

The arrests appear to be connected to a shooting at a party last month on the Upper East Side.

Tekashi69 arrested, may get life in prison over armed robbery charges lailasnews 3
Tekashi69 arrested, may get life in prison over armed robbery charges

Among those arrested are the victim, Faheem “Crippy” Walter, who was shot during the fight, and Tekashi69’s recently-fired former manager, 36-year-old Kifano “Shotti” Jordan. Jensel “Ish” Butler was also arrested.

They are all charged with racketeering and firearms possession.

6ix9ine was detained without bail until a Tuesday bail hearing. Judge Henry Pitman cited the discovery of evidence from a gunpoint robbery and an automatic pistol found in his home as reason to deny bail.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Longyear said a backpack stolen during a gunpoint robbery in April was found during a raid at 6ix9ine’s Brooklyn residence, along with an automatic pistol.

“The defendant is quite violent,” the prosecutor said of a man whose debut album, Day 69, was among the most downloaded records on iTunes.

Longyear said 6ix9ine was captured on surveillance video as he sat in a car and filmed the scene in Times Square when his co-defendants carried out a violent robbery against a rival gang member.

The prosecutor said he was also part of a video boasting about shots recently fired by a co-defendant in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Longyear also said the rapper was a threat to flee because of his worldwide connections, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and the knowledge that a conviction would bring a mandatory minimum sentence of 32 years in prison and as much as life.

Pitman ordered 6ix9ine held until a Tuesday bail hearing, saying he was concerned about the danger to the community, particularly because the rapper could direct others to carry out acts of violence.

6ix9ine was among five people charged in an indictment containing racketeering and firearms charges. The indictment alleged that he participated in the July shooting of a bystander in Brooklyn and the gunpoint robbery of one of his gang’s rivals last spring.


  1. Violence should be shunned in the environment and any offensive act must face the punishment of the law

  2. Hmmm. With just the way he is looking self, it has proof that he is an armed robber. Let him be imprisoned for life, it’s not my case here.

  3. 6ix9ine’s listed activities deem him too dangerous to wak the streets free. The police should leave no stone unturned in their investigation.

  4. He shouldn’t be called a rapper he is a robber that’s very foolish of him
    He should go ahead and face the law

  5. With all his money and fame, he is still a thief and problem maker. They should jail him and use him as example to others

  6. if does things were found in his apartment that means he was one of them and his also title to face the law.

  7. He deserve it. He directs others to carry out the act of violence. Even if it’s reduce to 32yrs in prison, it’s still a life sentence

  8. You what we are talking about not all gutters are Gold, if was not gut no body will know his sauce of income

  9. Am not sure this guy is normal,he was at first kidnapped by his friend and now he’s been charged for thieft.

  10. Can you imaging 22years old rapper now termed a robber, if the evidence Connots so he should face his karma, just too hound for such

  11. Really bad for his career as an upcoming act. Since the stolen item(s) where found in his apartment, he should face the law

  12. If deserving of life imprisonment it should be given to him ,so that others can learn that been popular doesn’t makes you above the law

  13. The way the man is looking self . His career is going down the drain in a twinkle of an eye . I hope proper investigation would be done to ascertain if he was involved

  14. He probably looks like a rascal but I don’t think he can do such a thing but his source of wealth is worth questioning apart from his music

  15. I wonder why a popular rap artist like him would stoop so low to be involved in armed robbery. If he is investigated and found guilty, he should face the full course of the law. If he is granted bail, he might just escape.

  16. If he is guilty them he is a shame because he is a public figure that should have given himself respect and he should be duly punished

  17. Just look at where you landed yourself, so your musical career wasn’t enough for you? You decided to bring shame and destruction upon yourself and your family. Now your greed has brought life jail for you.

  18. The world is filled with voilence resulting in loss of lives. He should face the law. After if you can do the crime, be ready to do the time

  19. Nobody is above the law and I don’t know why all this artist are always connected to gangs and terrible things.

  20. 69 is not a poor guy…from the records his debut album was the most downloaded on iTunes….so you can see that the major problem is drugs too much of it.

  21. This guys don’t listen………they think because they are celebs they are immune from jail time…….he shld be punished if found guilty

  22. The pistol might be for self defence but if he is found guilty after further investigation should be sentenced to life imprisonment in order not to be a nuisance to the community.

  23. Let not conclude yet some times it comes as a set up. He might be innocent of the crime not that siding him but just be sure before concluding.

  24. What do people stand to gain from violence and joining gangs, what’s the benefit. Now his life is a waste

  25. His look sef na die! Although we don’t judge a book by its cover but this guy am seeing with my eye that calls himself 6ix9ine is not honest.

  26. Well that a bad attitude, I can’t blame him also I balne the government they don’t provide jobs for people

  27. You are a celebrity and you are a good rapper, now you will end your career like this…. I wish you well only if God can give you second chance

  28. Foreigner are good in this type of issues, they will really investigate and if nt found guilty, he will be free

  29. They should investigate they matter properly because this guy has the money so I don’t think he will be involving him self in such a thing

  30. Comment*this tekashi self,why are you destroying your good name and your future? when you go to prison how will you go on with music stuff, you should have respected your dignity and avoid crime

  31. What are these youngsters turning into? Money or no money,self reputation can never be restored once dented

  32. If found guilty, he should be made to face the law..why not lead by example to other upcoming rapper.?

  33. He must rot in jail without mercy, He is a robber not a rapper with all this evidence, he will have to serve his penalty

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