Teens who stabbed boy & filmed him dying on Snapchat jailed for 71 years

Four teenagers have been sentenced to a total of 71 years after they were convicted of murdering a boy who they stabbed to death and then then filmed as he lay dying on the ground.

The boys, Jacob Morgan, 15, Ramon Djauna, 15, Caleb Brown, now 16, and Aaron Miller, 20, were sentenced yesterday for the ‘shocking’ and ‘brutal’ murder.

Teens who stabbed boy & filmed him dying on Snapchat jailed for 71 years lailasnews
Teens who stabbed boy & filmed him dying on Snapchat jailed for 71 years

The victim identified as Cemeren Yilmaz, 16, was murdered on the street in Bedford last September by three members of a rival gang and their cousin, Metro UK reports

The ‘Black Tom’ gang members were named in court for the first time in court as Judge Simon Bryan QC lifted an anonymity order protecting their identity due to the extreme nature of the attack.

The judge said the killing came out of ‘a sadly all too common back drop of gang rivalry and associated carrying and use of weapons with tragic consequences and the loss of a young life’.

On the day of his murder, Cemeren was chased down before being bludgeoned with a hammer and stabbed, before one of the boys filmed as he bled and posted the footage online.

Cemeren died in hospital the following day, having suffered 50 separate injuries and massive internal damage.

The court heard the stab wound had travelled almost through his body, he had suffered a fractured skull and brain damage and had gone into cardiac arrest twice.

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During the trial at St Albans Crown Court earlier this year, the jury heard that Cemeren had told his brother just weeks before his death that he expected to be attacked by rival gang members because of the hostility between the two in Bedford.

Cemeren had told his brother if he was ‘caught’ by the other gang it would ‘end badly.’ He also said ‘people like this have no mercy’ and had expected to be the victim of a knife attack, the court heard.

The judge said the attack on Cameren was launched by the four who considered he had brought shame on them that night.

Cemeren was once associated with the Black Tom gang but after a fallout with some of its members switched allegiance to the rival ‘London Road’ gang.

There was said to be ‘bad blood’ between the two as a result.

At the start of the trial, Prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC told the court: ‘This is a case some might find grotesque and some might find shocking.’ He told the court that on the evening of Sunday, September 16 last year, Cemeren got a taxi from his home in the village of Harrold, Bedfordshire, and travelled to a housing estate in Bedford.

He met up with some friends and the group were later in Ashmead Road, Bedford. Also in the road that evening was Jacob Morgan who was standing by a damaged motorcycle close to a park area.

Mr Trimmer said shortly after 9pm, a CCTV camera in the street captured Cemeren and his group running towards the group by the motorcycle, causing them to flee. Moments later, the court heard, Cemeren was seen again on CCTV running away and clutching a bag.

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The prosecutor said it was this that may have motivated Morgan and his co-defendants ‘to exact revenge’. Shortly after 10pm that night, Miller – who was then aged 19 – arrived in Ashmead Road having been phoned by Morgan. Cemeren, having made off earlier, was back on the street and, after exchanging punches with Miller, was chased down.

When he fell to the ground he was kicked, punched and then stabbed. Cemeren managed to get up and run off but was caught by the other two 15 year olds, Djauna and Brown – who is now 16.

They had brought a hammer to the scene and battered Cemeren in the head and face. The jury heard it was then that one of the teenagers, Djauna, started filming using Snapchat.

Part of the video was played at the trial and, at one point, the victim was heard saying ‘I am going to die’ followed by the sounds of him groaning.

A 999 call from a witness was also played to the jury which had picked up the sound of one of the defendants saying: ‘Oh yo young blood, cut cut, I’ll say no comment all the way.’

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Cemeren died in hospital the following day, having suffered massive internal injuries and undergone surgery to remove a kidney.

He had suffered a fractured skull and brain damage as well as two cardiac arrests. Miller, from Bedford, was jailed for a minimum of 21 years for his part in the attack.

Brown, from Northolt, and Djuana, from Bedford, were both sentenced to a minimum term of 17 years, and Morgan, from Bedford, will serve a minimum of 16 years after being found guilty at St Alban’s Crown Court.

Detective Chief Inspector Branston, from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit, said:

‘This was one of the most brutal attacks I have seen in 25 years in policing. ‘The fact those involved were mostly children makes it even more shocking.

‘All four attacked Cemeren as he lay helpless on the ground. The sheer volume of injuries is appalling, but the force with which some of these blows were inflicted is nothing less than savage.

‘This is violence of the worst degree and has no place on the streets of Bedfordshire.

‘Those responsible for this cowardly attack deserve to be spending such a significant time in prison. I hope these sentences go some way to securing justice and closure for Cemeren and his family.’

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