Teenager abducted in Enugu escapes in Niger

A teenager identified as Lucky Godwin, who was abducted by two men alongside another boy in Enugu State, has narrated how he escaped.

Teenager abducted in Enugu escapes in Niger lailasnews

According to the 14-year-old boy, he thought his abductors were at the river to fetch water, only to find out later that they were criminals.  The teenager further revealed that they were fetching water at the river, when his abductors showed up and forced him and the other boy into their bus.

“I didn’t know where they were taking us to until they stopped over at Bida. So, I opened the door and ran away. When they did not see me, they quickly zoomed off with the other boy in the bus.

“I wasn’t sure where they were taking us to; I never knew that we were in Niger State until I jumped down from the bus and met one Igbo man, who took me to Child Rights Agency for interrogation” the Junior Secondary School pupil said.

Punch reported that the Director General, Child Rights Agency in Niger State, Mariam Kolo who confirmed the incident, disclosed that the teenager was kidnapped at the Avanu River, Enugu State and was later found in Bida.

Three suspected kidnappers shot dead in Kogi state

It was gathered that Godwin was living with his grandmother in Enugu, while his biological mother lives in Jos, Plateau State.

“We have contacted the Igbo community in Niger State to assist us to trace the victim’s mother in Jos so that we can unite the boy with his family,” the DG stated.


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  1. This issue of adoption is getting too much thank God for the good samaritan that that contributed ,the question is now the other boy how is he and what has happened

  2. Thank God for you,the year is ending evil people for evil purpose may God keep us safe,they should be track down in other to gain custody of the remaining ones

  3. How Is That Possible…..Are They Not Proper Security And How Can The Escape,
    anyway they should leave them and let them live a free life

  4. These kidnappers go to places where they are unrecognized to kidnap other children. I pray the boy who couldn’t escape finds rescue.

  5. Teenage kidnapping is what is going on in the country. Thank God the boy escaped but no one knows what has happened to the other boy taken away.

  6. Thank God he escaped, and by God’s grace the other boys will surely find their way back home too, and the kidnappers will be arrested

  7. The boy was really courageous not minding if they would have shot him. The height of kidnap in this country is alarming. The more people are caught the more new ones are recruiting.

  8. May God be praise. This kidnapping issue is getting out of hand especially this electioneering period. Thank God he was able to escape. I pray the other boy is lucky too.

  9. Good one boy,thank god for your smartness who know whether they are not ritualist,the other boys should have done the same thing

  10. Thank God you escaped. May they meet their waterloo and be captured. Cases of kidnap is on the increase. May God always protect us.

  11. You are actually smart, but also thank your stars. When you kidnapped children from east and taking them to north… How will they trace them. This is more than evil

  12. God be Praised! May the other boy also find a way of escape in Jesus Mighty Name, and may those abductors face immediate judgment from above. Amen

  13. I don’t get this contacting his mother in jos I thought he was abducted from Enugu, anyway thank God for making a way of escape for him.

  14. Thank God the boy was able to escape.who knows whatctgey wanted to use them for.my heart goes out for the family of the other boy.who knows where he was taken to,whether alive or dead.

  15. Confidence, sharpness and.much more grace of God has helped you out boy. Thank God for your life. Kidnappers are everywhere, Lord have mercy.

  16. Things have started happening as its the year coming to an end..ritualists on rampage movements. The police seriously needs to investigate this

  17. Thank God for letting him escape from these blood suckers, imagine someone who is abducted in Enugu state being found in Niger state hmmmm these people are not smiling at all oooooo. When will all these things stop, government should try harder to protect their citizens because people are missing and dying mysteriously on daily basis.

  18. This is pure miracle, it was God’s intervention that made it possible for his escape, may God also remember the other boys too

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