Teenage mum arrested after putting her baby in a freezer

A teenage mum, identified as, Brittany C. Smith, has been arrested after she allegedly put her eight-month-old baby in a freezer.

She has been charged to court for child abuse.

Teenage mom arrested after putting her baby in a freezer lailasnews

Witnesses reportedly saw the young mum holding a small child near to the unused freezer in the back yard of a property that wasn’t hers, in Johnson City, Tennessee.

The resident went outside to speak to Smith and found her in the crawlspace under the home, according to an affidavit obtained by WJHL-TV

Neighbours are believed to have opened the freezer and found the tot inside, with an inch of water at the bottom.

The baby was taken to a hospital, but no condition has been released.

Smith also has been charged with offences that include neglect.


  1. Teenage indeed even if she’s a teenager but carried the baby in her warm for long but didn’t throw it away unless after suffering of labour

  2. That’s so bad, how could you carry pregnancy for nine months and u would want to waste her just like that. She as to be punished

  3. She’s very stupid. So she doesn’t want the baby and she threw her legs wide open and allowed herself to get pregnant.

  4. Jesus Christ! What A wickedness! If She don’t her Baby again, why Won’t She take the Baby to the orphanAge Instead of this act? Her plan Is to killed the baby


  6. Wickedness of the first order,,,why did she gave birth when is not ready to mother the child,,may god have mercy on her

  7. Its not easy to take care of a baby, I wonder where the baby daddy was but they didnt have to rush to he police on any little thing.

  8. This is inhumane, wickedness of the highest order. I wonder what could have warranted her to do such a thing.

  9. This is wickedness of the highest order,she is supposed to be treated the way she treated that baby I doubt whether that baby is hers.

  10. Which one is charged for neglect
    Is this even neglect
    Her mental state should be checked because no mentally sane person can do this

  11. You know that you don’t want a baby then why open your legs in the first place or better still use protection.

  12. that is wickedness of the highest order, how can she do that to her own flesh and blood, some people are extra ordinary wicked, she should be locked inside the freezer too, so he can feel the pain the baby felt when he was in the freezer

  13. Little girl don’t know yet about mother care…. Why would she not go and dump her in the freezer or she care about is to enjoy her life

  14. God gave you a baby and you are treating the child this way. Many people are out there with out s child.may God deliver you.

  15. This is wickedness to human hood why did you engaged yourself in the act when you know you are not ready to be a mum.

  16. Here are people playing with their child life while people are out dere looking for children may God forgive her

  17. A child she carried in her womb for nine months. She would have been the one o enter the freezer instead of putting her child there. Too bad!

  18. Teenage indeed even if she’s a teenager but carried the baby in her warm for long but didn’t throw it away unless after suffering of labour

  19. Look at what woman are doing the child they carried in their womb for for nine months buy putting it inside freezer

  20. Why trying to kill the baby, if you don’t want the baby take the baby to orphanage or better still give it up for adoption instead of this. Now you will face jail term

  21. I think that was a criminal mindset for the woman . She should be charged with attempted murder not just arrested

  22. All these underaged kids having kids,that’s the result …such a wicked act,as if the child asked you to get pregnant .nonsense

  23. This pure wickedness why have the child in the first placed, thank God she was caught in time and the baby rescue.

  24. What a heartless human being! She’s a disgrace to motherhood. I pray the child didn’t die and recover quickly. She must be brought to Justice

  25. Why on Earth would a mother but her own child inside a freezer? I was even thinking it’s a new baby she wants to get rid of not knowing it’s an eight months child this is ridiculous.

  26. what the hell the child should be taken from the mother till the child is old enough to know right or wrong

  27. No mother will do that unless she’s not mental stable if not the baby you carry for a whole 9month after all the stress and pain you did what she new to be punished

  28. What kind of wicked mother is this,she could have taken the baby to where she will be taking care of if she is tired.

  29. This is more than being neglect… She might sick in the head. There’s no a normal woman, mother for that matter could do what she has do to her eight months baby. Gush! Things are happening in the world sincerely!

  30. She is psycho, she needs a medical attention, because no being on his or her right sense will do that to her child.

  31. What exactly is her intention she want to kill the baby or what she must be mad she should be punished severely

  32. If you know you couldn’t take care of the baby, why did you go carrying your pussy to guys… She should be jailed.

  33. The baby another person is praying to have, you have the baby and treating the baby wickedly. She deserved actually some law wrath.

  34. Unprotected sex demands for unwanted pregnancy and after this many do look for a way of killing the innocent soul. Why?

  35. Pure and total wickedness. How can a said mother do that to her child. She must be evil. To think and carry out such an abominable act.

  36. There is no name to this than deep wickedness. I think they should also put her too inside the same freezer let her taste of it too

  37. So many women are falling into for and rivers just to have one meanwhile someone who has is thinking of disposing her. I think she is sick in the head.

  38. Is this mother sick or what? dome ppl just behave like madness is their second name.she should have her head examined..

  39. why did she have to do that? could it be frustration cause a mother who have nursed a child for 8months won’t decide to kill the child like that there must have been a reason

  40. so terrible of her. she dont deserved to be called a mother. after all she is a teenage mother. what do we expect. why did open her legs in the first place

  41. OMG!!!
    What was she thinking? Why will she do that?
    I can judge her I think investigation should be carryout properly concerning this issue.

  42. She’s indeed a heartless and wicked mother.To put your own child in a freezer, where is your conscience as a human being and as a mother.I hope they take that child from her and punish her for her crime

  43. These White people are crazy sometimes,all the love for mother to child but she did this rubbish, she have to be punished.

  44. Hmmmm only God knows why she did that. But not withstanding cos i didn’t think if there is anything she will say in the court that will justify her action towards that poor baby

  45. this is a wicked, and in human act. she deserve severe punishment for doing such to an innocent child

  46. Maybe she didn’t feel the labor pain during delivery that’s why she don’t know the value of the child

  47. All these people with sanity mentality should be taken to psychological hospital for check up.. After 9months?

  48. That’s quite unusual.. So weird I must say.. She has to be checked clinically, cos she might be having some mental issues.

  49. Some people are just heartless,she doesn’t even value the life of her own child, this is pure wickedness

  50. I pray the baby doesn’t die.
    What and why will a mother put her own blood in a freezer, 8 months old.

  51. Alas! this completely inhumane. how can mother do such a thing? This woman deserves a thorough punishment to serve her better.

  52. Is she OK,i think she was hypnotized why would she do that to her child she should be punished severely

  53. Maybe she want take the baby life, ThankGod they caught him,and due punishment should be given to her.

  54. Putting a baby in the freezer! On what grounds? Please,please the court will have to settle this. If you don’t want the baby you should have taken him/her to the orphanage home

  55. That is what happens when you give birth to a bastard that has no father to take care of the child with the lady.

  56. Since you know you ain’t ready to take responsibilities, why bring the innocent child to the world?

  57. Teenage mum… It is obvious she is not ready to be a mum… Teenage girls should really be taught about sex and the implications of being a mum at a young age… The child should be given to Foster parents that need a child

  58. Will I call this wickedness no she is sick in the head. Welfare should take custody of the baby. You know she is a teenage mother.

  59. This world is wicked, how can a mother think of putting her own child inside freezer when the kid is not watermelon….May God help ua

  60. Oooh-hoo
    this is serious one, how could she, is she toying with her child?
    such play is very expensive.

  61. Is a pity, all because she can’t take care of the baby.
    Don’t she have relatives?
    Or even seek assistance from the motherless homes…

  62. Why didn’t she just go give the baby up for adoption instead of trying to kill the child? I don’t understand how some women can be so confident in killing or abandoning a child they went through pains to birth.

  63. Are we sure she’s the one that carried the baby for nine months? Cos it doesn’t make sense that after the travail in putting to birth, you’re being charged with neglect.

  64. Heartless being since u know that u wouldn’t keep the baby why carrying it till 9months she should be seriously punished

  65. Why bring the child to the world if you know you would not be able to care for the child. She is very wicked

  66. Wonder shall never end, why didn’t she drop the baby at a nearby orphanage home or better still take the baby to her money, why so cruel to the baby now

  67. Maybe she felt she is too young to carry a child and decided to live her normal life by throwing d baby away

  68. Was she depressed or mentally challenged ? Putting a child in a freezer ,she wanted to kill the child. I hope the child gets well soon

  69. She could not bare the stress of caring for the child and probably no father in the picture too. You should have taken her to the foster homes instead

  70. She should be dealt with severely for that inhuman act. When some persons beg God day and night for a child some have gotten and want to kill the child

  71. This woman has gone mad. She should be taken to hospital for a check up. I think she’s suffering from psychosis.how can she punish an innocent child for some reasons best known to her.

  72. This world is full of service you can imagine what a mother did to her own son who knows what is happening elsewhere that we did not know about

  73. What a world wickedness! If She don’t her Baby again, why Won’t She take the Baby to the orphanAge Instead of this act? Her plan Is to killed the baby

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