Teen gets addicted to Snapchat filters, refuses to leave her bed without one

A teenager got so addicted to Snapchat filters that she refused to leave her bed without one, because she couldn’t bear to look at herself without it.

Teen gets addicted to Snapchat filters, refuses to leave her bed without one lailasnews

After downloading the Snapchat app on February 22 last year, 19-year-old Maisie Hazelwood, found herself taking selfies more often than usual.

The student began applying all sorts of ‘attractive’ filters to herself to adapt her pictures, however after eight months of using the app, it stopped working on her phone, meaning Maisie could no longer take edited photos.

The student felt that she was unable to look at herself without a filter, as she hated what she saw – so much so, that she says she became bed bound and unable to look in a mirror.

Maisie, from Maidstone, Kent, has since deleted the face-filtering app and is now learning to love her appearance again.

Maisie said:

“I downloaded the app for the filters – it meant that I could take selfies when I had no make-up on as they would make me look prettier.

“My favourite filter was one that gave me longer eyelashes and a nose piercing, which made my face look absolutely flawless – any spot or blemish I had would disappear.

“But then I fell in love with how it made me look, and it took me away from the reality of my own looks.

“I stopped wearing make-up completely and became bed bound because I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror because I hated what I saw.

“I completely shut myself out and wouldn’t let anyone see me, as I thought people would laugh at me for being such an ugly person in comparison to what they saw on Snapchat.”

In order to regain control over her life, and stop herself from being controlled by the filters in the app, Maisie deleted it and forced herself to just use the normal camera on her phone.


  1. It’s good that the app stopped working. It’s even better that she deleted it. I can’t imagine how many other girls have this problem

  2. Baby gal face reality and love yourself cause you are beautiful as you are. all them technology and social media be making people feel less of themselves

  3. It was courageous for her to have deleted the app from her device. She may not be the only snap chat addict around. Most girls now lack confidence without it.

  4. That’s why there is a saying that too much of something is not good. Now she can’t do without the app and it’s really bad.

  5. You almost destroyed your self esteem,worth,feminity,Thank God The app stopped working because someone cut you shut of committing Suicide

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