Teacher Aid Nigeria & Schoolinka provide relief funds to teachers

Teachers are one of the most important elements in education that should not be neglected in any way.

However, in the wake of the COVID 19 Pandemic, most teachers have not been receiving salaries and have found it difficult to meet their basic needs and that of their families.

At this time, teachers need to be encouraged, catered for and most importantly, given access to relief funds and items to fend for their families.

To this end, Teacher Aid Nigeria came up with an intervention project in partnership with Schoolinka to provide relief funds to teachers and for the past weeks, teachers have been able to access relief funds and food items for themselves and their families.

In order to reach more teachers, they hope to get donations from the general public.
If you know any teacher who needs this fund or you would like to support a teacher, visit @teacheraidnigeria and @schoolinka on Instagram.

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