Taxi drivers wash their colleague in public after he failed to bathe for days

Kenyan Taxi drivers forcefully washed their colleague in public, after he failed to bathe for several days before starting off his hustle.

Taxi drivers wash their colleague in public after he failed to bathe for days lailasnews

The scene which was captured in a video currently trending online, occurred in Kapenguria town, Kenya. The taxi drivers who was washed their colleague, stripped him naked and ‘poured gallons of water’ on him in public.

Taxi drivers wash their colleague in public after he failed to bathe for days lailasnews 1

Eyewitnesses alleged that the taxi drivers claimed they subject their colleagues to such act, when they receive complaints about or suspect they’ve not been having their baths. Here is the viral video below;

This is coming after it was reported that six men and a woman were forced to take bath at Kona Mbaya trading centre, Likuyani subcounty. Residents said the seven had not bathed for several months, prompting Operation Keep Kona Mbaya Clean.

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  1. It’s funny, though I understand it’s because of the love they shared among themselves but I really don’t buy the idea of bathing him or them in the public.

  2. Despite the embarrassment, it is for his own good so that next time he will learn to take his bath always

  3. Is for his own good.How can some body not take his bath for one week,and he is comfortable with it.

  4. It is a way to save from psycho mentality.As they have bath him ,his brain will definitely return to maintain his daily task as a human.

  5. They should at least stop the guy from working so as to make him sanitize himself privately..

  6. You can imagine the number of passengers this man have driven 4rm entering his car because of his body odor. His colleagues have saved him because they too can’t bear the awful smell when he comes around them

  7. Although this is embarrassing, I will complement the people that took this action, so as to teach others lesson when they fail to do what they ought to.
    But bathing him in public, was the height of it.

  8. What isnthe meaning of this, if the guynis truly their colleague they wouldn’t have done that in public

  9. One of the funniest news I have seen in years. Maybe he is aiming for Guinness world record of going months without bathing and not smelling. Lol

  10. Bathing is not the issue, the issue is that must it b publicly
    Some pple especially taxi drivers tend to have body odour
    Naturally Kenyans are dirty so it possible they don’t bathe

  11. Hahaha!very funny,just like someone i kniw that does not like brushing and when he wants to talk to you he will always come very close

  12. Is very good for him and that will teach him a lesson he will never forget in life. Why won’t he have his bath for days, just because of money?

  13. But why would they refuse to take their bath for days? And they will be carrying passengers with that smellimg body.

  14. That serves him right since he can’t bath himself, they should help him publicly that is call public service.

  15. That z inhuman Y will u strip a matured man naked in public even if he decides not to bath for the rest of his life z nobody’s business.

  16. This is funny and uncostitutional because the s
    Act of his fellow colleagues is tatamount to violation of his right to Dignity of his human person

  17. This is hilarious. The last time i saw this was in my secondary school . It must be very embarrassing for the man

  18. it beats me how a normal human being will not take his bath for one day. not to talk of several months. na wa. some people dirty shaa

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