Taste the Extra: GX Foods Unveils Frudi Fruit Juices

GX Foods, a leading Food and Beverage manufacturing company in Nigeria with indigenous footprints has unveiled Frudi Fruit Juices, a unique taste experience for consumers who desire the extra taste in fruit juices. Taste the Extra GX Foods Unveils Frudi Fruit Juices lailasnews 6

The official launch event that held at Insight Publicis in Ikeja, was an opportunity to interact with key distributors, prestigious members of the press, students and other well-meaning Nigerians.

The launch event was a time for open and insightful business conversation with key distributors from major cities around Nigeria. After that, the Frudi variants were tasted and well received by all parties in attendance.

Frudi comes in four different richly blended variants; Zobo Blast, Sensational Guava, Gingy Lemon and Exotic.

The new brand of juices from GX Foods are partly made with locally sourced ingredients to further buttress GX Foods’ commitment to the buy Nigerian to grow Nigeria movement. Frudi is aseptically packaged employing the highest quality standards using Tetra Pak equipment.

Asides its tropical and traditional ingredients; Frudi leaves the taste buds tingling for more, especially when mixed with Ice. If you are to remember one thing about Frudi remember you ‘taste the extra’ to ‘forget the ordinary’.

Frudi is available in 1000ml right now for sales at affordable prizes in major markets, retail stores and neighbourhood stores across the nation.

Here are some pictures from the Frudi Fruit Juice launch event:





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