Tanker explodes in Cross River as residents scoop fuel, many feared dead

A tanker which exploded yesterday in Cross River State, reportedly left many people dead.

Tanker explodes in Cross River as residents scoop fuel, many feared dead lailasnews

It was gathered that the tanker exploded along the Calabar-Odukpani Highway in Cross River State, as some residents of the area were scooping fuel from a fallen petroleum tanker. The tanker laden with PMS was reportedly heading outside the state capital, when it suddenly lost balance towards the Federal Housing Estate along the Odukpani axis of the highway and fell off.

According to eyewitnesses, some of those scooping fuel were burnt beyond recognition while those who sustained third-degree injuries were taken to University of Calabar Teaching Hospital. Here are photos below;

Tanker explodes in Cross River as residents scoop fuel, many feared dead lailasnews 1

Tanker explodes in Cross River as residents scoop fuel, many feared dead lailasnews 2

Tanker explodes in Cross River as residents scoop fuel, many feared dead lailasnews 3

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  1. Nawa for Nigerians. All the tankers that have been exploding could not serve as a lesson to them. Scooping fuel from a fallen tanker and risking your lives, just for the money and see the outcome, burnt beyond recognition. May their souls rest in peace. Amen

  2. That was too bad, condoles to their friends and family resurraction hope is certain for them when they are going to see them again till resurraction day they should keep resting

  3. I dunno why some people won’t even listen. Have they not seen cases of many people scooping fuel and got burnt? They risked their lives and met their death. Rip

  4. This is serious. How could they be scooping fuel without fear that they might be caught and what still as it exploded? Some people sha. May their souls rest in peace

  5. The level of poverty in Nigeria is too high that y everybody is looking for a means to succeed ,they are scroop fuel from falling tanker as a means of eating for d day,may soul rest in peace

  6. Tanker fell you saw it as an opportunity to scoop fuel. This is very bad. May their soul rest in perfect peace.

  7. I don’t think this is ordinary , people don’t learn they don’t take precaution from previous accident this thing occur all they the time.

  8. Scooping fuel from a fallen tanker and risking your lives, just for the money and see the outcome, burnt beyond recognition. May their souls rest in peace

  9. Na wa oh, it a sad story, how can people go scooping fuel form a falling tanker, which kind hungry go make people kill themselves like this. May theirs soul rest in Peace.

  10. It’s is so sad when incidents like this take life of Nigerians. It is poverty and greediness that causes these. God will help us In Nigeria

  11. I don’t know why some people likes awoof… Upon hearing about how people that scooped fuel from tankers died they still couldn’t learn.

  12. People will never learn from past experiences. Such had happened before but they’re still as defiant as the proverbial stubborn flies.

  13. Tanker explosion every time, When is this going to stop? This is really a menace, and it is claiming lives.

  14. Infact this is very terrible, nigerians with their act of covetousness see what it has lead them to, irreversible action. Nawa oo all in the name of money. Rest in peace. May God give their family the fortitude to bear the loss. Amen

  15. What’s the essence of scooping fuel from a fallen taken which is very risky?
    Now they lost their life, the lose the fuel. Everything gone.
    Please fellow Nigerians lets take heed.My condolence to the decease(s) families.

  16. Well I call it love for money? Or poverty that have made failed in learning from previous incidents. Rip to them

  17. Oh my God this is a tragedy, I felt for those who burnt in the incidence, May God help us

  18. Since Some Nigerians don’t want to have Sense, so everything is opportunity , now that they have gone to meet their creator,may be others will learn. Highly inflammable product.

  19. Very good because they have warned time without out number to stay away when a tanker falls but all was to no avail


  21. Nigerians don’t heed to warnings…..people have died time, over time and they still go about scooping fuel.

  22. This is soo sad,i think people should be careful the way they drive especially the tanker’s drivers

  23. This is indeed a tragedy story, this is what poverty can cause .. Why will somebody go to scoop fuel from a fallen tanker knowing the risk involve … Now they have lost their lives ,what does it pay them .. So sad!!

  24. Illiteracy is a mal malady.may their souls rest in peace.This will serve as a lesson to others who love money than their lives

  25. I watched it on the news yesterday Nd I lamented. Why won’t some people learn. Scooping fuel like that would cause explosion . May their souls rest in peace

  26. The death in this explosion could have been averted if and only if Nigerians are wise enough. How can you go and be scooping fuel from a very highly inflammable material. Some were burnt beyond recognition all in the name of scooping fuel. May their souls rest on and quick recovery to those with 3rd degree burns

  27. This is serious. How could they be scooping fuel without fear that they might be caught and what still as it exploded? Some people sha. May their souls rest in peace

  28. This is the effect of poverty and hardship in the land.people can do anything just to survive in Nigeria,,, too bad..our government is not helping matters

  29. A tanker exploded and some people are still scooping fuel when they should have run for their life

  30. This is very disastrous, why will people scoop for fuel in a falling tanker, people love money more than their lives, well I sympathize with the dead, let them rest in peace.

  31. People will never learn from others mistakes. Tanker has been falling and the greedy ones who went there to scoop fuel, majority ended their lives with the tanker. Yet this one’s paid deaf ear and went. May their souls rest in peace

  32. At this time people still run to scoop fuel, they dont want to learn from the previous stories they have heard

  33. Oh God not again
    Truly my people are dying because they lack knowledge.
    Poverty+Ignorance = disease
    May God bless their soul and grant those injured quickest recover

  34. I dnt know y some people won’t even listen. Have they not seen cases of many people scooping fuel and got burnt?

  35. Why is it that people has refused to learn from other people’s mistake? Must one fall a victim before learning? Oh! This is so disheartening. May their souls rest in peace.

  36. God, rest in peace to the dead and condolences to their family, may God help us in this Nigeria and may we not die before our time (Amen)

  37. God please come and intervene for your people because is fire incident is becoming too much and unbearable

  38. Tanker explosion in river state and the residents could still go close to scoop fuel..this people are very active..bunkery things on my mind…join u guys soon

  39. What is people problem you know that the tanker fell down and you are going to scooed fuel and many have lost their life because of money this is the result.may their souls rest in peace and those that were sick get well soon and God bless you

  40. Like seriously when are we going to grow in Nigeria?Because of free fuel look at way they are burnt to death.RIP to them .

  41. My 9j people you want change your attitude, scooping oil from a falling tanker is a bad habit,now see the result many are died and many are in the hospital. This is unfortunate may all of them have mercy.

  42. This is what poverty causes, people don’t ever learn from these series of experiences of burns. Scooping of fuel from anywhere is dangerous, and people should desist from engaging anything that is connected to it. The dead should rest in peace.

  43. Some tanker driver are not careful while driving. Some may even be sleeping and driving also nd that is the cause of some accident happening

  44. They even risk their life scooping fuel instead of running for their lives, may their gentle soul rest in perfect peace oo

  45. This thing happened almost all the time yet Nigerians won’t learn their lessons. Rip to the dead ones and I pray the injured ones recover soon.

  46. Well we all know this world we are Is risky,you have to do risky things,but scooping fuel from a tanker is too risky,is a pity for them,may their soul rest in peace

  47. May the Lord rest the souls of the departed.. All these PMS tankers are danger waiting to explode and when will Nigerians learn that it is very dangerous rushing to tankers accident scene.

  48. When will people ever learn to take precaution?
    Stealing and exploiting a fallen tanker?
    Well, I don’t mean to be crude but that serves the victims right.
    May the souls of the dead find mercy with God and peace in eternity, and for the bodily injured, a speedy recovery that is if they don’t die.

  49. Those scooping fuel from the fallen tanker just put their life in danger, they just killed themselves ,I think this will serve as lesson to others out there.May their soul rest in perfect peace

  50. Touching a hungry sleeping lion, this is what scoping fuel in this case meant. Nigerians will never learn their lessons.the money they are looking for yet they are not still rich .

  51. This is very sad news to hear, That is so much lost and damage, God help us to recover from this sad lost

  52. When will people get enough sense to stop scooping fuel in this type of situation. See what the end result is.
    RIP to the victims

  53. This is too bad for Nigerian not to learn from previous occurrence. That we are always warn to stay off fallen tanker that it may explode anytime.

  54. Ignorance is still killing some people
    Tanker fell and all you could do is to go and scoop fuel

  55. Dis tanker burning is now common o, there should be serious Law 2 control them. RIP n quick recovery to victims..

  56. This has been a repeated occurrence whenever a petrol tanker fell down, with lots of people getting burnt in the process.

  57. When incident like that occur, the best and first thing to do is call the emergency. Those people lost their lives trying to get easy way to get money forgetting their lives were too precious for that deadly act which claimed their lives eventually.

  58. Too bad so Nigerians cannot learn from all the past experience of been burned any time a tanker falls carrying product. What a tragic incidence. May their souls rest in peace.

  59. Feeling so sorry for those that has list their love ones through this process may their soul rest in peace

  60. Oh no another explotion again….. God please help us from these drama…… I pray may the soul of the faithful departed rest in the Bossom of the lord and I wish a quick recovery to the survivals

  61. Nigeria people we never learn because of their greediness they lost their life all because of money they’re not supposed to be near the tanker at all another explosion huuuu

  62. This is not a good thing. People aren’t careful again or worried of their life because of money.

  63. Tanker drivers need to check their lorries before moving out, to avoid insurgents, May God help us

  64. All this tanker drivers and the rate of atrocities been committed on the road its becoming alarming may the should of the affected rest in peace

  65. When will Nigerians learn from other people’s experiences? How on earth will they go scooping fuel from a fallen tanker. It’s quite unfortunate.

  66. Lord please help them all what is really happening to our people thus days we have been hearing of stories of this nature but we continue to make the same mistake every day

  67. Some people did not even care of thier life scooping fuel all the time tanker fell off well I don’t blame them poverty issues of Nigerian is something else.

  68. Nigerians and their mentality..how many times will something happen to a person and he or she learns from it… Bad omeh scooping from fallen tank

  69. Some people just endangered there lives all in the name of money, how can someone be so daft to be doing a dangerous things like that. May their soul rest in peace

  70. It is mostly the case that such tankers will explode and burn people beyond recognition. Yet people always want to put their lives in danger by going to scoop the fuel. Which one is more important: ur life or the fuel? I still lay the blame on unemployment cos I don’t know how many times such news is heard from developed countries. Abi their own tanker no dey fall? Government do ur work and people, use ur ears. They are not for decoration.

  71. This has now become a regular occurrence in Nigeria.Until it kills a high profile government person before something will be done.

  72. Hmmmmmmmmmm Nigeria should do something about tankers they should give them time to use the road

  73. Am still surprise that despite what has happen to people scooping fuel in the past,is not enough lesson to us Nigeria,how can someone With his right sense been scooping fuel from a tankers that just fail

  74. Oh my God! But why all this tanker loosing control? The owners should be arrested for putting them out without proper checkup of its state

  75. Scooping fuel from fallen thanker is a danger. Please my people stay away from it, it is bad thing ooo

  76. Nigerians find it difficult to earn from the past or maybe they don’t even care until they become victims
    Let’s hope casualties are not that serious

  77. This ain’t the first time we have seen such news of people losing their lives as a result of tank explosion,,, yet NIGERIAN never learn,,,

  78. Woo this really hurt me our president can you see the bad things that happen everyday I think it bad road that will surely cause it

  79. Ahh o my God why is our country fool of tragedy like this make the security watch over all this taker before they carry fuel we are reducing and people don’t know because is not on there side

  80. Will this be said to be caused by poverty or by greediness, look at where gambling with their lives has landed them, May their souls rest in peace

  81. So pathetic, why do many Nigerians have eyes but they never use it to see ? Despite all that is happening concerning scooping fuel from a fallen fuel tanker,yet these people still risk their lives to scoop fuel again. See what it costs them. May their soul rest in peace.

  82. Nigerians will act like Nigerians, why scoop fuel from a tanker that might explode.. Nigerians should learn how to do things right

  83. When will Nigerians learns. This keeps happening and yet it seems they don’t want to learn until they become victims. So shameful


  85. I don’t know what’s wrong with our people, why would you risk your life scooping fuel from a felled tanker. That’s what I call a real poverty mentality. All been said may their soul rest in peace.

  86. Nigerians with the way we do our things .seeing tanker falling we will still near to fetch from tjat same tanker that can explode anytime

  87. I don’t know why some people are greedy to this entent .of scooping fuel from tanker that fall down.

  88. When will Nigerians learn? Scoping petrol over their lives…May the souls of the departed rest in peace

  89. I wonder why people will risk their lives for sumtin that can only last for a moment is a lesson to learn from though

  90. How could they be scooping fuel without fear that they might be caught and what still as it exploded? Some people sha. May their souls rest in peace

  91. Some people do toy with their life, it is necessary they want too carry free petrol?? That has lead them to death now. A great lesson to everyone

  92. What a loss. How can we be so greedy to the point that death calls and we don’t hear. How can we do this. Fetching fuel… For what?? Now see how life has been wasted

  93. Nigerians don’t like learning from other’s tragedies. Why risk your life for money? Now, they lost their lives and lost the money too. Rip to them

  94. So sad, people should know that tankers are inflammable and should desist from going close to it while it encounters problem. Rest in peace to those affected.

  95. Some Nigerians should be careful and learn their lessons regarding fallen tankers with petroleum products. May their souls rest in peace.

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