Taliban asks U.S to release Afghan central bank assets

Taliban rulers have written an open letter to the United States Congress on the humanitarian and economic crisis unfolding in Afghanistan.

The letter signed by Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mutaqi, the Taliban government asked Washington to release Afghan central bank assets.

“Currently, the fundamental challenge of our people is financial security and the roots of this concern lead back to the freezing of assets of our people by the American government,’’ the letter released on Wednesday reads.

The Taliban were concerned that if the current situation prevailed, it would lead to mass migrations and damage the country’s health and education sectors.

“The suffering of a child from malnutrition, the death of a mother from lack of health services, the deprivation of a common Afghan from food, shelter, medicine and other primary needs has no political or logical justification.

“It is detrimental for the prestige of the government and people of the United States of America because this is a pure humanitarian issue.’’

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