Suspected teenage ritualist in Delta arrested on mission to behead victim

A suspected teenage ritualist in Delta State has been apprehended while he was allegedly on his way for a dangerous mission.

Suspected teenage ritualist in Delta arrested on mission to behead victim lailasnews 3
Suspected teenage ritualist in Delta arrested on mission to behead victim

According to online reports, the boy who is a resident of Jesse town – was nabbed on his way to allegedly kill and behead someone for ritual purpose in Oghara, Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State.

The boy was caught by 3 a.m on Monday (today) with a machete which he planned to use to butcher his prospective victim before his plan was foiled.

The boy is currently in custody as investigation is underway to unravel his accomplices.

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  1. Imagine young boy like this am this is not his first mission see his eyes very wicked he should be dealt with and interrogate him very well he will have god father they should face the law together.






  3. Oh my lord, this world now evolves in evil, such a young and heartless boy, he must be killed instantly.

  4. May God help deliver us from evil and unreasonable men! Amen. Of course he’s not in this alone but God will judge the evil man that got this young boy into this shit and allowing him the chance to fulfill Gods destiny for his life

  5. This is a little boy. Where did he get such wicked heart from. It’s good he was caught and investigation is going on.

  6. Nemesis has caught with the idiotic fellow and he need to face with the atrocities that he has been committing so far…

  7. last days indeed is fast approaching, imagine this little boy beheading,killing innocent souls all in the name of his selfish interest ..God help us

  8. Did he confess to this or they just saw a bit with matches and concluded that he is looking for who to behead. The police should try and arrest the people they are selling these heads to.

  9. It is so unfortunate with what is happening this days, with ritual activity going on daily basis, all in the name of seeking for wealth…

  10. Comment*
    this so Ridiculous,hw can a little boy trying to do such an evil act.this boy must be beaten very well and send him to prison.

  11. Oh my God, everybody is now looking for a way to be riched,thought him a lesson of his life,nonsense.

  12. Comment*this is Ridiculous,hw can a little boy engaged in a teenage ritualist and also trying to do such an evil act.this boy should b beaten and also be in d prison for years.

  13. People should stop this get rich quick it’s not helping matter at all.
    let him receive his punishment. he is caught already.

  14. This is not just something ordinary. Nigeria condition is making people venture into evil acts.

  15. Investigation should be carried out thoroughly so that he will say who send him to do the act, your cup has full this time, wicked generation.

  16. this country has become something else, how can a boy of this age engage in this kind of thing

  17. But at his age what did he need Money for he can’t even girl her normal state of mind will date I wish I can ask him this question what did you need Money for fool!

  18. The world is coming to an end…what a kid like this be involving in this kind of evil act…all for money..hmmm, thank God he was caught..this will be a lesson for others to learn.

  19. Too bad for him he ought to know he has been suspected earlier buh I think that was his fate and this is good news because there is reduction in the number of ritualist in Nigeria and investigation should continue

  20. Imagine a young boy at this tender age having the gults to carry out this deadly mission. What is this world turning into. Thank God he was nabbed. All those indulging in this deadly act will soon be caught one after the other. What a wicked world.

  21. The future of this country is in big problem. A young boy like this trying to behead a fellow human for ritual purpose… Lord save our land.

  22. For me, once it has been duly confirmed that he was actually going to butcher someone, there is no need for police interference but to also butcher him as well…evil child!

  23. the police should investigate and interrogate him very well, so that he would confess and open the secret of the people sending him massage.

  24. You’re so young to put yourself in this kind of act at this your age you’re heartless you should be ccharge to court

  25. A teenage ritualist??? Heaven!
    This ritual of a thing is getting out of hand! Now, what kind of money is this one looking for??? They should thoroughly investigate the case and and get hold of his accomplices… They must have gone into hiding. He should be tortured till he confess and point out who and where his accomplices are!

  26. A boy this young already planning murder? All these for the money? May God save our younger generation from wickedness.

  27. Na wa o, What is this world turning into? Some people with dubious minds are just busy fueling this kids with bad and negative thoughts feeling getting rich has a very fast means now. It’s bad

  28. A teenager like this….ohhhhh….what is our generation turning into….when he grows up…what will he do…..desperation for money every where…plsss he must not escape…he must be dealt with rightly and taken to a rehabilitation centre…

  29. what is the word turning into, a small boy cought in doing such thing, he suppose to be in school learning as his mate learning in school. The govt should work more in the education sector, to ensure that all teenager must attend school because they are the leader of tommorrow.

  30. The His a teenager tuned ritualist , something must have lead him to this. The police should carry out proper investigation and ensure justice.

  31. God what is this world
    turning into… The devil is now using young ones to do evil… Let his accomplice be caught

  32. The rate at which this Small boys look for money is alaming. They want to ride the big Jeep, Chase girls that all. His cup is filled up. he should be prosecuted immediately.

  33. May God come to our aid this end time.
    Children are now being used to perpetrate crimes these days. What is this world turning into?

  34. The way children are engaging in crime this days is really alarming. Won’t he still be bailed out to continue his crime?

  35. People have sold their soul to the devil. People are now wicked and heartless. God please have mercy and protect us from this wicked people

  36. So many factors cud av bin responsible 4 dis…………………..its wot d society breeds. such a young lad with such devilish heart

  37. Even teenagers are now engaging in rituals, these boy must not be released quickly, proper investigations must be carried out to know those he is working with and bring them to justice and judgement

  38. just imagine at his young age, thanks to God that God has finally expose him, justice should take his course ooo

  39. Ladies should be careful of guys they go out with, many ladies have lost their lives all in the name of i-phone

  40. Wonder shall never end, at his age he is doing such so what will become of him when he grows older than this?

  41. Bit with matches and concluded that he is looking for who to behead. The police should try and arrest the people they are selling these heads to.

  42. Please let the responsible institution carry out a reasonable investigation on the case and if found guilty the guy should not go unpunished.

  43. This is sign of end time otherwise what will a small boy a teenager will be doing with such heart.

  44. They have brainwashed dis one to kill Sombody like the other small boy in Benin few months back…what is this again? For how much Now? May God help small boys of nowadays oh….

  45. There is nothing we will not hear,he even look like a spirit the should carry out thorough investigation

  46. Who don send this guy? Who don inspire am? Who motivate am with money? Its time to confess kid!

  47. This world is coming to an end imagine this one he can’t go out and look for a good job rather than killing people

  48. Thank God he was cut but wait ooo how can small boy like that involve in such act, I don’t know what this world is turning to even teenage want quick money God have mercy on his people

  49. Thank God he was apprehended before fulfilling is evil agenda they should just sentence him or better still behead him as well

  50. Did he confess to this or they just saw a bit with matches and concluded that he is looking for who to behead. The police should try and arrest the people they are selling these heads to.

  51. So many factors would have contributed to the act. He definitely has someone who has talked him into it..

  52. Nigeria as a country needs help from God. What do they mean by Teenage ritualist? He and the family should be arrested. He learnt is from somewhere

  53. God have mercy,this young teenager too want to do ritual,thank God they caught him.proper investigation should be made, some one might have sent him

  54. I can’t just imagine a teenager boy beheading people for rituals! Who on earth is using this boy and wasting his destiny and future?

  55. When it comes to crime nobody is exception , Crime has eaten dip in the life of our youth and children.

  56. Teenager. What a world.

    Well his family and everyone close and related to him should be seriously questioned. And the boy should be made to confess, and there after punished severely

  57. I wonder what this world is turning into, because I’m still thinking what this small boy has being promised to want to behead somebody

  58. hmm..I don’t really know what this world is gradually turning into …why would a boy like this want to behead someone with a matchete?..God help us oo

  59. Imaging this teenager, what was he thinking I mean why that if truly its true then indeed we have to be watchful

  60. What kids are doing for money it’s making the society unsafe especially in Delta state
    The end is really here

  61. Has he been doing this before?
    Is he on watchlist for his actions?
    Who are the people that arrested him before concluding on the subject matter?
    Was he in action before he was arrested and tag with the subject matter?
    Is he just a sacrifice lamp for powerful people deed?
    Answers are needed.

  62. He should be sentenced to death
    For such an abominable act
    Wat is tis world turning into,
    Is too bad, all thanks to the security for their verdict.

  63. A fruit does not fall far rim it’s tree, they should investigate his parents too. It could be family business

  64. At his age, what is this world turning to? Wicked world. To behead people is just like child play in their eyes.

  65. This ritualist thing is getting to be a daily affairs, whether it’s politics killing or ritualist only God knows

  66. Nowadays, the main ritualist uses teenagers who are desperate for money to carry out their mission. May God help teenagers all over the world

  67. Wow…..Am Very Happy With The Nigeria Force……
    They Are Really Working Effectively Now…..May Almighty God Help Them

  68. Wow…..This Is Really Good…..The Nigeria force are really trying in their post….
    may the almighty God Help Them

  69. If that little boy that is less than 18 years can kill and also involves himself in diabolical activities hen, we’re not safe on this planet.

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