Suspected kidnapper nabbed after church service in Port-Harcourt

A suspected kidnapper was reportedly nabbed, while attempting to kidnap a little child after a church service in Ogbogoro area of Port-Harcourt, Rivers state capital.

Suspected kidnapper nabbed after church service in Port-Harcourt lailasnews

The suspect who was mobbed and beaten mercilessly by the residents immediately after an alarm was raised, was caught by residents who suspected his movements while allegedly trying to abduct the child after a church service.

He was reportedly handed over to the police after he was beaten mercilessly by the mob.

Recall that few months ago, a suspected kidnapper, who disguised as a mad man to abduct a four-year-old girl from Christ Anointed Church, in Ayobo area of Lagos, during church service, was arrested.

The suspect, identified simply Jacob Dare (28), according to the father of the girl, Mr Ebhoboghe Rufus, attempted to lure his child with N50.

He said: “He wanted to lure her to follow him with N50. When the alarm was raised by some members of the church,  he attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended.”

Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Police Command, Imohimi Edgal, who paraded the suspect alongside other suspects arrested for various crimes  within one week in the state, said:

“On receipt of the complaint, the anti-kidnapping squad of the command  was directed to take over the case and institute a discreet investigation into the matter.

“Upon investigation, the suspect, Jacob  Dare, who hitherto was pretending to be insane later abandoned his art of trickery and stated that he is of sound mind and he only went to the church to worship.

“He  cunningly defended his act of luring the little girl with a N50 note by claiming that he was only asking for direction from the little girl and her mother.”


  1. He is guilty of what he was accused of as long as he was pretending to be insane and all of a sudden he started acting normally then he said he was only asking for direction from the little girl and her mommy’s. His cup filled to the brim today, he wants to get rich without hustling. Thank God for people who noticed his crooked movement and raised alarm. People should really be watchful and they should always keep an eye on any strange person around them these days. Evil people are on rampage.

  2. Nigerian youth are very lasy , all they do best is involve in all manner of evil activity , why will our youth do these kind of things

  3. Good one by those security agencies, let them be prosecuted and given the right punishment because they deserve it

  4. People should b careful wit their wards as Xmas is approaching people want to make it big hence dey turn to dubious means

  5. Bad news and arrest everywhere…
    Let the youth try to be useful for themselves..their hardwork will pay them someday..
    Involving in evil act like this will send them to their early grave..

  6. Everyday for the thief one day for the owner, he should be hand over to police so that he can be charge to court……. Prison straight

  7. In the church again? I don’t really understand how comfortable most parents are, allowing their children to be far from them, some will be inside the house while children are playing outside, parents please stay together with your children. I thank God the kidnapper was caught.

  8. What Will it take a health young person like this to find a work and be doing no matter how little. There are some good online platform where you can be making some money rather than engaging yourself in a dirty work like kidnapping Gosh! It’s good that you were caught.

  9. When one is caught in a bad act at that point you are speechless saying things going forward and backward . Imagine all that he said asking direction from a small who doesn’t know anything he must be dealt with

  10. Of a truth, evil people are on rampage. We ought to b very careful and watchful. Every body wants an easy way to success

  11. What an act of laziness! There is no gain in all this criminal life. Such people should be given life imprisonment

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