Super Eagles, Henry Onyekuru, accused of failing to pay child support

Nigerian footballer and Super Eagles striker, Henry Onyekuru, has been accused of failing to pay child support by a German lady.

Super Eagles, Henry Onyekuru, accused of failing to pay child support lailasnews

German newspaper, Bild, reports that the Onyekuru is owing €11,000 in child support payments and has refused to pay up, even after a court ordered him to.

Krott, the alleged mother of the child, was quoted by German newspaper Bild as saying:

“I met him (Onyekuru) via Instagram. I thought he was great. At some point we wrote, met.

“When he found out that I was pregnant, he did not want the child. Speech was no longer possible. He closed me off everywhere.”

Onyekuru is said to have accepted the paternity, but still hasn’t paid up.

Krott further alleged:

“Right after the breakup, he already had a new girlfriend… with whom he also has a child, a little boy.”

Efforts to reach Onyekuru who has been called up to replace the injured Odion Ighalo for Nigeria’s game against South Africa in Johannesburg on the 17th of November proved abortive.

Onyekuru has scored three goals in nine top-flight outings for Turkish giants Galatasaray this season, but has fired blanks in his last six games across all competitions.

The 21 year old is currently on loan at Galatasaray from Everton. He joined the English Premier League side for £7 million in 2017 from Belgian outfit Eupen.


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  1. I don’t know what is wrong with some of our men. Once they star earning they feel they have arrived and the line of action will be to start jumping from one lady to another feeling like a star. When did he joined super eagles that hes already misbehaving. When he knows his not ready to be a father, why play the game.? Men of these generation, hod will have mercy.

  2. These guys and there problems, see this one again, you do am finish, you wan waste collect am, you can’t even afford to pay for the baby.

  3. They should be very sure of what they are saying because this can tarnish the image of the player, so they should do their findings and be sure

  4. Onyekuru should stand up to his responsibilities. Since he is man enough to make a baby, he should be man enough to take care of him.

  5. Onyekuru, I believe the child you are neglecting is ur first child and blood. own up and make sure that child gets the best of you as his biological father

  6. oh, so henry has also found himself in the child support mess?? wow, when they feel they’ve seen money, they will hurriedly join the moving train of keeping baby mamas and if care is not taken, these germans will run him down full time and make sure they frustrate him. he better thread with caution

  7. He is not too small to be traced Or reached oh. Please go and take care of your son oh. Igbo peo0e don’t abandon their children no matter the reason.

  8. All these our footballers and super stars are fund of bringing children into the world and at the end they will fail to perform their roles as fathers. I advise he do what is right, if he has been neglecting his fatherly duties let him start performing it from now henceforth.

  9. People should stop bringing children that they can cater for into the world. It doesn’t matter if he’s on loan or not, he should take responsible.

  10. Why do we keep on hearing this failing of responsibility u people know u can not fullfil the responsibility yet u keep on meeting a girl without protection what were you expecting. Please sort urself out jor.

  11. If Henry knew he wasn’t going to take up his responsibilities as a father, why then did he have to get the poor girl pregnant?
    Oh well I’m asking like I don’t know men and their ways again, they will sweet toughe you to go down with them, immediately the child issue comes up, they are out…(I’m not judging men tho, I believe the good ones still exist) And hold on a sec. Why in God’s name is he not paying back the loan he got?
    Henry, this is indeed a bad name you’ve left here

  12. His expenses is bigger than his income. They are celebrity,always living a fake life. I wonder how you will pay up the loan you have collected.

  13. Don’t blame the man at all, but the woman, because if you didn’t want a baby you shouldn’t agree to unprotected sex, after all he said he didn’t want the child but you did so why disturb him for child support

  14. That is exactly the way those star behave , once they start making money they will forget where the started from and who was with them from the beginning , he should better pay fornthe child support

  15. He could sleep with her and get her pregnant but he doesn’t want to take responsibility and care for the child. Useless behavior

  16. If all Nigerian baby mamas should demand for child support half of Nigerian men will be dragged to court and the judges will quit law. You people are trying over there.

  17. You abandoned your child just for a frame that will soon expire. You are building your own life without building your future. I guessed you have forgotten that your child is your future. It will be a wise decision to retrace your steps now

  18. If you know paying for child support will be too much, why did you bother sleeping around. Just stick with one woman and face your responsibilities..

  19. Parenting is not about accepting the child, its about taking full responsibility. I advise he apologize to the child and support his child cos he gat the money.

  20. You are a comfam player both in the other rooms. Please go and pay of your bill accept the child and bring him home. Go and pay before they send you to prison

  21. If he knows he cannot be able to take care of the child why did he impregnate the woman at the first time. He should have used protection to avoid pregnancy. Since the women also are hungry of having sex with celebrity’s.

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