Suicide is for losers – Nigerian man says on Twitter

A Nigerian man has courted so much attention on social media today after he posted that Suicide is for losers while narrating how he failed many times, but still excelled in his career.

The fitness expert claims that failure is not an excuse for one to take one’s life and believes there is hope as long as there is life.

Suicide is for losers – Nigerian man says on Twitter

He wrote:

Failed jamb 3 times, failed Waec twice, Home for a year before i enterted school and then I was expelled in my final year, my mum had to sell and borrow for me to start again, I started fresh again, look at me now with 2 degrees and 4 certification, suicide is for losers abeg.

What is sad abeg… we all have issues, if you would kill yourself because life showed you small pepper then you are ungrateful, I will never sympathize with suicidal victims, people are going through hell but they keep pushing because as long as there’s life theres hope

Call me wicked but if any of my friends commit suicide I won’t even care

Pastor and mental health advocate Jarrid Wilson dies by suicide

His post though has since gone viral, Nigerians are not taking his opinion and he is currently being roasted by twitter users who believe he is rather insensitive to the plight of other people since not everyone will be presented with the chance he had while going through his trying times.


  1. It’s bad for one to take his life because of a bad experience, life is filled with ups and downs.When life gives you lemon,turn it to lemonade.

  2. This man is right,no matter what difficulties you’re facing now is not the end of life. suicide is not the best option.

  3. may we never get to that point in life when suicide become an option no matter how bad the situation might be.

  4. Yes I support you on that. Suicide is for the losers. Why will I commit suicide? Nothing worth dieing for

  5. You are right about this I support you 100% no matter what we face or go though there is light at the end of the tunnel,don’t commit suicide that’s double punishment on judgement day

  6. Different people with different mental strength, what didn’t push you over the edge can push someone else.

  7. yah…I wonder why one would take his/her own life….they’ve really got courage…I know ,sometimes we are weak and helpless but believe me suicide is never an option…..honestly ,I’ve really almost tried it twice but nay ! Live problems isn’t worth it

  8. It is even wrong spiritual because God bless you with the life but the guy was too hard stating his opinion

  9. I don’t agree that suicide is for loosers. No it is not though he has faced many predicament which are though and not encouraging bit I believe in the end there would be a light at the end if the path of darkness just as the saying goes does “if you are going through hell keep going”

  10. Yes you are right man no matter the depression no matter what comes bad suicide is not the next thing to do….

  11. Committing suicide is never an option for any hardship but in a country like Nigeria where suicide is not common,and suddenly, suicide becomes the other of the day.we expect that our govt.begin to look into the affairs of her cititizens.

  12. I seriously agree with you because killing yourself is not a solution you would have find another solution than killing yourself.

  13. yah…I wonder why one would take his/her own life….they’ve really got courage…I know ,sometimes we are weak and helpless but believe me suicide is never an option…..honestly ,I’ve really almost tried it twice but nay ! Live problems isn’t worth i

  14. I totally agree with him. Taking your own live doesn’t solve the problem. We need to keep pushing, be patient. No matter what life throws at us we accept it, strive harder and we’ll definitely get what we aim for no matter how long it takes.

  15. Sucide isn’t for loser some people because of depression and helpless from the family or relatives. Some also do it due to the act of frustration

  16. He is right, its a very big crime against the almighty to take your life, there’s always hope once you have life

  17. Some people are depressed not everyone story is the same some put their all into everything and it ends up collapsing and out if frustration they go about it not everyone has your understanding

  18. His is right, our life’s belongs to God and we don’t have any right to take it by committing suicide.

  19. We all go through different phase of life, and what u can take in, another might not. Grace, strength tolerance, and endurance differs.

  20. I agree with him…no one has the right to take his or her own life …it is a grievous sin before God

  21. That is just the fact. No one have right to take his or he life. That is just an act of accepting defeat to failure.

  22. Yes please,suicide is not a option think about all you are leaving behind and what your demise could cause them

  23. Why should a reasonable human take his or her life? By the way where you the one Tha gave yourself that life that you are living.. Oh you just woke up on morning and say to yourself That you dont need the life again lol

  24. Seriously in this work everyone has his challesome their are much of a burden to bare but suicide is not a solution to any problem

  25. True talk o…..Suicide is never the way out, if you’re depressed, speak up, seek help….don’t die in silence, someone cares.

  26. I agree with him 100%, I don’t pity the victims at all. It’s only their family I pity on a normal day. I repeat, nothing is worth committing suicide for in this life.

  27. I agree with you. Not only losers cowards . he fights and run must fight another day when they die and come back they’ll continue from where they stopped

  28. thats a great experience I think we don’t need to kill ourself in this life
    We only need to have faith in God and everything is gonna work out one day

  29. Yes, you are perfectly right. Suicide is for loosers. If you commit suicide because life is unfair to you, you loose big time here on earth and lost forever in hell. Once there is life, there is hope. Don’t give up on yourself and in God. There us more to life.

  30. I won’t agree with you totally, if you see what others are facing, you will take your life after that you will kill yourself

  31. well to me it might be truth because winners never quit and quiter never win but please don’t quit because that is not the best

  32. Suicide shouldn’t be an option for any man, for as long as there is life there is hope, we never know the good things tomorrow shall bring forth

  33. Yes, I agree with this… No problem in this earth worst taking life, they are looser not brace enough to face challenges

  34. It’s actually a fact that pple don’t get
    How can u know something when u don’t fail.
    There’s just one word for those that commit suicide “loser”
    When you fall u get up it makes you wiser

  35. He maybe right to some extent… There is no justifiable reason to take ones life but he never presented it well enough.

  36. I won’t feel a pinch if anyone commits suicide
    Because that’s his or her decision which they are responsible for

  37. No body has the right to take his or her life, no matter the situation or issues of life, for we can’t give life.

  38. My dear you are right and your life has encouraged someone somewhere, people should learn how to be strong

  39. I totalk agree with him, suicide is for loser because they don’t think they can be great tomorow

  40. Exactly,no matter what anyone is passing through suicide is never an option,it goes to tell how weak you are.

  41. The human nature is diverse with a lot of contributing factors. What kill others is possible of making others.

  42. He is right, this things are not worth someone taking his or her life, I know things are somehow, but God is always there for us.

  43. and I agree with that. Considering that 80 percent of suicide cases this days are youths is even more painful

  44. I don’t think that word fits anyone, “loser ”
    I think people give up because they’re tired of being frustrated, they need encouragement sometimes and couldn’t find it, that’s why most people commit suicide

  45. Yes, you’re absolutely right. I can’t agree less with u. This would have served as a lesson to that Unilorin final year student of that committed suicide

  46. For one to commit suicide that means depression has set in . And that point they need help psychologically, they fight to believe in themselves but it’s difficult . The are not loosers at all .

  47. It’s bad for one to take his life because of a bad experience, life is filled with ups and downs.When life gives you lemon,turn it to lemonade.

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