SugarBelly calls out mother asking for 50K for her newborn’s medical issue

SugarBelly revealed on her social media page that a mother had reached out to her to help with N50,000 for her newborn’s emergency medical issue and this obviously didn’t go down well with her.

According to SugarBelly, a mother who cannot raise 50,000 for her newborn’s medical issue has no business having a child.

SugarBelly calls out mother asking for 50K for her newborn's medical issue

She wrote;

Someone messaged me asking for help for a medical issue for their newborn. When I started reading the message I assumed it would be one of these multi million Naira surgeries. Apparently the bill is 50k. People who don’t have 50,000 naira, should they be having children???

We keep complaining about how poverty is increasing yet here are people deliberately manufacturing poverty. How can you have a child knowing full well you don’t even have a spare 50 thousand in the bank to cover a medical emergency? Children are not cheap! Why do such a thing?

People share private things that happened to them in their lives here every day, even conversations without mentioning the people involved. Yet when I do so suddenly everyone has a moral lesson to teach me. Over the years there’s no kind of private convo I haven’t seen here.

If they decided not to procreate, majority of them would be lifted out of poverty in a single generation. But they won’t.

I really think you’re failing to appreciate what a tiny amount of money 50k is.

If you don’t have an extra 50k sitting around, should you really be bringing a helpless human being into the world to suffer completely preventable hardships?

50k is $138.

Here are a few reactions to her post below.

I think this is quite judgemental simply because you really dont know their stories.
You have to know their story to be able to conclude on this .
There are people whose stories change Overnight. From grace to grass , just like that.
You just never know until you know . – @MAGGEZEH_

Asking for 50k doesn’t mean they’ve not spent. People expend savings on health issues & have to resort to seeking help to complete it.2 things you can never be completely prepared for with savings. 1 is health & the other is court case. You can’t see the end from the beginning – @hollarz

May you not be tried so. I was once stranded in ibadan, my own town, with plenty of families scattered throughout the town, that I had to walk 5 kilometers to the garage,so I can pay the bus fare to ilorin. Circumstances can be fluid!! The abundance today my suddenly change. – @elorapha

Na real wah oh. This your tweet is so elitist. So by your logic the over 50% of the Nigerian population that allegedly live below the poverty line of less than $2 dollars per day should never consider procreating. – @onyemaechib

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