Students forced to use typewriters for Business Studies (Video)

A Nigerian lawyer, Edem Ossai, has called out the Ministry of Education of their insistence on the use of typewriters to teach Business Studies to secondary school students.

Students forced to use typewriters for Business Studies (Video)

In a video she posted online, Ossai revealed that she was at an education summit in Oyo state last week and it was mentioned there that it is mandatory for students taking Business Studies as a subject to learn with the use of typewriters.

According to Ossai, secondary schools that wish to teach Business studies are compelled by the Ministry of Education to own typewriters before they can get accreditation. Ossai argued that the era of using typewriter is long gone and that students who are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow should not be exposed to such archaic method of doing business.

”A most distressing subject was brought to my attention. Did you know that in Nigeria today, children learning Business studies in secondary school are forced to learn with the use of typewriters?

Secondary schools that wish to teach Business studies, either private or public schools, to get accreditation to teach that subject, have to own typewriters. This is a cause for serious concern. Unless you have been in coma for several decades, you will be aware that typewrites have no place in the modern place of work. They have no place in businesses today” she said

From hr findings, Ossai noted that schools that do not have computers do not teach Business studies and schools that teach Business studies, rent typewriters for their students when the need arises.



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