Student stage #EndAsuuStrike and #BlackFridayWalk protest today

Students of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, will be staging a protest today to call for the end of the 10-week old strike action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU.

Student stage #EndAsuuStrike and #BlackFridayWalk protest today

The protest has been dubbed #EndASuuStrike and #BlackFridayWalk and will be kicking off at MRS filling station right beside UNILAG.

According to tweets shared by some of those expected to partake in the protest today, the students are angry that the political class are busy campaigning for the 2019 elections while students are wasting away at home due to ASUU strike.

ASUU are on strike due to demands for adequating funding of Nigerian higher institutions. They’ve held several meetings with the Federal Government of Nigeria all to no avail.

Below are screenshots of some of the tweets calling for students to join the protest.

Student stage #EndAsuuStrike and #BlackFridayWalk protest today



  1. Its just so unfair,campaigning all over the country while students are wasting time at home,they should protest,this is rubbish.asuu strike everyday.

  2. I am in support of support of this. It is outright nonsense what the government is doing to students. They are human s . Why should their education be prolonged because of selfishness and greed to pay lecturers? They should end this. No more strike. Our right is education. Bring back our right!!!!

  3. government should do something about this strike problem of a thing. They are killing the plan and achievements of the students. End strike Now.

  4. Nigeria is faced with cabal hostage, nothing done presently in Nigeria without the approval of the cabals. God help Nigeria.

  5. Political activities is in the air. Govt has abandoned her social role to the youths and leader of tomorrow as their own children are abroad. UNILAG carry go.

  6. Please what is all the strike that has been going brought us,let’s end it because am so fade up starting at home

  7. They shall take easy, our government shall find solutions to issue of this stike, 10 week is to much.

  8. It’s better yo started it now and as well boycott the election if nothing is been done before Feb.16. 2019.

  9. Its high time the Students speak….End the strike now… short I’m on my way to join them….enough is enough….

  10. FG should make possible means to grant their request so students will return to school…. We know they can sort these out…..

  11. That is great news to hear,how the government been busy campaign n we the students, future of Nigeria sit at home what can if country is Nigeria,the politicians is their conscience dead,pls government do something pls,how can we vote u when this is ur reward for us.

  12. Political activities is in the air. Govt has abandoned her social role to the youths and leader of tomorrow as their own children are abroad. UNILAG carry go

  13. If this kind of protest can cut across all schools in Nigeria it will send a good and strong signal to the government and even Asuu

  14. If this is the only response ASUU will answer to,then it should be a go-ahead because ASUU has overstayed its welcome.

  15. The still remains that ASUU strike is politically influenced. The question is, WHY IS IT NOW?
    God will judge all of you. Corruption is within you too. We shall pack all of you to prison if caught.

    End Strike

  16. The politicians are less concerned about the welfare of people when they don’t have children that study here,how will they know where the shoe pinches.

  17. Seriously, i do not understand why it has lingered, the FG has to look into the situation, schooling in this part of the world is really not encouraging, is it because their children don’t school in this country .politicians in this country should fear God..

  18. One funny thing about this present government is that they want to fulfill their selfish interest first before considering others

  19. The Government should look into this strike for Christ sake, what a shameful thing that our student has to always be left stranded every time in the name of strike

  20. We have a fundamental issue in the country. Strike should make political parties put a hold on prosecuting their campaigns. I support this peaceful protest.

  21. Asuu is selfish, thinking only of themselves. Please end the strike and concentrate in electing a good government.

  22. I feel your pains Nigerian students, staying at home is not funny, I pray that the federal government should listen to you guys and meet Assu’s demand end the strike

  23. I support their protest this government is not considerate at all why on earth will they not find a means to end the strike and agree to their terms and conditions too bad

  24. They only care about them, how many of their children is in Nigeria university, that’s why they feel less concern

  25. That is good there is no !money according to them but there are out they doing their campaign.

  26. It’s about time the strike has taken too long and for the federal government to be taking things for granted now, or is there a hidden agenda? Way to go Unilag students more grace

  27. i support u. i wish i will be there to join you people. the two big useless elephants are fighting only for us the grass to suffer

  28. But like seriously, something should be done about this strike. What the government are after most right now is the election which is not suppose to be so.

  29. Students are now waken up, the strike should stop enough is enough government should pls listen to them.

  30. They dont feel anything about your education because their children are not in any Nigeria institution. It is a pity that the same youth who support the Mr integrity and his political thieves are on the street crying for their education.

  31. This is not fair federal government should please do something about this asuu strike we know it’s not affecting their own children but the ones affected are other people children

  32. We are tired of staying at home and wasting our time. Please government do something serious about this strike issue. May God bless Nigeria.

  33. yes that is the good thing to do.all those politician none of their children are schooling in the country but they abandoned us to campaign for their nonsense election

  34. It’s really pathetic and the rate at which unions are looking for pay rise is alarming. But for ASUUK FG should look into thier issue and release the cash

  35. This strike should be called off, the federal government should end this strike and allow our children to go back to school

  36. This is getting too long. We are tired of staying at home. I must graduate this year cos it my right. FG should stop delaying us. To get jobs of our choice would almost be difficult cos there are age limits. PLEASE AND PLEASE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  37. Only God knows the plans of this government. We have all grown sick and tired of this there strick

  38. The poor men children are suffering while Asuu and high government officials children are enjoying school abroad

  39. Nigeria government destroying and wasting away destinies with their greed. Imagine, 10 weeks strike. Good idea for the parade. God bless Nigeria

  40. The reason why they are doing all these is because none of their children are studying in Nigeria but God is watching

  41. Nawoo there protest was because of the political students campaign of 2019 election abi for strike

  42. Una dey do protest, if I where you guys I’d go find work and earn some little cash till school is back in session.

  43. Enough is enough! We can no longer allow the ruling class spelt out our destiny for us.

  44. End ASSU strike Nigerians students are the future of this country,Nigerian leaders children don’t school hear ,so that is why they are not taking our education serious.

  45. Please end the strike student are tired of staying at home all the time please ooh we are begging the government to do something about it

  46. I have long awaited this, d president seem not to care,like play like play a4year course will turn 7years.

  47. We where begging you people please don’t spoil our life we have something to do with our life that why we came to school to learn

  48. The government should tackle this asuu strike issue and not suspending the Chief Justice of Nigeria and swearing in a northerner

  49. Yes, I support them. Let them pity Nigeria students for once. Why will the government keep on wasting students time? Do annoying.

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