Student dies during Juju contest in Ado Ekiti

A student identified as Matthew Favour of Ado Grammar School has died during a Juju Contest in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the incident occurred in the evening (Friday) within the school’s premises when thee 16-year-old student engaged in a friendly dispute with a colleague over the ownership of a ball before it degenerated into an argument over who had more portent charms.

Student dies during Juju contest in Ado Ekiti lailasnews 2
Student dies during Juju contest in Ado Ekiti

Matthew, who was in Senior Secondary Class Two before his death, was allegedly stabbed in the chest and later died at the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH), Ado Ekiti, where he was taken.

The suspect, who allegedly killed Matthew, has since been taken into Police custody.

Matthew, an Ebira from Kogi State, was said to have initiated the encounter when he brought out a small axe and a knife wrapped in a white and red scarf and dared his colleague to a fight.

However, his colleague was said to have overpowered him after a while, stabbing him in the chest with the knife and fatally injuring him in the process.

It was learnt that the development brought activities in the school to a halt, as other students and teachers fled the premises.

When contacted, the state Police Command Public Relations Officer, Caleb Ikechukwu, said he needed time to react to the incident after getting a clearer report on the incident.

Police officers from the nearby Odo-Ado Division were, however, sighted at the main entrance into the school, which had been shut.

The Police deployment followed alleged threats by the family of the deceased to embark on reprisal attack at the school.

Confirming the incident, the school’s Principal, Ebenezer Falayi, said the incident occurred about 2.15pm after the school had closed.

Falayi said the students had dispersed before the incident attracted teachers, who mobilised to the scene to convey the victim to EKSUTH.

“This incident really saddened us, because it could have been avoided. What I gathered from students who were at the spot of the gory incident was that the duo were arguing over who had superior power and the deceased had earlier gone home to bring all those weapons, which could not pierce the suspect when used on him.

“I was told that the suspect later overpowered him, collected the weapons and stabbed the victim in the chest

“Our teachers, including myself, my vice and registrar, alongside other teachers who were resident on campus here, rushed him to EKSUTH. We even took the suspect along.

“The victim was put on life support, but that could not help the situation, as he died in the hospital.

“I had to quickly call the DPO of Odo-Ado Police Station, who reinforced his men and contacted the Police Station at Oke-Ila to prevent the suspect from being killed by highly enraged family members of the deceased.

“The hospital insisted on doing the autopsy before releasing the body, but the family resisted this. They later released the body to the family when it nearly caused trouble in the hospital.

“The police also took the suspect into custody, but I had to beg for security to be beefed up around the school when there was a threat that 30 students will be killed in a reprisal attack today (yesterday),” he explained.


  1. Too bad,how can a student have that kind of weapon within the school premises,the school authority have questions to answer in this matter

  2. Wow, this is seriously wrong for secondary school. Too Bad to make a contest among others with Juju. I think is wrong because they will be kill themselves

  3. So if they asked you why you died,you’ll say it’s because you were dragging for a “Ball”

  4. Such ugly thing being mentioned/ happened in that school, doesn’t tell good of the Nigerian education.

  5. What a stupid way to die, how can he venture into a fight with knife and claiming to have juju powers, that shows he literally engaged in the fight that took his life, that is history now, may his soul rest in peace

  6. If the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do,poor upbringing is responsible for this horror o ‘jare

  7. Hmmm! This leaves me speechless. How can such stupidity occurred in their minds. May God have mercy on his soul. I really sympathize with his family for the loss.

  8. Infact we are in the critical time, how can 16years small boy bring all does juju to school.. Any way it we be inform of lession to other student that involved them self with such kind of things

  9. Sometimes what students do got me thinking. How can such thing occur in there mind what are they even thinking. Now it ended by him losing his life. May his soul rest in peace

  10. This is how juju power fail people,it fail unexpected,most especially when you trusted and need it most

  11. RIP to him. The suspect should be hold very responsible for his action by the law, even the school as well

  12. That’s very bad, boys still in secondary school doing such diabolic stuffs…that boy should be held responsible for that.

  13. God will deliver us this morning. Oh my God secondary school students are not left out in occultism. Taking charm to threaten classmate. Oga ooo

  14. I just hope the law takes its full cause on this. My condolences goes to the family of the deceased

  15. May God help parents to raise children with Godly values …this happening in a secondary school is so bad

  16. God will deliver us this morning. Oh my God secondary school students are not left out in occultism. Taking charm to threaten classmate. Oga ooo

  17. This is a very sad story cos it could have been avoided in the first place.secondary school students for that matter

  18. Cultism is the number one parasite the eats deep into our society now, so for the case of that killer; he needs yo be put behind bars if not a minor

  19. That good because that not what their parents send them to go and do this will be a lesson for those remain

  20. This is a warning to those out there trusting in vain things that when the time comes those things can not save you

  21. Lol, may God help us in this country, is not good to be calling oneself what he/she is not up to.
    So saddening thou, you didn’t deliver what God sent you to do in this wicked life.

  22. Some people are so people in their way of thinking, how can you say only the Yoruba’s are fetish, how about the IBOs, Hausas and other tribes, this is how they incite tribalism. The family of the deceased laid a bad legacy for him and that led to his death.

  23. Which one is juju contest again in school?
    Senseless student! He actually caused his death.
    Don’t know what this school’s are turning into lately.
    It is well

  24. How can a secondary school students talk about who is more powerful if he has not been taught by his parents
    Satan don catch you

  25. Why must of students are doing juju.because of ball you just killed your self just like that .you’re died is lesson your all the remaining students that the are doing juju.

  26. I don’t think that the school authority has a total control on the students, if not such act shouldn’t have been in existence among students sent to school to acquire knowledge and to better their future and the society at-large.

  27. This is devastating, how will a student start showing off powers in a school,the school authority has a lot to answer

  28. What a pathetic incident, nobody was around to report to police or elders when argument started,
    How can such devil occurred in their minds. May God have mercy on his soul. I really sympathize with his family of the deceased

  29. that is what most of there parents teach them and they want to practice it outside, that was there own luck.

  30. Hmmmm…children of these days. How can a boy of 16 have the got to bring out weapons of such. I really felt for the parents of the deceased. And for the suspect he should be thought a lesson thoroughly

  31. I think the must be a cultist to have had such weapon and courage to challenge his fellow student. The school authority should not be blamed her because they don’t have total Control on the children. The parents as well are to be questioned

  32. Waw this is news.. Unexpected but really interesting.. Wat good is good nd wat bad is bad. Truthfully speaking..

  33. Growing kids that should be focusing on how to become great in life are now living a life of ruin and casting deaths on one another for no just course
    Which is well embarrassing

  34. I think this is wrong because they will be kill themselves. What kind tradition/cuture is this. Jujube contest.

  35. A teenager getting involved in such diabolic activity goes to show how morals have been thrown to the mud in our secondary schools.

  36. Children this days and there stupidity…..this what they do in school when they are suppose to be learning….but what was the school authority doing by then that they didn’t witness this and halted it….believed me ,our public schools needs more inspection and development

  37. To be frankly speaking…he used his hands to sought for his dead….he was the first to bring out a weapon so he received what he deserved…

  38. This is how juju power fail people,it fail unexpected,most especially when you trusted and need it most, And after all this juju stuff, where will his soul goes to?

  39. Can you see now, when you tell a child to stop playing at night he will tell you that moon is shining. But when anything happened the first thing that will come from the mouth of the child is mummy or daddy

  40. Am sure this is not the first time the boy will have been displaying his juju amongs themselves. The same goes yo there parents it means that’s the way there parents use to display juju or even use the juju against other people of the community. Its lesson for parents.

  41. things we don’t expect are happy this days where are we heading to God help us,just look at what secondary student are doing.

  42. Where are we going secondary school is practice this kind of cultist if they enter university what are they going to do

  43. The young children of nowadays are going wayward, what will a secondary school student doing with charm, this is really wrong

  44. What will children be doing with charms sef even to the extent of stabbing his fellow student.. Parent should really counsel their children.

  45. Is so sad what happens in our schools these days ..,,image a secondary school student with weapons during school hours

  46. that is what he brought to his self let other see learnt learn a good lesson from this one and learn how to prepare evil and go run away for the arts

  47. The deceased should go and face God’s judgement bcos he dared God, thinking his dubious power would save him but his own weapons led him to early grave. Never brag with powers not godly. It must fail you.

  48. What a secondary school student is doing with charm is still a mystery to me. And some of them get this charms from their parents who engage in all sorts of sorcery. May God help us

  49. Can you imagine
    Secondary school stuff with charms
    Now it failed him
    He died mysterioly..
    Say no to cultism..its really sad

  50. What is the world turning into, secondary school boys using charms. the accused stabbed the deceased in defense. The deceased would have done the same thing to the accused if he had the opportunity.

  51. Even the Headings of this post shocks me. secondary education is the bases through which leaders are built. with issues as this, i wonder what the future holds. God save our land

  52. What do u expect when their parents especially the Yoruba ones introduce them to stuff like this. I don’t what they derive from this really

  53. At such a tender age, who even introduced that little boy to juju. What is this world turning into? God save us

  54. Chai! Loss of life at just SS2 over something that doesn’t really count. I hope the family is given strength to bear this loss. What a pity!

  55. And now children compete with diabolic acquisition of gift transfered maybe from their ancestors. It will end up killing and destroying them. Nothing good comes out from these type of things.

  56. This will serve as a lesson to others to not depend on juju or fetish substances because it might fail you at any time

  57. So sad,what is secondary school student using weapons to do that rubbish. may their soul rest in perfect peace

  58. They are too young to engage themselves in such action Rip to the dead I wonder how his family will feel now

  59. Look at the way you guys are destroying your life because because of fetish belief god help guys

  60. Am not surprise because we are in end time because the student is not a real born again because real born again don’t engage him self in any stupid celebration that is not Godly

  61. Imagine what a 16 yr old Will be doing with a small axe and knife wrapped in red and white clothe…This is Terrible..our children are no longer save in school.

  62. Wow, this is seriously wrong for secondary school. Too Bad to make a contest among others with Juju. I think is wrong because they will be kill themselves

  63. All this traditional practices is very disgusting and it have to stop,up till now done people still practice this rubbish and now it have taken the life of innocent child,, that school have to give account of that baby,, because they are foolish,, what is JuJu contest all about? Rubbish people

  64. What is the world coming to? How can a 16-yr old have such dangerous weapons in his possession? The deceased is gone forever but I hope the killer learns his lesson.

  65. This is sad, little children involving themselves in charm, i think their parents has part to play in what happend to the boy

  66. One of the ways to totally erase these madness in the life of our youths is to teach them morals at home

  67. The rate of cultism in our secondary schools today is alarming, Students should focus on their studies and not the other way round

  68. Hmmmmm…children guys shld be very careful oo this wld is not like those our father’s time anymore things have change

  69. Which one be juju contest again?when did this juju contest developed in Nigeria, God have mercy on Nigeria leader

  70. Too bad,how can a student have that kind of weapon within the school premises, may his soul rest in peace

  71. All the students that were there when it started should be punished, even they are supposed to be expelled they are all bad influence as non of them could go and report

  72. This is one is a serious disaster. Nawal oh., there is nothing anyone can do about this case oh, is the boy that endangered his life

  73. They neglect number one priority why they are on campus and they keep contesting for juju. We are the root of all the problems we are facing now.

  74. This world ehn….secondary school students having a charm protest …..thats indiscipline…may God protect us against evil doers

  75. Why doing juju?hell fire await you guys…repent oh..youth are wasting their lives on daily basis…too

  76. This is a very funny type of rough play… But it would be nice to see a video though…
    May his soul rest in peace

  77. This generation is becoming another thing. Look at how youngsters are taking unnecessary risks

  78. Students nowaday are erratic and ridiculous for involving themselves in unlawful acts which may likely affect their life, like cultism, involving in ritual acts, by occupying themselves in JUJU (charm). which does’nt have good ending of their life. as a matter of facts it has spread to the primary school level as well by involving in putting Juju marks on their body, which is very bad.

  79. I’m not surprise about this story because around my environment, I see so many of this students engaging in secret cults practices and dying too. I begin to wonder what’s happening in this world. Really we are in end times and the parents or guardians must be sensible about there children’s and the kind of friends or company they keep.

  80. This is so sad. How can children get to this point of being violent going about with harmful instruments. So sad

  81. Secondary school students already using juju at such a young age, wonders shall truly never end. It could have been avoided, very stupid of them to have done such

  82. Cultism has eating deep into our society that secondary school children even primary school too now engage themselves in cultism, May God have mercy

  83. How come a 16years boy is boosting of charms to the extend of killing one another,let all parent and guardian be responsible to these children

  84. Too bad he lost his life just like that because of juju boosting , imagine secondary school boy carrying juju n weapon to school, it’s OK o,only God can save children of nowadays.

  85. In a secondary school for that matter???? What will these kind of children turn into in the university….I pity the deceased parents…rip

  86. Parent what do you teach your children at home. Even if you have all these juju at home must you show it to your children. Very bad and pathetic issue. I blame the parents not the boys.

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