Student allegedly commits suicide because he wasn’t graduating (Photos)

According to several online reports gathered an ABSU student identified as Willson Chukwudi took is own life because he has been held back in School for two years now, at the time of this report, we are yet to confirm the cause of his extra years on campus or how he committed the suicide.

Student allegedly commits suicide because he wasnt graduating (Photos) Lailasnews

Several of Wilson’s school mate took to Facebook to mourn him.

Nancy Njoku wrote;

Today was a very bad day for me, I feel so empty and keep on asking myself while life is so unfair. I never imagined that I will hear such story today. Oh my God why? Hmmmm Willson Chukwudi why did you do this to us,you broke our heart and made us wonder why you will take away your own life, you didn’t remember all the sufferings of your parents and people who are hopeful because of your life, for whatever you went through is not worth taking your own Life. We your colleagues can’t stop crying over this bad incident, if we had seen this coming believe me we would have saved you from committing suicide today. Rest on brother with tears till we meet to part no more.

Eby Favour wrote;

This was my least exceptions of you Chukwudi Wilson A This shouldn’t have happened….You didn’t get me the glasses as promised.Even the birthday stuff, you didn’t live to witness…Only God knows what really happened to you.All i ask for is that you find eternal rest and peace in God’s bosom.

Alozie Nwoko wrote;

What a world! This handsome guy committed suicide yesterday 18th February, 2018 because he was not allowed to graduate from Optometry department of ABIA STATE UNIVERSITY, UTURU. His name is ARIWODO CHUKWUDI WILSON from UZUAKOLI in Bende Local Government Area of ABIA STATE. Till his unfortunate death, he was the Course Rep of the Department. So sad! MAY THE EVER MERCIFUL LORD GRANT HIS SOUL A PERFECT PLACE AMONG THE FAITHFULLY DEPARTED ONES WHICH IS THE ULTIMATE HOPE OF ALL SANE MORTALS. OH! LORD, make him a Doctor of Optometry(O.D) in your celestial home of bliss where there would be no more frustrations and suicide. MAY HIS SOUL FIND SOLACE IN THE LORD’S BOSOM. ……..So sad! Frustration can be deadly!


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