Strike continues until FG implements offers – ASUU

ASUU on Thursday said the ongoing strike would not be called off until the Federal Government fully implemented all the offers it made to the union.

Strike continues until FG implements offers - ASUU lailasnews

The public university lecturers said they were tired of Federal Government’s antics of making unfulfilled promises, insisting that the strike would be called off after they got tangible evidence and concrete actions that the offers made to them by the Federal Government had been implemented.

This was made known by the National President, ASUU, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, during an interview with Punch Nigeria.

He said the team of the union that met with the government on Tuesday did not reach any agreement with the Federal Government.

Asked when the strike would then be called off, Ogunyemi said,

“Our members said they want to see evidence of satisfactory implementation of all they have proposed before the strike can be called off.”

On Tuesday, ASUU met with the Federal Government officials including the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, as well as his Labour and Employment counterpart, Chris Ngige.

After their discussions, Ngige explained what the Federal Government was offering to the union.

He said the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation and the Ministry of Finance had confirmed with evidence that N15.4bn had been released to public universities.

But ASUU president recalled that last year, the government promised to release funds for the revitalisation of public universities, which was one of the demands of the union, but failed to do so.

He explained that in order to forestall a situation ASUU and the government would restart negotiations on arrears of earned academic allowances, both sides agreed that “it would be mainstreamed into the 2019 budget.”

According to him, such an agreement was reached last year, but he said the government failed to honour it.


  1. Federal govt should pls consider this students at home cos they are prolonging there time in school

  2. I thought they had called it off, this is another twist in the story, i hope they call it off real quick.

  3. This is a very sad news about Nigeria students going on strike and the authority enjoys the condition.

  4. Let the federal government please do something about this so as student will go back ti school, its getting worrisome now

  5. If the APC led government values education, they should done the needful before now. They try and act positively so that students will go Back to school asap.

  6. What is it about this strike of a thing. This must not continue to happen. Federal government should do something about it. At least for the seek of our youth. Delay in academy is not good most especially in Nigeria where companies are looking for graduates of 25years to fit in, delays is not good please government should do something about it

  7. The union should fight for their right once and for all. Because if the strike is called off,the government will not do anything for them again

  8. What is the benefits of this strike to the students they have been at home for more than 3month now while the federal government have already send their children to school abroad or some in private University and to the poor man children they should wait until after election.the government should know that this also is called corruption

  9. Federal government should please do something oooo….. Staying at home isn’t helping the students oooo

  10. Please do something not empty promises federal government. You only like saying it but not implementation

  11. Hmmmmm. It really becoming something else. At least FG should consider the future of their children. We re their children for heaven’s sake. Mtcheeeeew

  12. FG is back on it again, that’s how they will keep negotiating, and this young ones are lavishing at home.
    But how does this affect them, their children aren’t affected after all.

  13. Federal government should meet with their demand to end this strike , their children are not affected that’s why they don’t want to meet with Asuu Demand

  14. I understand clearly what the are trying to do
    ASUU wants increase rights but at the Same time
    Frustrating innocents student’s who paid their school fees
    It’s a big shame

  15. The federal government should please do all possible best to ensure the strike is cut off early to help avoid delay in career pursuit of students.

  16. Federal government should endeavour to go into fulfilling negotiations. So students can resume the section

  17. Government should be practical in their promise in other to end this strike of a thing. ASSU is right by saying this.

  18. Please let Federal Government fully implemented all the offers they made to ASUU, so as to save our education sector.

  19. FG will not ruin or lives ooo because God pass them.. Agreement must be reach in no time so that this mess can be suspended!

  20. When two elephants are fighting, the grass usually suffers, our children are rusting at home, FG and ASUU should please act fast

  21. Federal Government should please pity the students and come into alignment with ASUU to put an end to this..

  22. I don’t blame the FG because most of them are not educated, that why they don’t know the value of education.

  23. This is very bad of the federal government. The federal government are not doing us good especially the students, they should look for a solution to resolve this strike issue

  24. This is getting serious.the f.g should please give them their money o.they stop all this there unfilling promise

  25. This issue of this ASSU strike ,please he should resolved ,they should consider the student, so those that needs to graduate on time will graduate oo

  26. In fact this country needs referendum.
    Look at how the government are playing with Nigeria’s educational system and the lives of leaders of tomorrow. Not to talk about the future of this great nation

  27. Only God knows the future of Nigeria’s Education, what is now the fate of young undergraduates who have planned their life. Strike today, strike tomorrow, when are the students going to graduate talk more of eating the fruit of education?

  28. Asuu should not let the FG fool them again this time.The federal government is playing tricks now knowing fully well that Election is by the corner. That’s why they went ahead to release wrong information. So strike continues.I only feel for the students

  29. what is wrong with this our govt self? how many times will they continue with this meeeting? let them solve this problem with our lecturers abeg let us take our exams

  30. Federal government is prolonging this matter oo, no evidence, no election oo we the Nigerian students are tired of the staying at home

  31. The FG should try and listen to what the issues are,the students have stayed too long at home,but why all this when it has to do with education?

  32. Federal government is prolonging this matter oo, no evidence, no election oo we the Nigerian students are tired of the staying at home.

  33. The kind of government who doesn’t consider education in Nigeria as anything, how will you keep students at home for months and still feel comfortable in offce.

  34. The should keep the strike until FG implement thier promise, else they may not fulfil thier promise

  35. Federal government na total scam. No be say money no they.. The funny part is that most of this called ASUU and Federal Politicians children school abroad

  36. federal government should please consider students and call off this strike, things are hard already they shouldn’t add to the trouble

  37. This government is actually destroying the education sector. Why are they playing hide and seek game with ASUU.

  38. Both govt and ASUU should shift ground in their negotiation to end the strike for the benefit of the students

  39. That was too bad, goverment should pls consider dem and find solution to what does people’s are asking for

  40. When the two elephant fights the grass suffer. Federal Government and ASUU Pls and Pls o. May God help us.

  41. Government officials has a way of promising and failing. It’s the the Nigerian students that suffers here

  42. Federal Government should consider the masses pls. Is it because their children are all at overseas & private universities?

  43. Asuu please call of the strike we’re tired of sitting at home, the federal government should do something about this, we’re way behind on the syllabus

  44. This strike has gotten into a new level about 70days of indefinite strike has already commenced and they don’t still have plans to cancel it

  45. federal government pleas do sumtin abt this
    Strike here and there
    I most say the truth students need to go to skul,
    Am even tired of staying home and doing ntin

  46. FG we put you there so you can meet our needs but reverse is the case you are compounding to the Nation woes and all.

  47. Federal government should pay off the staff so that they can resume duty students are finishing at home

  48. The federal government should just do what is right and stop all this strikes, they should implement the proposed request of ASUU and also the new minimum wage

  49. The federal government should meet with Asuu demands so that this strike will stop and students should go back to School.

  50. This us unfair ooo… They don’t even have respect for education anymore in this country. Just wasting our time destiny and future

  51. Federal government please fulfill the promises made to asuu.think about for once students that are affected by this

  52. Asuu must stick to its guns in order to get their desire. Otherwise, FG would play a funny one on them as always

  53. the federal government should please agree to something and be faithful to it. You’re jeopardizing the lives of students

  54. When will Nigeria ever think of the future of its children. Government keeps failing in keeping to its promises. Its bad

  55. I dont know why government cannot find a lasting solution to this ASUU strike, am certain there would still be another ASUU strike even if this current one is called off.

  56. This is getting very serious, government should implement their promises. This strike is causing more harm than good.

  57. They should stand their ground and see everything is implemented before they call of the strike I support their decision

  58. Asuu and federal government should please have mercy on we the students. We know that there children are all schooling abroad. So They have nothing to loss even if the strike is delayed for one year. They should pls help we the commoners. I rest my case.

  59. Some Time Prayer Doesn’t Change The Situation…!
    But it Changes our attitude Towards The Situation,
    And Give Us Hope Which Changes Our Entire Life.
    “A Busy Life makes Prayers Harder,
    Prayers Make a Hard and Busy Life Easier.”

  60. I am also tired of this government s inconsistency in taking a decision concerning the future of our children. How can they be serious in little things. This is a major issue to be tackled and not wave it or sleep and let it slide. Government do the needful.

  61. Its not there fault because their children are not in the university that’s why they’re delaying other peoples future both federal and ASSU can you consider the student or what

  62. FG should consider the students and meet the demand of ASUU, this strike is bringing more problems to the society

  63. Oh God federal please do something we are tired of staying at home doing nothing please fg in due time meet the Asuu demands

  64. fg should do something about this strike stuff the year has started so that students can plan themselves ahead

  65. Please FG do something about this strike it really eating up people. They are tired of staying at home.

  66. Federal government can’t be considerate when virtually none of there children attends public university in Nigeria.

  67. Federal government
    Should try and do something about this great
    His delaying the program of the student.

  68. Federal government should speadily react positively to the union’s request so that Nigerian students can go back to school

  69. FG with their nonchalant way of dealing with civil servants. Treating the civil servants bad while those in the parliament work home with Billions.

  70. Please now the federal government should consider the student becos is the student that is suffering ooo

  71. Students are already tired of of hearing these promises..
    Since d federal government has no intention of fulfilling their promises, why make them?

  72. That’s how it should be, because these politicians are more comfortable with how this government favours them and not their subjects. I think it’s time to show them that the people should come first in everything in the state and not the leaders. Nice one ASSU.

  73. Federal government should please see to the end of these strike thing as most kids of the masses are in public universities

  74. Federal government should please fulfil their promise to ASUU so that they can resume on time and allow student start their work fully again

  75. Is there not law that can call of this strike in time? government should consider the student at home, there time is wasting

  76. Federal govt should pls consider this students at home cos they are prolonging there time in school. Period!

  77. Asuu I taught you are fighting for students, the way I’m looking at it, you are only fighting for yourselves not for we students, I know it will be call off one day,

  78. The government of nowadays does not want to listen to the voice of the masses, as a result of too many promises and fail to ASUU, ASUU will not want to go back to work on mere promises, but on only implementation can make them cut off the strike and am in support of that.

  79. why is it that in asuu, you cant study for your complete years, you must add extra years because of too much strike.. i pity the students

  80. The government should know that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. Now that election is approaching, these students should be kept busy in school so that they will not succumb to the politicians’ will.

  81. Federal government should please do something, we are tired of staying at home doing nothing now, please federal government in due time do something to meet up Asuu demands.

  82. Government and their failed promises,pls they get to agreement and call of the strike,student are really tired of staying at home

  83. Be spoiling those student that wish to go school be spoiling there life for them someone will come to use 4 year and unknowing he will be using 6 or 8 in school

  84. Please federal government accept our cry as students please and and implement the offer please but after election

  85. It’s as if our government doesn’t care about the students they only care for the money since their children aren’t schooling in Nigeria.

  86. Govt.should see education as their optimum priority.Their wasting billions on election but ignore educational sector.nawa o

  87. Enough is enough, our mumu don do. The Federal Government should rise up to the occasion and stop playing pranks with the future of Nigerian youths.

  88. Federal gov’t should listen andvfo their bidding if not for any tin for the sake of the students our political leaders are not bothered because theutheir children school abroad so they are not affected in anyway

  89. The attitude of govt. Towards education is worst and they can spend fecklessly to finance election.let the strike continues

  90. Why is the federal government owing……. The government is not improving the educational sector…. Why don’t they want to clear debt inside of wasting it on compaign

  91. Federal government and education issue, its really alarming how the education sector is going down the lane, yet their children school abroad. Its really appalling.

  92. Yes…i said it.. I asked myself whT if the federal government is trying to scam us… let them implement this month..less strike continues

  93. I hope this our government would answer to the ASUU requirements now, all they are after now is the campaign for the second term,,,,, issue been linger too long, government should feel concerns about this nation education system.

  94. FG and ASUU should please reach a concrete agreement that will put an end to all this strikes.It’s really not fair to the students.

  95. Nigeria Federal Government is very very sturborn! Their children don’t school here, so, what do you expect!

  96. This people does not take the interest of the Nigerian students at heart. ASUU is doing this for their own benefit.

  97. The government should do the necessary
    And release the 15.4b
    This strike action has caused more harm than good

  98. This is really getting out of hand.federal government should do something. Our children cannot continue wasting at home

  99. Federal government should try and do what they agreed with ASsu, for this strike to stop not because their children are not schooling in the country.

  100. This is good news,Asuu strike everywhere and Nigeria government is not doing anything about it,our students are crying due to more months in school,this is good news

  101. ASSU has done well.The only to get the Nigerian govt do the right thing is to insist till the end.No going back until you get your right.NUT should learn from ASSu

  102. I’m just disgusted at how they’re toying with our lives. I don’t even know who’s lying between ASUU and FG.

  103. I wonder why this administration cant just consider things and meet up with ASUU for the sake of innocent students at home.

  104. When two elephant fight, the ground suffer. Federal government should comply with ASUU because students are the one suffering it

  105. Only God will judge our leaders, their children are not in Nigeria and we that our parent are not having the to travel us out we are the ones suffering for what we don’t understand

  106. What is wrong with our Federal government, they should please consider our life now, I want to graduate now

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