‘I stopped a church bombing on Christmas eve’ — Mama Boko Haram

A church bombing which would have occurred on Christmas eve, was reportedly averted by Hajiya Aisha Wakil aka Mama Boko Haram.

'I stopped a church bombing on Christmas eve' — Mama Boko Haram lailasnews 1

In the interview with Punch, Mama Boko Haram revealed how she stopped Boko Haram insurgents from bombing a Church.

“They planned to bomb St. Augustine’s Church on December 24, 2017. One of them called me on that day to find out whether I had travelled. There was a pickup van loaded with explosives in front of the church.
I told the caller that I had not travelled and I immediately rushed out and saw the boy that was to carry out the suicide mission. They had already prepared him for the exercise. He had already been given the injection and prepared him for burial. The boy was just moving and murmuring. .
I quickly called the (Boko Haram) boys and told them that I can see a vehicle parked and that a boy was moving towards it. They told me that the boy was the suicide bomber. They asked why I did not travel again and I told them that my brother, a reverend father, visited Maiduguri.

I instantly told him that I was right inside the church (targeted for bombing) with my brother because I brought food for him. I told them that I was not ready to leave the church, daring them to do their worse.

They were then confused and asked what I wanted to become of the boy they had prepared for the suicide mission, and I asked them to send the boy away to the nearby bush; after all, he had taken the oath to die, so he should go and die alone. .

They asked me to leave the church premises but I told them that I wouldn’t go until they had diverted the boy away. After some time, they told me the boy had left and one of them said, ‘I can see your car driving out’ but I didn’t go with my car. This is to show how God works. .

I do not know where a black car came out from that made them believe I was around the place. So they drove the pickup van away. I later learnt that the boy had died because he had taken an oath and they had given him an injection preparing him for death. .

If you take the injection, you can never be yourself again. I then warned them not to target places of worship for bombing again” she said.


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