Stop lying to thick women, call them FAT – Huddah Monroe

Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe has taken to her social media page to write on fat women, advising people to call them as they are and not tweak description of the physical appearance.

Stop lying to thick women, call them FAT – Huddah Monroe

In her opinion, Huddah believes calling some people fat may not be termed as body-shaming, rather it is a way to remind them of the consequences of their body size, and then sensitize them on the health benefits of shedding the excess fats.

She went further to say that skinny ladies get criticized for their size, and everyone seems to be okay with that.

Following that, she went further to say that if a lady is fat; she is fat and there should not be any sugarcoating to it.

She wrote;

Why is it ok to shame skinny women.

Call them skinny.

Lacking meat ETC and when a fat woman is fat, she can’t be called FAT coz that will be termed as body shaming ? LOL!!

They swea she is confident in her own skin and call her #THICK. BIssh is FATTTT! In capital letters! A whole elephant. Let’s just stop lying to these women and promote healthy living.

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