Stop having sex with lowlife poor boys – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian entrepreneur, Omotola aka ‘Jesusbaby’, took to Twitter to advise women to stop having sex with lowlife poor boys.

Stop having sex with lowlife poor boys - Nigerian lady lailasnews

She said the lowlife poor boys will drag them down since they have nothing to lose. Just as expected, the Tweet gained a lot of reaction, with many people calling her out.

See what she wrote below;

Stop having sex with all this lowlife poor boys that will come and drag you because they have nothing to lose, you people won’t hear word.

Those of you coming to this thread to cry should keep crying since you lack sense to comprehend.

Ask yourself why u are triggered and insulting me over this tweet!

Are you a lowlife?
Do you come to the TL to shame women because you both had sex? So why exactly are y’all triggered?…..or you just lack comprehension?

Well every1 will be Aii.


  1. I have seen from her point of view and she has the right to say things base on her opinions… Guys that goes around speaking about the girls they had sex with aren’t mature enough which is seen as a poor and lowlife mentality… Maybe she has encountered one before…. This is my own view…

  2. It’s you that lack the sense to comprehend not them because you always feel it’s always right to go with highborns

  3. Are the not human being,you can go ahead to have sex with millionaire at last the will tell the whole world.

  4. Lowlife or no lowlife why doing it for the first time, no it that what ever you seek for you shall find.

  5. its good to absence from sex till marriage or rather stick to one sex patiner. so you don’t be a victim of falling into a wrong hands

  6. They are using them for money ritual I can’t blame them because they see there mate and dey would go them they will be looking sugar mummy

  7. If you are a mature and God fearing lady, you will never have sex with the person you are not married to talk less of a low life boy

  8. She has a point on her own..but not every one is born richly.. Those who are poor today will be rich tomorrow. Those girls should just know what’s good for them.

  9. Hmm! Sex is sex whether you are having it with a low life poor boy or a high life rich boy. A woman should pride herself and maintain her purity at all times, till you get married to which ever class of guy you want to. All guys may have nothing to loose but women we have a lot to loose when you allow yourseld to wallow in indescrimate sex escapades.

  10. This is freedom of speech but low life is not accepted but been poor is not temporal a boy boy today can be the richest tomorrow

  11. I’m just supporting her jare because some boys will be so foolish to start outliving their range and making jest of girls they had sex with but a matured higher life will do no such thing

  12. Guys that goes around speaking about the girls they had sex with aren’t mature enough which is seen as a poor and lowlife mentality. May be she has encountered one b4.

  13. Having sex with someone you are not married to is what actually drags you down , reducing your self worth and importance

  14. Hahaha Jesusbaby what are you insinuating, totally abstinence for Christ sake or having sex with rich men? If is the 1st I support you, your arguments are a bit logical sha

  15. She has forget that those rich men start from low life before they could get to where they are now

  16. She is just advertising herself as a sex worker…guys must be asking her how much her pussy cost per hour as a norm for approching her…….But first accertain how long she has been in the prostitition business as to measure your rist of STD….

  17. That’s why some of you end up in wrong hands, its better you hook up with lowlife boy that will eventually turn out to be great than to hook up with somebody that will drop you later after using you, this advice is ill-advice

  18. I don’t get your point, having sex with highlife boys is it now acceptable, my dear please your really not making sense.

  19. That was not the right word for it is like you don’t know how to put a word down why would you say there’s no sex no life poor boy is sex only meant for which one and your father your father father your good and bad that start from somewhere now if though you have reached the start of love so don’t tell me that sex is not meant for low life boy

  20. well, that is her own reasoning or thinking.
    she can keep on having sex with the so called high life people
    next upcoming ritual item

  21. I can’t say whether she’s giving a candid advice on the subject or just ranting about it but my perception on the issue of sex is that it is the exclusive reserve of married couples. Abstinence is the best cause of action for any unmarried pair.

  22. Yeah the men wont like this your advice. And truly women should stop sleeping with just anything!

  23. She might have been a victim of a kiss and tell guy, but it doesn’t mean the guy is a low life or poor boy. It’s a matter of maturity.

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