Stop dating married men – Dayo Amusa advises young women

Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa in a new interview advised young women to stop dating married men, as one day they will be wives and mothers and would not want the same thing to happen to them.

Stop dating married men – Dayo Amusa advises young women lailasnews

Dayo Amusa also stated that dating multiple men may not give one an option of a perfect man, as it sometimes leads to confusion.

“Frankly, as a public figure and based on what I stand for, I would not encourage a young lady to chase after married men. Some might say that married men would take good care of them, but it is wrong. It is not something I would encourage the youth to do.

“Also, I do not think that having numerous boyfriends gives you the privilege of having a perfect guy as it could even cause confusion at some point,” she said.

The actress further stated in the interview with Saturday Beats,  that there was really nothing wrong with actors choosing to live fake lives, as she described their business as make-believe.

“Although social media is a platform that is meant to provide opportunities for people, sadly, most people are misusing it. I do not see the big deal in any artiste going on social media to live a particular life because it is called showbiz. You have to ‘show’ for the business to grow.

“You have to brand yourself and make people see that you can promote their products well through the lifestyle you depict. If that is what people mean by fake life then it is fine. As an artiste, we live in a make-believe world which means that 80 per cent of the things you see us do on screen and even on social media are make-believe.

“It is totally different from my personality. I might be at home and choose to tie a piece of cloth round my waist and drink garri. But if I would go on social media, I would not want to do that because some of my fans would be disappointed.

“I am not advising young women to pretend to be who they are not. What I am saying is that as an artiste, we need to ‘show’ for the business to grow. I am a very realistic person and I do not see myself as one of those fake ones” she said.


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  1. This is a good advice but dis girls wont hear…karma issa bitch just so u know… seems her husband is misbehaving with sidechicks tho….life

  2. I can say yes and also no, but she is saying all this with the level of her experience that does not mean it will happen to everybody.

  3. Exactly , i don’t know what the young ladies want that the young men can’t give them, it is not advisable to date married men

  4. Is not really there fault,some married man go after single lady and entice them with money,and you all know when money is involve anything can happen

  5. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees loud it sis!!!! Young girls of nowadays have caused havoc, wreck and broken homes due to their dating of married men. I too stand with Dayo Amusa and I say NO TO DATING MARRIED MEN.

  6. They won’t listen o,they prefer married men not because of anything but money,they think the married men would pay them well our ladies now are something else love of money everywhere

  7. Good advice if only our women will do same cos so many of them broke up with their husbands cos he cheated and then become side chicks to married men . Who is fooling who? Esp our Celebrities

  8. Tell them oo, let those that have ear listen, then to the ones that want to continue they can still continue, one day nemesis will catch up with them

  9. Some ladies no go hear word… What goes around must surely come back…. Leave married men alone
    .its just greediness and love of money that is their problem .. Social media is not helping matters at all…. What’s happening now is packaging…. Stop believing most things seen on the social media…

  10. I agree with u 100% because What u don’t want others to do to u don’t do to others. Is also a curse to befriend a married man.

  11. There’s no need, let them continue, the ones to date their husband’s are waiting. Not only that, their story will soon be like the celeb who was infected with HIV by a married man.

  12. That is a motherly advice that can build a life if applied as said from our own, a public figure for that matter that has much experience.

  13. Please tell them oo. You young Lady that is dating another woman’s husband today, the girls that will date your own husband are still JSS2 doing home economics.

  14. Is only God that will help some of our girls that Is dating married men thinking that’s the only way to make money, forgetting that whatever you soul today that is what you Will repe tomorrow, God judgment is upon you.

  15. Very bad….But. some ladies are too greedy and dont like to live a life of manage..
    Remember what gies around cones around

  16. I love your advised to ladies,is not good to be jumping from one man the other, married men is not an option,they will only break your heart

  17. the law of karma will always catch up with those that engage in that act.its not a curse,but you will reap what ever you sow.secondly,I believe business life is different from your can chose to lie in your business ,but u can never lie to yourself.

  18. Yes o,tell them girls of now a days love to date a married men than single man,what you know if someone should do to you will never be happy don’t do it to any one,because it will come back to you

  19. What you said is true let’s leave married men and focus on one boyfriend build your own relationship, if your man don’t have build him.

  20. I just wish the would listen to your advice. Watsoever seed you sow one will surely reap it. If you are dating married men now except that someone will surely date your man in future

  21. Sister dayo thank you so much for your advise and they will listen to this it will definitely be good for them and this is one of the reason why some marriages were collapsed because married men have spoiled them with money

  22. Young girl would not listen to this advice. most of them say they prefer the marriage men because they are more experience and mature in mind

  23. Yes that’s a bit of advice for young ladies out there who for the sake of money entangle themselves with married men it’s all wrong and I like this article

  24. I wonder why a young lady will, in first place be dating married men when there are many young guys like us to date leaving us vulnerable to doing bad stuffs

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