Stepmother arrested for inflicting injury on stepdaughter

A stepmother identified as Mrs Jennifer Dikeocha, has been arrested by the Ogun State Police Command for allegedly inflicting varying degrees of injury on her four-year-old stepdaughter,  Stephanie.

Stepmother arrested for inflicting injury on stepdaughter lailasnews

The lady was arrested on Friday, November 9, 2018, after her stepdaughter’s teacher at Royal Peters International Academy, Mowe, Obafemi-Owode Local Government Area of the state, lodged a complaint at the Mowe Police Station, having discovered lacerations on the pupil’s back, which were allegedly inflicted by the stepmother, showing same to policemen at the station.

While the teacher’s name was not disclosed, it was gathered that the 4-year-old girl was always crying whenever the school closed for the day. The state Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, who confirmed the arrest of the suspect, said the victim’s mother died after giving birth to her.

The teacher also explained to the police that the victim came to school on Friday sickly and when she tried to feel her body temperature, the girl recoiled in pain.

“She said this prompted her to check her and found lacerations all over the girl’s body,” Oyeyemi added.

“The Abia State born woman told the police that the mother of the girl died while giving birth to her and that she (Jennifer) got married to the girl’s father in 2016,” the police spokesperson stated.

Punch reported that the victim’s stepmother who was paraded before newsmen, could not adduce any reason for maltreating the girl.


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  1. All this step mother issue, they don’t remember they have their own kids abi? What goes around will surely come around

  2. Nemesis has caught up with her. You don’t have to be possessed yo be a witch, when your wickedness towards fellow men is unbearable, you are one.

  3. This is really bad for Mrs Jennifer to inflict pain on that poor little girl just because she’s not her real daughter and thank God for the teacher’s intervention.

  4. Sometimes I wonder why people can be so wicked in this world, I am sure if this girl happened to be her daughter she won’t treat her like this but because she is a step daughter, well God will judge everyone on the due date.

  5. what a wicked world, well it is written in the Bible, no peace for the wicked
    God must judge her not only the government

  6. Some step mom’s are from the pit of hell they bluntly refuse putting themselves in these children’s shoes especially those that had lost their moms

  7. Maybe the woman haven’t experience the pains of child birth ,how can a sane person torture a four years old like that, that’s wickedness

  8. In this world there is nothing other than mother care,when you go wrong she show you the right way,what could this girl have done to her,and why did her father allow such to happen,that’s very bad

  9. This is an act of wickedness,what doe she gain suffering this little girl just because her mother is dead and she got marry to her father,this is a child abuse and the woman should be dealt with to be a lesson for other wicked stepmothers

  10. Still don’t know the reasons wome don’t acknowledge our love a coma that isn’t from their womb,,, let’s lean to love our step children after all, the man must have told you he has a kid before, and you still agree to marry him, them what else is the problem?? This is so unfair

  11. know the reasons women don’t acknowledge or love a kid that isn’t from their womb,,, let’s lean to love our step children afterall, the man must have told you he has a kid before, and you still agree to marry him, them what else is the problem?? This is so unfair


  12. It is true the bible recommended all parents to correct their children wit cane but it also said they should do it eith love..
    But this is the height of pure wickedness..and God does not support this.
    The appropriate authorities need to handle this woman.

  13. She should be severely dealt with for child abuse maybe this will serve as a deterrent to other heartless step mothers who maltreat their step daughters and step sons.

  14. It is quite a pity that people don’t learn from someone’s experience, life is all about sawing and ripping, she will surely one day leave her own children at the mercy of others so how would she feels if her own children were treated the same way she is treating her step daughter. For the teacher may God bless her

  15. The rate at which some step mothers inflict torture on their stepdaughter or son is too unbearable and they also have their own kids won’t even allow fly to perch on them not to talk of beating,when they are to be married they will act good but once they are in they behave abnormally…May we not die young so we can parent our children and eat the fruit of our labour

  16. People are very wicked despite you know that her mum died giving birth to her you still have the mind to ill-treat her like that. Remember that God in heaven sees all things

  17. at some point (if things dont change soonest), the title ‘step mother’ will always send a bad signal to whoever hears it, especially young people who mostly are victims, and that will live in them till they grow old. it still baffles many and most dont still understand why step mothers (not all though) tend to despise their step children in a way, knowing fully well they most probably met them in their fathers house when she married their father….one wonders if its insecurity that causes all these or just inner hatred which cant be explained.
    I sure have seen step mothers that are so loving and caring and i have heard of few of such cases where step mothers are loving….most we see are those either torturing their step children (mostly step daughters) or being inhuman and this makes me wonder what the ministry of women affairs are doing about all these ill treatment on our young girls by their step parents or madams.
    Its really time to get all these ministries working for the purpose they were instituted for and not just sitting there and collecting budget allocations and co

  18. The rate of wickedness from stepmoms today is becoming alarming,,,, torturing the young girl will do her no good,,will she do same if it was her own daughter??

  19. Mrs Jenny you are too wicked, are you sure you are human being or an animal because human don’t behave this way. I think she needs to learn how to train a child because she don’t know how to, is very common in women they think beating hell out of a child Or starving a child is training no is not rather u are pushing the child to destruction . Being wicked is not the best way of training a child

  20. Mrs Jennifer should have thought of what tomorrow holds for her and her children. This girl was also given birth to the way she bore her own kids. Her mother may be late, but her God is sure not. Let me remind Mrs Jennifer that life is guarded by the principle of sowing and reaping. Poor girl, is just for a while.

  21. This is child abuse. i think that woman should be properly dealt with and the child should be taking over by the government

  22. This is wrong. She shouldn’t have done that, she should remember how she gave birth to her own place child, how would she feel if her own child was treated the same way she this girl. For the little girl don’t worry what you are going through is just for a while

  23. I don’t know why most women are like this. Any child that is not theirs, there is always a natural hatred towards them. There is no way she would do this to her own child.

  24. This happens in many cases when the stepmum especially is not a Child of God, because someone who has the fear of God cannot treat another woman’s child in such way. Now the father of the kid should also be carefull of this woman, because she can also kill him. It’s obvious she might have hand in the poor child’s mothers death. I hate seeing women maltreating other children just because it’s not there child. This wicked woman must not go unpunished

  25. The worst experience in life is when a child grows without his real mother. Some women have failed the society as mothers, what you can not do to your own biological child why do it to another persons child. God bless her Teacher for being an agent of freedom.

  26. This woman is a terrible person. How on earth would you do this to a 4year old child?
    Because she isn’t your child. I hope she’s locked up for a very long time and taught a valuable lesson. So the father of this little girl did nothing to stop this witch of a woman from harming his child.

  27. There is one thing that people don’t know and don’t care to consider in this world which is that tomorrow is pregnant, u are just two years in marriage who knows maybe you haven’t had a child of ur own and the one God put on ur care u can take care of it like ur own and u forgot that this little act can hold back ur blessing tomorrow. It is a pity

  28. Some people are just too wicked what would have be this little girl offence that she did her like this she must not go scot free but what is the father reaction after doing these.

  29. Mrs Jenny why did you decide to physically and Mentally abuse this Child? (Rhetorical question).
    If you don’t treat other people’s child this way, how are you sure you will have your own child?
    These questions are for you because surely Karma is real

  30. It’s a bad attitude of any stepmother maltreating her stepdaughter in this way, considering if the stepmother happened to be the victim’s mother. Would she be able to cried for injustice in heaven’s.

  31. We should go back to the beginning of things..Mrs Jennifer did what most people do. my father worked in the Nigerian embassy in Cameroon,so I was privileged to see many cases like this.Not wanting to be tribalistic, I can say without remorse that it is predominantly with the Igbo’s.
    I am Igbo too but the rate at which the wives of masters punishes and over work their masters servant is dangerously alarming.They will do House chores before going to the shops and a beaten blue black for any mistake. More alarming is the step children and orphans.Well the necessary authority should use her as an example by punishing her accordingly

  32. I don’t know why some people are just so wicked. what can a child like that do for you to be inflicting pain on her? There are so many others like that. May God deliver them all

  33. People are too wicked.. Can u imagine.. She is also a woman, how can she be that wicked to someone’s child.. Evil is bad.. She got what she deserves

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