Stella Damasus reacts as outrage against Senator Abbo goes down

Nigerian actress and singer, Stella Damasus has talked about how the outrage against Senator Abbo has suddenly died down.

Elisha ABbo, the Senator representing Adamawa north was caught on camera physically assaulting a nursing mother in a sex toy shop.

Nigerians stood against such inhumane action and urged the government to take necessary steps.

Suddenly, Nigerians seem to have forgotten about it even without the charges against him has ended.

This is why the famous actress bitterly talked about how Nigerians forget things easily. Stella Damasus noted in a series of tweets that it is high time Nigerians stood up for themselves.

She wrote on Twitter:

So this means that when someone commits a crime and it’s caught on video, it still does not mean anything. Everything goes back to normal and we just move on? How are we okay with this? So when something new comes up, we forget the one that happened before? How?

So shameful for my country NIGERIA to tolerate and accept this. So shameful that we have decided to keep quiet and let it go. Hope no one comes crying out when it happens to them or someone close to them.

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