Sports betting in Uganda banned

Sports betting in Uganda banned by President Yoweri Museveni who ordered that no new licences should be issued to sports betting companies nor renewing of permits for the existing ones.

According to Minister of State for Finance, Mr David Bahati, the President gave the directive saying that gambling has diverted attention of the youth from hard work.

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Sports betting in Uganda banned

“We have received a directive from President Museveni to stop licensing sports betting, gaming and gambling companies. The President has now directed the board which has been regulating them. From now onwards, no new companies are going to be licensed.

Those which are already registered, no renewal of licences when they expire,” Mr Bahati revealed on Sunday during a church service in Rugarama Hill in western Kabale town.

Mr Bahati said church leaders who have been against sports betting can now praise the Lord because their prayers have been answered.

However, the Ministry of Finance spokesman, Mr Jim Mugunga, said he was unaware of the president’s directive but added that he does not doubt it.

“I don’t know but since it was said by a minister, quote him. That’s good news,” Mr Mugunga said.


  1. Very good. That business is pool business renamed as Sportsbetting. I hope Nigeria can copy this one.

  2. That’s also an income loss for the country indirectly. I dont think thats the solution. Just like bars i believe there should just be age restrictions.

  3. It’s anot thing they banned it. If only it could happen in Nigeria, it would be very nice. Betting is a dangerous game

  4. How I wish it will be extended to Nigeria as well the rate at which sport betting is growing is becoming in becoming.

  5. Since it has some negative effects on the youths, there should be no harm in banning it. I think this is the right thing to do to help the youths focus on better things.

  6. Seriously, betting has taken the place of hard work among the youths and even elderly men and women. This is so bad that in 5 years hard work will be buried.

  7. They should bring it to Nigeria. The rate at which Nigerian youths are involved in betting is alarming


  9. This is not the best way in doing that,you can regularise them,I don’t like it but its a business and should be allow to run under the law

  10. That is good one. It makes some youths not to work.some of them even steal money to play the bet.I wished this kind banned happen so that youth will go and hustle

  11. Truth be told if not for sport betting and Yahoo Yahoo a lot of people would be involve in armed robbery. Banning it wouldn’t help except if you will have to provide a job for them

  12. Banning sports betting?? Then, where is the job? Sports betting is not bad. One just needs to caution his or herself and minors U 18 shouldn’t be allowed to bet.

  13. If you’re stopping Betting have they jobs to do? because you supposed to have something for them before stopping the one they already have.

  14. I think betting is better than yahoo yahoo. Is like using something to get something bigger. Unlike others. Well if it does eradicate crime and brings unity fine.

  15. I guess they implimented such to caution the youth against gambling and focus on personal development

  16. We are still fighting corruption after that we will now look inward on how to help the youth so as to stop betting.

  17. Very nice of the president actually sport betting have actually made our youths lazy, that ban won’t work here in Nigeria

  18. Its a good idea but how will the business owner survived these when they’re close up their source of in come

  19. This is a country that is focused and does not want to breed a generation of thrives who want easy money. Our country should emulate them and encourage our youth to go for hard work.

  20. It’s very much welcome, I hope Nigerian government can emulate this cos gambling has really diverted youth from hardworking. If you go to viewing center you will be surprised at the rate gambling has really taken over most of Nigerians youth time

  21. Very good, it’s really affecting youths of today, they have become lazy not ready to engage in reasonable work

  22. This is a decision that is good, at least it will make youths to concentrate, but I hope he has jobs for those youths?

  23. Great news. I hope Nigeria should follow. Sportbetting is just a way for making youths jobless

  24. I don’t think its right. If there employment vacancy for them that they didn’t apply for. Quitting sport betting should be a personal choice.

  25. That’s a very good move there I too don’t support the act of betting it’s not so good and it has eaten up so many individual that they find it hard to stay without betting

  26. U ganda is really moving forward and the ban on bettings will make the youth to think outsude the box


  28. it’s a good move by the President of Uganda but it will reduce it to some extent , some will still go ahead and bet online.

  29. I don’t think is possible because that is some one business, it also brings revenue for the government

  30. This is a good development, how I wish my country Nigeria can do the same, the rate at which both young and old bet this day is very serious, some have no other works than betting at all time. Kudos to Uganda government for taking this kind of bold step that other countries may follow.

  31. Please they should also come and ban it here in Nigeria ,,,it’s making the youth lazy ,, relying on ghost money ,,, besides, gambling is a sin

  32. How I which this will happen in our country Nigeria, this sportbetting is really eating our youth money and making them lazy indeed.

  33. That’s a very good one. At least the youth will get better things to do to make them useful to their country instead of wasting their resources in bettinh

  34. Good decision. The President was right , sport betting is really making the youths to be lazy. Hope Nigeria government can do the same

  35. Sport betting is gambling which we all need to know.A true Christian will not participate in sport betting because it is gambling.

  36. This is the best news so far. Sport betting has done so much to our failing economy. I wish our government will emulate Uganda on this one.

  37. this is very nice i support it 100% imagine somebody will collect salary and go and waste it for betting and then come home empty handed. i wish to see and hear this in Nigeria because is this getting out of control. underage now steal their parent money for betting.

  38. That’s a very good decision from you, thanks for your concern about the real leaders of tomorrow in Uganda

  39. The young ones don’t think anymore or ha e the patient to watch their money grow. They are taught through this betting that they can hit it once. If not today, it could be tomorrow and you see the young ones wasting time there

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