Speed Darlington tells Tiwa Savage why she should date him

Speed Darlington seems to have moved on from DJ Cuppy to Tiwa Savage, as he took to Instagram to tell the Mavin First Lady why she should date him.

Speed Darlington tells Tiwa Savage why she should date him lailasnews

Speed Darlington who told Tiwa Savage to date him before 2030, stated that he wants the relationship before wrinkles will take over the singer’s body. The US based singer who disclosed he will love Tiwa Savage and her son, wrote;

@tiwasavage you need to date me before 2030 because we are not here for long. I will love you and your son and that’s my word. But that’s before wrinkles take over your face if I can’t have it now I don’t want it later. Surulere boy will be ok.

Speed Darlington tells Tiwa Savage why she should date him lailasnews 1


  1. Funny. Is It by force to date you? Why don’t you allow her be and look for your love elsewhere? I can’t laugh o

  2. U see, na by force? Whether she likes it on not, anyway why can’t people respect their private life

  3. This is hilarious. So you are giving reasons before dating. Lol. Well you don’t force one in relationships.

  4. That statement show pride in you. Its not a must to date her now and if by 2030 she has not dated you, then feel free to have someone else. Not by force man

  5. Tiwa Savage can’t date you, both of you are not match at all but it depends on Tiwa’s interest

  6. Don’t mind him,if she get wrinkles you will also get wrinkles.it is natural everyone must pass through that stage.once you get there it will occur.

  7. He is wooing her publicly, that’s a bit funny and bold, how can he give her such analysis to date him

  8. You are right the boy needs a father
    Even if you give him the whole world he still needs some one to call father.

  9. This speed Darlington of a guy seems to be seeking cheap publicity. If he truly wants to date Tiwa then she should go about it in a decent and matured way.

  10. It’s good for them and thier fans that have time for all this gist. But its okay if both ofnthem are fine

  11. But come to think of it…..the guy is right,Tiwa is not getting any younger,she should stop following young dudes

  12. Lolz I can’t stop laughing, this guy funny die, is it by force to get married to you. This is just an attention seeker

  13. It’s only unserious guys that publicly come to say, because they know Already that the lady won’t accept them, but just for popularity.

  14. You are not a serious person. If you love her you will not say before wrinkles takes over her face. That means you’re marrying her for her beauty… Please leave her and her Son…

  15. Speed Darlington with a speed toast. Auntie Tiwa, you can give it a try oooo.
    Do u really love her????
    Or you just want to ride her like horse????

  16. Hmm you be funny how do you think she will agree with this you unconditionally impossible love you know that can not but pray it will

  17. lol that is your 15 minutes of fame .; she will say she love you as a brother nothing more to it. thats the future reply

  18. These guyz think they can pick up on anyone at anytime.He should wait till mummy Jam jam come for him.He’s even threatening her with wrinkles.Like she cares. He’s definitely not okay.

  19. If you want to date her/ want her to date you please do it privately. You don’t need to broadcast it on social media

  20. She don’t see all the fine guys around her name you come remain, you’re even giving her condition, you’re funny

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