Soyinka reveals what may cause 3rd World War

Nigeria’s literary icon, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has identified what may bring about a 3rd World War.

The Nobel Laureate, who spoke at a symposium in Abuja on Wednesday, identified fake news as a threat to mankind.

Soyinka exposes what may cause 3rd world war lailasnews 3
Soyinka exposes what may cause 3rd world war

Soyinka said that during the last Presidential election he was quoted as saying that it serves former President, Goodluck Jonathan right for marrying an illiterate after he lost at the polls.

He said:

“I’ve said this before that fake news may cause World War 3 and the fake news will be started by a Nigerian.”

He added:

“During the last Presidential election I was quoted as saying that it serves President Jonathan right for marrying an illiterate.

“Sometimes some people quote me as saying if you vote for a particular candidate, your mother is a goat or your father is a gorilla.”


  1. We don’t want war in this country, I believe we need to reduce the way we carry rumours in this country

  2. Prof was right. People carry fake news about can really cause war. Even the journalists are not excluded

  3. I really do agree with him on that
    The rate of fake news is becoming alarming
    I wonder when we will step up our game and make sure that every publication goes through thorough check before its published
    But then again we have sabotages everywhere, nobody knows who’s who
    But let’s be mindful, before selling your conscience for money, be careful,because if War actually breaks out, no body will be left out.

  4. We don’t need war in Nigeria I pray we don’t experience it. People that spread fake news on social media should be dealt with if caught.

  5. Yes fake news everywhere. The press is jeopardize. They just post anything without thinking of the implications. Tarnishing someone’s image and yet most of them go scot free. Especially that controversial woman call Kemi…she spreads fake like anything.

  6. We don’t want again oo we want peace to reign oo and I believe buhari will change Nigeria for good in his 2nd term

  7. Fake news called lies can cause Alot of problems in a place so we have to be careful of what we give out

  8. Truth be told our media is not helping the society at all because they know how to twist words to entice the public cause people to believe what is not real.

  9. This is funny oh!!! may be you are right, because it hurts so badly on hearing that you said one particular thing when it is not so.

  10. War is not something we pray for in this country..Nigerians should reduce or stop carrying fake news

  11. Why is this man saying this just to put fear in people’s mind. There shall be no world war again in Jesus name we pray amen.

  12. The press is jeopardize. They just post anything without thinking of the implications. Tarnishing someone’s image and yet most of them go scot free.

  13. People will always misquote people especially when they don’t understand what the person said, they interprète it to be something else.

  14. Nigerians can be annoying most of the times cos that’s how they just sitback and say things that can’t even happen

  15. The journalists need to be put in check. The problem in this country is that even the real News is hidden so we believe any one we see

  16. Though it sounds funny but that’s the simple truth. The rate at which fake news sprouts out is so alarming. Media houses should take note. We pray that we don’t experience any war.

  17. Fake news is so disturbing, in an attempt for traffic to their blogs, bloggers formulate news and post to cause traffic and forgetting the harm it can cause, especially Nigerian bloggers.

  18. God will not allow world war or any form of war again.its not a good thing to desire or pray for.we decree peace

  19. God forbid world war from our generation. Rumours and fake news sometimes spread like wild fire. some people’s jobs is to cause commotion and confusion among people. May God help us, our country and the world at large.

  20. Dats why we need to sanction those DAT posted fake news to avoid pandemonium and great chaos in our land

  21. Comment*You nailed it sir…fake news without much scrutiny can cause a great damage or war outbreak.

  22. It’s common practice these days for people to broadcast unverified informations. All we can pray for is peace to reign in every case

  23. Since i know this man nothing wey hin don use the book wey hin read create ..??
    How can you say 3rd war will start are you inside people minds founder of confraternity.

  24. God forbid 3rd war,what he said is right about people carrying fake rumor, not every seeing is believing

  25. I agreed with the great leader “Soyinka” by saying fake news may cause World War 3, but i don’t think the fake news will be started by a Nigerian.

  26. sincerely, i dont know why people dont say things as they are anymore,i hope this misquotes and fake news dont get us into trouble

  27. We know the spreading of fake news is bad but by the grace of God such a thing will never happen, it’s you and our so called politicians that are sponsoring these fake news.

  28. Something really has to be done before this fake news cause serious problem in this country o, may God save us all.

  29. news is characterised by fanctuality, and to think this fake news is carried by journalist is the worst

  30. God forbid world war…we will not experience that again…though we will consider his opinion and see the reasons his giving and avoid them.

  31. He is right. Fake news is bad and can destroy lives and property before the twinkling of an eye. Nigerians need to be guided

  32. If he doesn’t speak, people will begin to forget him small small.. It is allowed.. Free world

  33. Seriously, the way Nigerians spread fake is really alarming, someone will just wake up one faithful morning and decide to say something which is not true and tagged it to someone else which really bad.

  34. The truth is, we must watch and pray against fake and hate news. I believe it is capable of causing war, riot and the likes. There should be stringent rules against it

  35. The wise elder has seen beyond…. Fake news should be tackled well by the responsible body be avoid War in our nation….

  36. I am particularly resentful to pedalling fake news. The world won’t get better if we intentionally drive falsity. Thank God Mr. Soyinka shares these ideas

  37. This is prof talking he is speaking from experience people should learn to listen and check the meaning or rather look for the right information before concluding our election is coming please.

  38. War is not a friend to any country, we dont pray to have war in this country again, those who are fanning of war should know they have failed already

  39. Fake information does cause a lot of problems in families, society and also in a country. Wole is right in his assertions over the issue of fake news.

  40. please o we don’t want war again and we pray for anything that would lead to that should not happen

  41. We have already said no to war and God has hard us too . may he never allow the mouth of the evil pple bring war to this nation

  42. The media has a big role to play in curbing fake news, some bloggers will drop anything on their page Just to get traffic

  43. People should just mind how they carry fake news around, may we never encounter any war in Nigeria in Jesus name.

  44. You’re right sir spreading fake new can curse war in the country but I hope we’re wise enough not to start war in the country

  45. That is true oo because the rate of fake news in Nigeria is so alarming and can cause problem
    any time but God will help us

  46. God forbid we reject any form of war in this country,the third world war all the people that experienced it will tell you it was a very horrible experience. This election will go well by Godsgrace .

  47. I dont think world war 3 will start from nigeria because of hate speech , even if there is a hate speech it will only trend on social media and die down after counter claims by opponents

  48. Lol that not a point lie have been living now it not 20 centuries so don’t tell me lie will bring World War

  49. God forbid we don’t want 3 world war ooo.pls whatsoever that may cause it should be wildrawn.

  50. Fake news is indeed an issue that must not be handled with kid gloves. Journalists and bloggers should be responsible in their news reportage.

  51. Fake News can stir up war,but Soyinka as a Father should also be mindful it’s contributions to issues

  52. This fake news of a thing is really a big issue because modtnatimes these fake news cones from genuebdourdes which misinform the public sndbthis can spark up hate speeches an so on

  53. We don’t want war in this country oo. May we never witness more again in this country.
    The rate at which people carry fake news is alarming. Let’s not bring war into this country.

  54. Nigerians are very fast in transporting fake news, nevertheless we pray we shall not experience any war in JESUS name Amen

  55. War wnt be our portion in this country in jesus name…..though fake news much so many rumors evrywher

  56. God forbid bad things.indeed fake news has to be banned because they contribute alot to security crisis happening in our dear country

  57. He is saying the truth my advice is that those propagating fake news should be persecuted to serve as a deterrent to others

  58. Fake news spread like wild fire which can burn down the entire nation. our prayer is that such will not happen.

  59. This is true. He is saying the truth. May God help us in this country. And let us all be careful of what will we be saying

  60. That why it’s better no to belive everything on social media especially this politicians and their propaganda

  61. Oh well .Fake news is really bad and can cause undue malice.But for it causing another war, it’s also possible. May God continue to protect us and prevent any war

  62. I totally agree with Soyinka. This issue of fake news must be to taken serious. I think the major source of fake news is the social media.

  63. We will not witness any world war 3 by His grace. I like my country because we can make noise, but at the end, we come back together.

  64. Thats tru, quoting someone wrong is very bad it makes that person furious and angry , so fake news can cos war..

  65. May God forbid bad thing, we don’t pray for such…..Oh God please restore peace back into our nation

  66. And the funny thing about fake news is that people make money out of it. All these blogs and online journalists that thrive in news that destroys someone’s self respect and esteem

  67. I think mr. Wole Soyinka has the point, we should be careful the way we carry rumour’s in this country.

  68. Indeed some fake news carried by Nigerians are like wild fire that if started, will take the mercy of God to control. We should mind our speech as a nation.

  69. What will be the benefit if we experience another war absolutely no benefit please let’s stay together as one with peace and love for each other

  70. Indeed some fake news carried by Nigerians are like wild fir oke that if started, will take the mercy of God to control. We should mind our speech as a nation.

  71. This stupid man again. He should just find one place to die because He’s one of those who brought this hardships to us right now

  72. Prof was right. People carry fake news about can really cause war. Even the journalists are not excluded

  73. Peace shall continue to rain in this country no matter what. God will protect us. we shall stay together as one.

  74. We don’t wish to experience any war again
    We know what our people pass through in the past.
    Let peace should reign in Nigeria

  75. There will be no war in Jesus name because if it happens in the country like ours I don’t think we can survive it

  76. before selling your conscience for money, be careful,because if War actually breaks out, no body will be left out.

  77. I pray that there should be no third world war. But the rate at which people carry fake news is quite alarming. Wole Soyinka should please stop saying negative things because war is not a good thing at all.

  78. I will never experience world war and that’s why we a need to be careful on bow we go about carrying fake news.

  79. With what is going on in the country, I think that made him to say such thing but we the citizens don’t pray for such, we pray for peace and unity and progress

  80. My brother no be lie u talk. Fake news is everywhere. May it not spike what we can’t control in this nation

  81. Hmm…what he is saying is the truth. We should know what to utter and how to utter it because once it is said it can not be taken back

  82. Soyinka is in every way right . Fake news is not a friendly news and can lead to a war . No doubt . And to avoid a war, we should all avoid fake news

  83. Pls o we dont want war o…and to tink of it, nigerians are good at fake news..rumour everywhere kilode.

  84. We don’t pray for world war 3,that’s y it good that one should be careful before posting anything online

  85. And its true, in this country publishing fake news is the order of the day it has ruined many marriages, scattered many peaceful homes.

  86. ‘Fake news may cause world war 3, and the fake news will start in Nigeria’ Soyinka please be positive about the country.

  87. Soyinka should just keep his name abs reputation instead of involving in silly and political talks. He said so many about Donald Truph. God bless Nigeria

  88. Nigerians have prayed and we are fully aware that election isn’t war so we don’t expect that to happen. Peace and fair election is what we expect.

  89. You are right Sir, but not War instead fights and misunderstandings. Bearing false witness, saying what is not true or what one never said. God will not let it come to that..

  90. Tarnishing someone’s image and yet most of them go scot free. Especially that controversial woman call Kemi…she spreads fake like anything.

  91. Fake news brings about conflict and it is not good for the affairs of a country.. Anyone who gives fake new should be sanctioned

  92. We’ve experience enough war in Nigerian, please we don’t want to experience another one again @Wole soyinka..

  93. Some persons don’t know the weight false news carry. It can cause war between ten counties.

  94. There is an atom of sense in what this man said but it will be very stupid for anyone that says anything and lying and agree to that just like that

  95. I think I understand where prof wole is coming from. Though there may be an atom of truth in what the scholar said but what he is saying is coming from a personal encounter he had with the media. That was why he had to bring of the issue of the former President wife and the past election.. But that the third world will be or start from a Nigerian or Nigeria? I totally disagree with that..

  96. Fake news cannot literally cause world war 3 but it can cause a lot of misunderstanding that is why fake news should be stopped.

  97. That’s true… The media have been living on lies ever since this administration entered in power

  98. The rate of fake news is so alarming, they should try and put stop to this, may God help us we want nothing but peace.

  99. We can’t afford to have a 3rd world war, and we pray against it but people must learn not to carry fake news and miss interpret people’s word.

  100. Lemme favour the media because it ain’t their fault once the authority is bad you must play to their beat or you Die

  101. I think baba just exaggerated this, he probably means we should desist from carrying fake news, it kills faster than poison.

  102. I have this thought too
    And that war would have disasters so great that could swallow mankind’s accomplishments
    All of such destruction just cos of what is read
    God help us
    The media and journalists are now poisons

  103. He is so on point and that is why i always say either all these media houses be schooled on integrity and evil effects of fake news on persona or they should be put out of business

  104. Am not afraid, God is always in control,, exposed, now, is left for us to work hard and stop it,, that’s all

  105. Yea, I support him, Soyinka is correct
    But don’t blame goodluck for marrying his wife..
    He married her because of love and not because of politics

  106. Yes, it is true, fake news everywhere…war is no friend to any country. We do not pray for such again

  107. Soyinka is on point sharing the same sentiment with what similarly said by Minister for Information yesterday Laid Muhammed. Fake news must be curb by all means and measures to do these should be put in place.

  108. False news can be really disastrous and can cause disharmony among people or group. This is a warning to every individual involved in such acts to desist as war will not spare anyone.

  109. Intellectual prowess doesn’t mean you are smart or wise. It’s been proven here again…. We must be careful not to judge one before it’s time.

  110. Information is powerful so spreading fake news might as well cause a third world war, but God forbid we don’t pray for war again in Nigeria

  111. Nigerians are found of fake news everywhere..we should be mindful of we share if not verified…we no want war again in Nigeria pls

  112. Fake news has been existing in nigeria is just now that people see it as a treat. Most crisis in the north where related to fake news. I don’t think it can start a world war its already existing.

  113. Dats just d problem people go around Carr news dats not true… I pray we won’t experience a 3rd world war

  114. You are rite sir…rumors n wrong information is the major problem we are facing in Nigeria

  115. God forbid I don’t want to experience 3rd World War ooo actually this fake news is becoming alarming ooo please let’s try and discipline ourselves let’s try verify news before spreading

  116. Nigerians always find bass news and take it serious more than true news.
    But we pray not for that war again.

  117. Truly speaking the media should watch what information they passes across to the public so as to avoid misleading information so as to avoid the 3rd world war as advised

  118. Our prayers in Nigeria will not allow world war to take place, bcos those carrying the news will be the ones to take their families to a safe abode.

  119. The war will happen in the houses of all this politicians and there families God will not allow us experience it again

  120. Yeah that’s very correct
    The rate at which fake news is been spread across the state is alarming
    We don’t pray for 3rd world war oo
    God will save us

  121. No one prays for war to occur having heard of the ist and second world war. We will continue to pray against it

  122. War cannot happened Nigerians again including the World War because war is not a good thing to witness.

  123. Nigerians can carry fake news not even minding what it will cost on the hearers.something needs to be done

  124. God will never allow that to happen to us instead may he destroy those who wants to cause the war

  125. Is true Sir. We all should be careful of what we say. But I don’t pray for any war in this country at all

  126. This seems to be true …the way people are going about with fake news ,some thing you know too well its not true …
    God will definitely help us

  127. Take Jubril of story, as an example, many educated illiterates apart from believing it were spreading it out of hatred, I only pray 3rd world war will not start from Nigeria.

  128. Is true but every evil plan against our country will nt work bcus God is still in control so let be careful on the kind of news that come to us

  129. The Noble Laurette is absolutely correct because the way fake news is going has reach an alarming stage.

  130. The disaster of world war 3,may bring the world to end so no one should talk about that
    Guide yourself on the things u say

  131. Soyinka is right fake news can cause a lot of havoc to to entire world l agree with you

  132. War is not a good thing. What with all d hunger and starvation and killing of innocent people who do not even know d genesis of d matter. True Sir. We should learn to confirm d story before spreading d rumour

  133. War is not a good thing. What with all d hunger and starvation and killing of innocent people who do not even know d genesis of d matter. True Sir. We should learn to confirm d story before spreading d rumour

  134. Fake news can destroy careers in a minute and cause loss of lives in a second. We all should be on guard against fake news.

  135. Lol, fake news is so bad and it spread like wild fire because it always look interesting.

  136. Prof. Sole Soyinka is right, fake news can do and undo, imagine when someone is alive and rumors of the person’s death is flying here and there, it isn’t healthy at all

  137. We may look at it as minor issue. But it’s a serious matter. We have to be careful of what comes from our mouths

  138. Fake news should be prohibited in Nigeria.indeed ,it may 3rd world war.Nigerians should desist from fake news

  139. I pray that such kind of things we not happen here again in nigeria, because if it happen no body we alive

  140. He has expossed what might cause war, I believe we need to reduce the way we carry rumours in this country to avoid war.

  141. I support the Prof… Fake news can make and fuel a fire where it never was…. Let’s fight against fake news.

  142. What the professor said is just the truth. Nigerian media are full of fake news just because they want to sell their news and get their money.

  143. Wole soyinka is quite on point.. Fake news is beginning to eat deep into our fabrics.. Look at how it caused a little tension in our vp’s marriage.

  144. Lol… Really fake news will cause 3rd world war
    I agree with him.. Social media carries so many fake news.. God will help us

  145. This is the reason the federal government have to sanction any journalist that gives fake news.

  146. I totally agree with the Professor . Peddling of rumours and unverified news is very dangerous for our polity.

  147. Lol. Misquoting someone which could spread a fast travelling rumor could burn and destroy things like wild fire.

  148. It so clear that lies are everywhere in Nigeria but what we don’t want to experience is another world war

  149. A law should be place on fake news. But God forbid for world war 3. .. Not in my time and my generations to come

  150. Sincerely speaking fake news is on rampage in today media and we tend to find out if they are true or fake and if care is not taking it could lead to something serious as Soyinka but we must pray again war

  151. He knows what he sees that made him to utter that.I cant argue with him on this.Truly fake news is too rampant in Nigeria nowadays.

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