South African pastor allegedly raped boys he told were God’s ‘chosen one’

A South African pastor has been accused of raping boys in his church, after telling them they’re God’s ‘chosen one’.

South African pastor allegedly raped boys after telling them they're God's 'chosen one' lailasnews

The South African Pastor who is facing two counts of rape and one of sexual assault, reportedly abused the boys who were attending a ministry school at his church to graduate as pastors themselves.

One of his victims now 19, who disclosed that the abuse started when he was 16 told the judge at a magistrate court;

“It started in 2015 one night when he woke me up while I was sleeping with other boys in another bedroom that we shared as junior pastors,” the teen said. He said the pastor called him to his bedroom and told him that he was the “chosen one”.

“He said God had chosen me to be his (pastor) protector. He ‘anointed’ himself with oil all over his body and started kissing me while I was shocked. He then penetrated me.”

According to the 19-year-old victim, he was scared to tell his parents who were members of the church, because they loved the Pastor from Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, South Africa so much. However his mother said;

“I’m angry at myself because I have missed out on three years of my son’s life and [not seeing] the signs that I could have noticed. However, I want justice for all these children that he has been taking advantage of because of our kindness as parents.”

Another victim who claimed he reported the abuse to the church in 2014, disclosed that no one believed him.

“I remember the pain I felt when he first raped me, I could not even sit for three days but I kept quiet because he made me believe he was imparting supernatural powers to me as a servant. I am very angry that it’s only now that more guys have come out that I’m believed.”

He said he was now taking drugs to numb the pain the pastor inflicted on his life.

“This broke me and the past four years have been hell seeing him pass by my house after leaving the church.”

The Pastor was also accused of forcing a third victim to perform blow jobs on him every night. However the abused boy ran away from the church because it was traumatising him.

My wife denies me sex because of my small penis - Pastor

The trial of the Pastor who was accused of raping boys he told they’re the ‘chosen ones’, was adjourned to January 25 for further investigations.


  1. This is the highest abomination that God condemns. The pastor will suffer for this evil act because there is no peace for the wicked.

  2. Very painful,, and you called yourself a man of God destroying life of young once have forgotten that ur children also will have share in this curse

  3. May God continue toNpurniah his ass…what an abomination…calls himself pastor..pastor my foot…he sholud be jailed for life…

  4. This is terrible, it obvious. He is calling himself a man of god. God go punish him from these life and heaven.

  5. Such acts like these should not be tolerated let alone in the house of God.The pastor should be sentenced to death sharperly!

  6. Oh my god… End time pastor, so when you are doing these things what did you want to teach your church member rapping

  7. This world is really coming to an end, cos these kinda things we are seeing now is kinda weird. May God save us all

  8. Seriously??? As old as they are they can’t yell what is right or wrong….are they imbeciles ….they should have kicked the stupid man’s face at his first trial….

  9. wonder whats the problem with their men in that country,you’re stopped to hear of rape cases and now that of a pastor, so unfortunate

  10. What a shame, very bad of that supposed man of God, I hope he is punished for traumatizing those boys life

  11. Ahh, same sex rape coming from a man that answers pastor is disgraceful. Imagine raping boys that he is meant to protect.
    May God restore the victims.

  12. The pastor is evil,raping young boys,these boys are now traumatised because of this useless pastor, some of them have taking to drugs, the need to be counsel and again, government should start looking at the activities of churches

  13. This is very absurd, how can he do that…but let the investigation prove him guilty first… because this is a heinous act.

  14. God forbid such act to confirm His chosen as he claimed……..destroying the lives of little future pastors hoe can they be build up spiritually
    …may the Bible expose all their act always…

  15. Well the end time pastors showing themselves, he must be persecuted and punished appropriately and his church either burnt or repossessed by the government.. Such evil.

  16. Seriously what is happening this days no one know who is real among all this pastor ,everyday we hear of their bad act

  17. This is the sign of end time. Its written and is happening now. When we begin to hear things or see things unimaginable, know is end time. This is diabolical and evil. Just imagine what this young boys went through all this years. Just hope justice is served severely. He needs deliverance too. What a wicked world.

  18. What an abominable act is that, how can he be called a pastor, a man sleeping with boys meant to be trained to become pastor, he must face the full arm of the law, justice must prevail

  19. Very shameful act in the name of spirituality. We need to read our Bible so that no one can deceive us.

  20. There’s nothing someone won’t hear ooo Omg! What’s this world turning into? Wolves in sheep clothing nawa oo

  21. very bad .may God have mercy on him, because some of these people that are called theirself pastors they are worse than the devil

  22. This is horrible, how could a pastor do such things ,but let the investigation prove him guilty first , before the judge to prevail, he should suffer what he did from earth to heaven

  23. Wickedness, how could he be doing this claiming that he is a man of God. He doesn’t deserve to live among human

  24. What a shameful act from a man of god on quote. Turning innocent teenagers into gay overnight.

  25. When role models and people you learn from starts acting like animals from another world. They should stop deceiving themselves.

  26. Wicked man, deceiving small boys into his sinful life..he will never go unpunished both here on earth n in heaven.

  27. Comment*signs of end time.see what a so called man of God is doing..we need to b very careful because the days are getting more and more evil..its only God that can save us from pastors like this

  28. Adjournment of the case is not necessary since there’s enough evidence against him, he needs instant judgement.

  29. Jesus where are you??
    Father Lord help us in this country….
    This type of man needs to be stoned to death
    Stupid man calling himself man of God

  30. End time pastors everywhere but how will a pastor be in the act of gay,wonders they say shall never end

  31. I don’t know the kind of satanic pastor that full south African, they should know that holy ghost fire is real cause it will soon visit that second Sodom n gomorrah

  32. Hmmmm,pastor for that matter, this is so shameful,, what will his church member learn from him?he has to be punished

  33. This a satanic agent in human clothing…. Very shameless human being i just feel sorry for the boys.

  34. False prophets everywhere, they are just out to steal, to kill, and to destroy, but God will judge them all.

  35. How can a sane man of God do so ?
    Obviously a true man of God is always sane
    That makes him a sheep in wolf clothing
    Just because God and god sounds same with same make up doesn’t make them same
    Which clearly shows this pastor to be a man of god and a devil’s agent bent on destroying lives and dragging souls to hell
    Such breach if trust and evil should be rewarded with death and no less

  36. Many are call but few are chosen am very sure dat the pastors is not among the chosen ones is not that because he/she is a pastors they can do anything

  37. Why will they adjourn such case huh. These days, fake pastors everywhere, they are rogues looking for whom to devour. I pray God help us all

  38. This is a very shameful act . He should spend the rest of his life in prison because that is where he belongs

  39. In the name of passing supernatural powers you’re busy satisfying your gay urge, may God punish you

  40. very bad and shame on you. don’t use the name of God to commit sin because it kill o and you will go to hell

  41. Abomination some pastors claim that are called why it was devil who actually flash them to use them and destroy the world.

  42. Men of God are suppose to bring peace of mind to his members, and not to steal their joy ..I’m not in a position to judge, but that man is obliviously not a man of God

  43. This is evil. The so called pastor must rot in jail. Why didn’t he look for somewhere else to perform his sinful act.

  44. Hmm dis one no b pastor. …nah people like dis dey spoil d image of all other good pastors . Let him face judgement.. nemesis has cut up with him

  45. Nonsense, why are those useles people spoiling themselves all in the name of pastor , God is going to rain down judgement soon

  46. This what the Bible has clearly said that false prophets Will arise in the Last days. We need to becarefull and ask God to give us the spirit dicernment.

  47. End time is near.does who preach about rape and evil did on Earth are does who take it as daily activitiesmay Allah save us from all this fake pastor

  48. That is bad o, the man was never a (real) pastor, his a pervert. Most of this self acclaimed pastors that is exactly what they do, they have the tendency of making u believe all their lies and taking something off u using ur igorance

  49. This pastor is taking something from them in the name of prayer he should be arrested and explain His act

  50. The so called Pastor should be jailed and publisher for this devils act of his, God protect our children.

  51. The kinds of things people do with God’s name ehn? I don’t know why God still spares them. That God is merciful doesn’t mean u should take him for granted. Chosen on my foot

  52. This is terrible! What kind of pastor is this one? Devil incarnate..inflicting pain on these young boys…he should be dealth with in same manner b4 suffering in jail cell…

  53. This is a wicked act. Because you are a pastor, you go around deceiving boys and end up raping them all in the name of “chosen ones”. May God have mercy

  54. End time happening, God is really a merciful God if not he would have be dealing with people immediately

  55. Evil and end time Pastors abound everywhere. He deserves some punishment for bringing shame to Pastors and the church.

  56. Evil and end time Pastors abound everywhere. He deserves some punishment for bringing shame to Pastors and the church.

  57. Some of all these fake pastors claiming to be real man of God are just sheep’s in wolves clothing, that’s how God will keep exposing them

  58. This is not only callous and wicked but also disgusting! Pastor my foot! May God punish you for what you have done to those poor boys

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