South African man kills wife over cheating and then shoots himself in the head

A South African man has killed his wife and himself over cheating allegation.

According to the woman who narrated the story on twitter, the woman was caught by the man frolicking with other men and he chose to take her life for it.

South African man kills wife over cheating and then shoots himself in the head lailasnews 3


Read her narration below:

Consequences of cheating.. Husband shot his wife before turning the gun on himself. Left: Cheating Wife Right: Real Husband Ladies! Yekelani amadoda abantu. Go make your own money & stop what you’re doing. Really is enough now!! #LandExpropriation#DeLille#SarsEnquiry

Example: When you get married you basically enter into a life contract with someone. The contract has terms and conditions that suits both parties which we call vows. When you’re no longer happy or want to leave. Then you have the right to end the contract, it’s called divorce

It doesn’t mater how feminist you want to be but cheating on someone is wrong and it has consequences. You also can’t expect people to manage anger they way you do. That’s why we’re different. So when you’re not happy with the contract, just leave. How difficult is that?

We need to know that we can’t have it both ways. It doesn’t matter if our generation thinks like this e.g instant gratification. But either you stay married because you truly want to or single. Nobody has the right to justify their wrong because there’s consequences.

Lastly, we’re not saying killing others is right but we’re also not saying carry on cheating and expect no consequence. We know what we do when we say “ladies night out”. All I’m saying is if you not happy leave, don’t justify the wrong you do to have it both ways.

If you choose to be ignorant then do so be. But I’ll not abuse status qou just to say “ I’m married but I still get cash on the side when I sleep with politicians or neighbours” Stop it! Yekelani!


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