South African man attacked by girlfriend he was trying to surprise

A South African man who was attacked by his girlfriend he was trying to surprise, took to Twitter to disclose why he never trusts his partners.

South African man attacked by girlfriend he was trying to surprise lailasnews

Sharing a photo of his injured body, the South African man disclosed that his girlfriend who attacked him accused him of taking someone else out after she saw proof of payment, not knowing it was a surprise getaway for her.

The man who stated that he has never cheated wrote;

That’s why in most of my relationships I never trusted my partner cause you never know what she’s capable of. About a week back she showed me that she can kill me.

As I planed a surprise getaway with her and she saw the prove of payment which I didn’t hide and accusing me of taking someone out like serious. I have never cheated on her but surprising the person that I loved got me 4 stitches and some scares on my body. If you

If you females think that I did something wrong then go ahead and judge me. I don’t have any problem

South African man attacked by girlfriend he was trying to surprise lailasnews 1

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  1. Hmmm
    That’s serious. As I girl I learn to ask questions before judging a situation, maybe my discipline(philosophy) also affected my attitude towards things
    Wish u quick recovery anyways

  2. That’s nt the right way to do something even if he cheated she has no right to give him injuries, he’s your boyfriend not a slave

  3. Any lady that does this is not worth to be a will you attack a man like this? Young man, just walk out please

  4. Thats not good at all, no jealousy should make a woman go to this extent. Pls man run for your life she can kill you one day over nothing. She didn’t even catch you with a girl yet she did that over receipts. Broken relationship is better than broken marriage. Abeg end it now.

  5. That’s South African ladies for you.. Always ready to attack, they don’t take some shits.. But this time she fell, she should have asked for explanation first before reacting.. Sorry bro, that’s what you get when you date an aggressive southy lady oo

  6. She has trust issues . If you still love her, talk to her about her issues and then teach her. If you then can’t cope ,take a walk .

  7. That’s too bad. Thank go d she didn’t take your life. You had better run for your dear life bro. That kind of girl does not need surprices. She can kill someone.

  8. This is bad please Mr run for your life before she kills you one day because she said she can a person that can do this to a fellow human being is evil

  9. Never you trust your partner in relationship because you never can tell what they are capable of doing , just a surprise the girl attacked him

  10. That’s too much,how can she play such an expensive joke…the man in question should be very careful around her or end the relationship

  11. Everyone has a bad side. They will act this side when they feel injured. His girlfriend felt betrayed when she saw the tickets. Sorry man

  12. She allowed her jealous streak get the best of her. I guess she has learnt two things- always look before you leap and violence never solved any problem.

  13. She is obviously insecure.she should be able to trust her man..even if he was cheating, she went too far.

  14. my candid advice for you is to let her be because you might not be alive to tell the story next time

  15. She is insane..why can’t she relax n watch what her man hav in stock for her…? Stupidity and and jealousy.women should be calm, not acting like a maniac

  16. Why she acted the way so hazardous. Wife is not like this. It is better for this man to run for his life.

  17. If she cannot ask you some questions to that regards and went ahead taking dangerous actions that can even destroy your life then it is bad. Better run for you life before it will be too late.

  18. When you don’t trust your partner then any move becomes suspicious and that’s too bad for the relationship.

  19. Surprise, everything is surprised here. Girlfriend should have at least seek for an explanation of the said amount of money before action.

  20. Such an expensive joke…is it really a joke?think we should all be careful…i blame no one because true love is actually jealous.

  21. Well thank God she didn’t kill u,just have to be careful on who u go out with in ur next relationship

  22. Well, I think only God knows the truth in this… But if the guy is truly sincere, I really pity him. It’s one of those things.

  23. Dats why drawing conclusions without actual facts is a no no…ask questions always…
    In relationships, communication is key…

  24. This is serious brother thank God for life.that kind of girl is not wordy to be a wife material your life is at risk any time she sense cheating please just let her go for good.

  25. You need to thank God for showing you the kind of woman she is. Better run for your life since you have it intact after the attack

  26. Patience can save a lot. She would have asked questions calmly and not react quickly to what she saw. Sorry to the man but next time try and know your woman very well before surprising her

  27. Some girls are not patient to find out something they suspect. My advisor is that he shouldn’t draw conclusion on all partners he have cut across in life. He should build up his self trust

  28. Poor guy, after wasting time and putting so much efforts to please her, girls are just the same, spirit of jealousy

  29. She has showed you what she is capable of, some one you are dating and you found him or her faulty why not just call for an explanation before acting up, sorry dear

  30. Before playing a prank on someone be sure of the persons ability to go through it. It’s result can even be worse than this

  31. That is too bad you should always calm to get more about people you are dealing with rather than been too jealous

  32. His girlfriend is seriously paranoid and shows a tendency to resort to violence a lot. The man should find his way.

  33. Don’t blame her for what she did. It’s not everyone that is capable of digesting heartbreak, how would she know it was for her. Is she a witch?

  34. How will a girl attack a man like that… man run away oo… Broken relationship is better than broken marriage. Abeg end it now.

  35. This something that’s not good to our Nigerian relative outside the country to be saying they have any problems

  36. It beats me why people bring violence into relationship. Male or female, it’s sad and pathetic.
    She doesn’t deserve him

  37. This is serious o whatever did she use to inflict such injury it is true she is capable of killing shoo only boyfriend fa not your husband o hmmmm sorry but we women don’t understand what is in your heart na we need explanations o. Hope you didn’t cheat sha

  38. This is relationship and there are stuffs you shouldn’t joke with meanwhile that lady is violent… She should have handled the issue in a more matured way

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