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South African lady Snenhlanhla Nonkuleko beaten by a man for refusing to give him her number (Photo)

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A South African lady named Snenhlanhla Nonkuleko who was beaten by a man for refusing to give him her number.

According to her, She’s still trying to figure out if it was a dream or real, after she got heavily battered by a total stranger all because she refused to give him her Number.

South Africa Lady Snenhlanhla Nonkuleko Beaten by a Man For Refusing To Give Him Her Number (Photo) Lailasnews
Snenhlanhla Nonkuleko

While sharing the horrible news on her Facebook page, she said she was beaten so badly that she lost consciousness, And untop of that she lost her Phone and other valuables.

Below is what she shared on her facebook Wall,

  Exactly 24 hours ago I found myself in a situation I have never thought I’d be in. A guy I DID NOT even know beat me up so much that he left me bruised both physically and emotionally.

The guy’s first ever words to me were ‘may I have your number?’ which I coldly responded ‘cha, angithandi’- no, I don’t want you to. The next thing I was seeing stars, the guy had punched me on my face, he tried to stab me but I blocked him with my hand which resulted into the cut I have on my palm.

The guy kicked me calling me isfebe-a bitch until I passed out. I find it ironical that he would call me that considering the fact that I was in the situation because I had refused to give him my number.

I spent the whole of yesterday moving between the clinic and the police station trying to explain how I was beaten by a stranger that felt entitled to be in my sacred space- to have my number. My phone and pepper spray got stolen in the process.

I’m appalled by how stupid one can be. I find this to be so stupid that I’ve been laughing about it since it happened. Besides the fact that I hate sympathy, the laughter emanates from the anger that’s boiling inside of me. I feel for my sisters-women. I understand that not all men are trash. But there must be something wrong with our society.

Snenhlanhla Nonkuleko Post below,

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Some of her friends reaction below,


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